CW Policy on Content and Language


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The DSA CW Department encourages all students to explore a wide range of creative written expression. We believe that writers should develop their individual voices in an environment free from artistic censorship. We also believe students must feel safe and supported when sharing their work. Because we are a school, it’s imperative that publically shared writing does not unfairly represent or discriminate against a particular group, including but not limited to: race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. Additionally, students should use discretion regarding potentially offensive or vulgar language. Students must give fair warning to classmates regarding language and content prior to sharing a potentially provocative piece.

When sharing beyond the classroom in a public venue, the DSA Creative Writing Department seeks to find balance between upholding the authenticity and integrity of student work while also maintaining standards of professionalism and audience consideration. Therefore, student work will be carefully reviewed prior to public performances in order to determine suitability. For performances open to all ages, students must adhere to a stricter framework regarding content and language, whereas shows advertised with mature content will allow for more flexibility. For such shows where mature content is allowed, such a warning will be provided to our community.