Required Equipment/Clothing

Equipment List:
Required Materials:
One 8-1/2” X 11” spiral bound sketchbooks
8” crescent wrench w/ tether
Safety Glasses
25’ tape measure (minimum 16’)
Ear plugs (for hearing protection)
Small Flash Light (no laser pointers)
Locking/Lockable Tool Box for storing supplies
2 writing-pencils with erasers

Sewing supplies
– 8” shears
– Craft scissors
– 60” tape measure
– Thread snips
– Straight pins
– Zipper bag or its equivalent to store sewing supplies

Uniform Policy
Run Crew:

Soft-soled black shoes (to minimize noise backstage)
Long Sleeve Black shirt (no logo or printing except S&D shirts), black pants, black socks
NO jewelry, including rings and earrings (they reflect light)
Tie back long hair
Work Gloves (heat resistant recommended)
Costume when provided

Front of House:
Run crew blacks
Black dress clothing and shoes

Class/Construction Crew (required at all times):
Hard-soled shoes (no sandals or flesh-exposing footwear)
T-shirts (Long sleeve or short sleeve no tank tops)
Long Pants (to change out of skirts and dresses)
Tie down loose clothing and tie back long hair
Knee-length Shorts
No loose jewelry
Safety glasses whenever power tools are in use
Tape Measure
8” crescent wrench tethered
Paint Clothes (shoes, pants, shirt)
Hair Ties (if necessary)