Summer Sketchbook Assignment incoming, 10th, 11th and 12th grade

DSA Visual Arts HS Summer Assignments 2018                                                       for students entering Grades 10 – 12   (5 sketches and 5 finished pieces)

5 detailed sketches in your sketchbook for future class projects, including notes, and evidence of research.

Select 5 prompts from this list for your assignments. All work must be a minimum of 12 x 16,” but we encourage you to work larger on some. You may only use the computer on two prompts and you must have it the piece printed on quality paper at 12 x 16”. Experiment with different media and techniques.  Feel free to e-mail or over the summer if you have questions or need to check on altering a prompt.  All work must have the prompt clearly written on the back. All work should be fully finished and not left on an empty background—consider the entire picture space. Create a strong composition and use the idea generators to develop strong ideas for each piece.
Seniors Only: Select one of the prompts and do a series of 5 related pieces based on that single prompt. Your five pieces should show a development or exploration of the theme from the first piece to the last.   If you have an alternative plan, you must have it approved before you leave for the summer.

  1. Research the work of a 20th century artist.  Create a piece that pays homage to their style but includes a personal connection
  2. Illustrate one of your bad habits
  3. Incorporate astrology or the history of constellations into an art piece
  4. Study the media of paper cuts and create a piece that relates to your world.
  5. Game Show or Board Game design (2D or 3D)
  6. “Culture Clash”
  7. Social or political activist statement
  8. Pick a word and visually represent the meaning of it.
  9. Create an original way to capture a landscape
  10. “At the supermarket”
  11. Pick an organic object and abstract it into a full page design.
  12. Paint with natural materials
  13. Create a full page watercolor design.  Do a pen and ink drawing on top of it.
  14. “The birds flocked to her.”
  15. Morph one object or subject matter into another object (flower into an orange)
  16. Illustrate the small details of an object or space by drawing it large
  17. Working in layers
  18. Human presence without the human form
  19. Create a double page spread that could based on a magazine.  Include your own artwork, images and writing.
  20. Architectural Design