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Video Cinema Art’s mission is to educate our students in the art, craft, and technology of film, video and animation. Our program offers intensive hands-on writing, pre-production, and production experience. We nurture individual talent and skills, and encourage students to become creative and thoughtful practitioners in the world of media.

Video Cinema Arts is one of seven departments parented by Denver School of the Arts – a comprehensive secondary arts magnet school (grades 6-12) in Denver Public Schools. In addition to a rigorous academic program, VCA students engage in learning about production organization and storytelling, film theory and application, production value and set etiquette, as well as the ins and outs of professional video editing software, among many other film related techniques. VCA is committed to fostering a lifelong love of the arts through professional film education for the youth.



Directed by Gaia Reboni

The Waterspout

Directed by Yubin Namgung

La Virgen De Guadalupe

Directed by Gerardo Redecop

Expiration Date

Directed by Izzy Buhler

Revenge of the Litter

Directed by Eero Bamberger

Int. Bathroom - Night

Directed by Mila Johnson



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Amy McGrath

Co-Department Head and Teacher

Torrance Maurer

Co-Department Head and Teacher

John Aden

CTE Teacher

Justin Zimmerman

Guest Artist

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