About the Department

IMG_6979DSA’s Creative Writing Department seeks students who share a love of writing & reading, and have a genuine passion for using language as a primary mode of artistic expression.  From learning new poetic forms, to exploring various genres in fiction, to participating in multidisciplinary and collaborative performance-based projects, students will engage in diverse writing opportunities which allow them to learn new elements of craft for developing their art of writing.

Additionally, students develop a repertoire of reading alongside writing each year in order to supplement the area of literary focus in their own work.  As part of the class curriculum, exemplars from classic authors to contemporary poets are introduced regularly for students to discuss talent in craft and model examples of excellent writing.

Perhaps most importantly, the CW program provides opportunities that encourage keener awareness of self and world, celebrates individual voice and expression, emphasizes the importance of considering diverse perspectives, and seeks to teach community-building and teamwork.

Finally, the CW program aims to cultivate skills important to the process of writing, such as meeting deadlines, self-pacing, working independently, and participating in the process of sharing work and providing constructive feedback for other writers.

Students graduating from the CW department move on to pursue a variety of paths, from becoming professional writers to human rights activists to stellar teachers, all of whom share in the ability to clearly and confidently articulate authentic voice.