Band Student Readiness Checklist

DSA Bands Readiness Checklist


All band students in the program should have a well-maintained, good quality, student line and/or professional model instrument.  It is very difficult for students to do what is expected without an appropriate level instrument and one that is in good working order.  If a student is borrowing a DPS instrument through DSA it is the student’s responsibility to maintenance and repair the instrument if necessary.

All woodwind students in the Bands Department are to keep a good stock of reeds, valve oil, cork grease and any other item they need to apply regularly to keep the instrument in working order.  The department or Mr. Hammond will not provide any of these items at any time.

All brass students are responsible to purchase the mutes that the music calls for. The department or Mr. Hammond will not provide mutes for brass instruments.  Common mutes for brass are:
1.    Straight Mute*
2.    Cup Mute*
3.    Harmon Mute*
4.    Bucket Mute
5.    Pixie Mute with plunger


All percussion students at DSA will use the school’s equipment but will maintenance the equipment and work towards keeping it in top working order. The department or Mr. Hammond will not provide any sticks or mallets for any of the percussion students.  The following is a list of sticks and mallets that each student needs to have everyday in the percussion department:
1.    Snare Drum Sticks
2.    Brushes
3.    Hard Plastic Xylophone Mallets
4.    Soft Yarn Marimba Mallets
5.    Med. Hard Vibraphone Mallets
6.    Med. Hard Tympani Mallets
7.    Stick Bag
Other accessories include:
1.    Drum Key
2.    Tuning Fork/Pitch Pipe

These items are to be brought to class each day.

It is imperative that all students bring their instruments, all music that has been passed out, music manuscript paper and a pencil to class everyday.  Please keep the music in good shape by keeping it in a band folder.  Fines will be assessed to students who loose or destroy music.  All of these items are needed each and everyday. Coming to class unprepared will directly and negatively affect the student’s grade over the semester.