Updates for our Middle School Choir – 9/1/2018

Introducing the new Middle School Choir –

The students have been working together on some changes within the middle school vocal program. The students voted on a new name for the choir and it is Pastiche“, which means “an artistic work consisting of a melody of pieces taken from various sources”. The students will be voting on a design/logo for the new choir name from student created art. Any student interested in submitting a possible representation of Pastiche! must turn it in by Wednesday Sept. 5th. The voting will take place in class on that day.

Our FALL CONCERT will be OCTOBER 9th @ 7pm!
The concert dress code for students will be all black with an accessory color. Dresses and skirts are fine, but they need to be at least knee length with black nylons. The accessory color will denote the difference between the 6 & 7 graders and the 8th graders. The students will be voting on the colors in class and we will let you know the outcome. There is also ongoing discussion with Mr. Durfee and Marlena about the important distinction between the 2 middle school groups. Please email us with any thoughts about this, so that we may share these suggestions with the vocal team.

As a point of reference on expectations for the vocal department, the Vocal Handbook is an excellent source. A copy of this document is located on the DSA website, under Academics/Arts, then click on Arts and then Vocal and you will see a link on the right hand side of the page.

Many volunteer opportunities will come up this year and we hope everyone will be excited to participate. We will post different ways to be involved in our weekly communication. 

One of the things you and your student could assist with is cleaning out and organizing the small studio, next to the large vocal room, so that it can be better utilized. We will be doing this next Tuesday, September 4th right after school, so let us know if you want to help. 

Additionally, we are looking for volunteers for a committee to create a middle school vocal department gathering. We would like to have a pot luck at a park within the next couple of weeks so that we can all get to know each other!

In regards to the status of daily activities in class, reference Mr. Durfee’s email. We have included that information with some updates and additions.

1st Quarter Solo Day (your choice of song):
Please remember students are expected to dress up for solo day. One adjustment to the dress code is that girls are not required to wear sweaters/jackets with sleeveless dresses.

All returning students (7th/8th grade):  September 6, 7, 10
Please turn in sheet music in class by Friday, August 31st.
Rehearsals will be scheduled during class time, but you are also welcome to sign up for a time to rehearse your song with Mr. Durfee (sign-up sheet posted on his office door).

All new students (6th, 7th, 8th grade):  Friday, September 14th
Please turn in sheet music in class by Friday, September 7th.
Rehearsals will be scheduled during class time, but you are also welcome to sign up for a time to rehearse your song with Mr. Durfee (sign-up sheet posted on his office door).

Your grade will consist of two parts:
Solo Day Preparation (10pts) – turned in music on time and showed up for rehearsal.
Solo Day Performance (25pts) – Technique, Musicality, Professionalism, Acting and Speaking.

Solo Day Schedule:
Sept 6: Connor, Briana, Davis, Lila, Emmie, Josh, Cassidy, Darby, Mia G., Mia K.
Sept 7: Eliza, Maggie, Aashna, Gillian, Angela, Sophie, Camila, Elli, Noyi, Savannah
Sept 10: Nathaniel, Max, Jack H., Rachel, Zoe, Lilli, Chloe, Vinny, Davey
Sept 14: Stella, Brody, Kali, Raquel, Isabella, Jaxon, Rjukah, Payton, Annabel, Livia, Maggie, Isabelle


Citywide Choir
Free to take part in! Not required, but highly encouraged! Citywide details will be discussed in class and have students who took part in this last year share their experience.

Saturday sectional: October 27th, 9:00am – noon @ Thomas Jefferson HS
Festival weekend: November 2nd – 3rd, all day @ Thomas Jefferson HS

Middle School Auditions will take place at DSA on Tuesday, September 18th during vocal.
The audition will be comprised of 4 parts:
1. Song (“America”)|
2. Major scale
3. Rhythmic sight-singing
4. Melodic sight-singing


Middle School All-State Auditions
(7th and 8th grade) – September 24-26

If you are in 7th or 8th grade, you are required to audition for All-State Choir. This audition is recorded at DSA and submitted to all-state board of directors.

Check out msallstatechoir.org for requirements, fees, and dates of rehearsals/concert.
Students will be helped to prepare for the audition during class, but you will want to also spend time preparing for this on your own time as well. Locate the “Practice Audition Script/Tracks” on the website under the tab “Audition Info”.


Winterfest Concert Pt. 1 – November 27th, 7:00pm
This concert will feature our Middle School Choirs.
Concert dress – all black with color accent (color will be determined in class)

 Thank you so much for getting through all of this info! If you have any questions, please send them over! All ideas and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged! 

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