Reaction to a published art review (Fleischman)

High School Written Assignment #2

Reaction to a published art review

Name_________________________________  Date________________

Requirements for this paper: Follow the steps below when writing your reaction. Your paper should be one page in length, typed in 12pt font with 1.5 spacing.

Step one (Research)

To prepare for writing this paper you should:

  • Find an art magazine, an online art review site or a newspaper.
  • Choose an article written about an artist, a show, or a specific work of art.
  • Print a copy of the article and include it with your reaction.
  • Fill out your name and the date on this sheet and include it with your paper.

Step two (Introduction)

In the introduction, you should:

  • Define or identify the general topic, issue, or type of artwork the writer is reviewing.  This describes what the writer is viewing while writing this article.
  • Establish the writer’s reason (point of view) for reviewing the artwork.  Why did the writer choose to review a particular piece of art or art show?

Step three (Writing the body)

In the body, you should:

  • Summarize what the writer says in the article.  Point out significant statements made about the artwork.  Tell me about any opinions expressed by the writer.  Is the writer comparing this work to another work?
    • Analyze the article and state the purpose of the article.  Is this a descriptive article that informs the reader about the show.  Is this a critical review that states opinions or judges the artwork.  How does the writer communicate to the reader so the reader can understand what the writer is seeing?

Step four (Writing the conclusion)

In the conclusion, you should:

  • Summarize the purpose of the article.
  • Evaluate if the writer has successfully described the work or show, and has supported their opinions.
  • Do you feel the writer has succeeded in their intent?
  • Conclude by providing some insight into why the writer would create this writing.  Why do we need art reviews?  What are the purpose of art critics and how to they influence the viewers?  How do you feel about this influence? How does this article effect the audience and the artist?