Jury & Musicianship Exam Schedules and Solo Day Schedules

You will find the link to the jury schedule, musicianship schedule, and solo day schedule below. Please note that the middle school jury schedule is on sheet 2 of the jury schedule and that there are no musicianship exams for middle school because of Broadway Bound this year. Please also make sure that you note the solo day schedule for Quarter 4 for middle school students, solo days start on Friday, May 10.

You may not change or alter any of your scheduled times without approval from Ms. Quigley, and if she approves the time change, she will change it on the master schedule. Missing your scheduled time slot will result in a zero for that grade, no exceptions. It is your responsibility to check and make sure that you are on these schedules, if you are not and do not contact Ms. Quigley to schedule a time, it will result in a zero. Make-up slot times may only be filled by approval from Ms. Quigley.

Jury music is due to Mr. Durfee by Monday, May 13. Solo day music is due to Mr. Durfee by Monday, May 6. Please remember that you do receive a grade for turning in your music and rehearsing with Mr. Durfee and will be deducted points for every day that it is late.



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