Summer Sketch Book Assignment for incoming 6 – 9th Grade

Middle School Summer Sketchbook Assignment 2017
(for students entering 6th grade through 9th grade)
those entering DSA as new students are encouraged to complete the majority of summer sketchbook assignments.  If you have a question about your assignment, you can e-mail over the summer

15 total pages no smaller than 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

This completed assignment is due on the FIRST day of school with your stocked Toolbox, class sketchbook and portfolio. Use a separate sketchbook from your class book as it will take us several weeks to grade all the work.  If separate pages, be sure to clip them together or put them in a folder.

FIVE observational drawings:  These must be from life, not photos or the internet.  Show attention to the entire page and background with no floating objects. Draw large.  Demonstrate skills in shading, a light source, and shadows.  Must be a full rendering in any media except digital.  You can pull from the prompts below for your observational pieces.

TEN pages selected from the list below. 

Each page MUST be labeled on the back with the prompt and your name. Create finished works that are well thought out and use the entire page.    Use the idea generators and research to develop your ideas before beginning a piece.   3D pieces should be finished and well crafted.   Explore and experiment with each  prompt using  different mediums.    Spend at least one hour on each.   You may use the computer on only three of these assignments; all others should be completed with a different media (not digital). If you choose digital media, you must print out the image on a quality printer to include with your assignment.

Select 10 from the following 20 prompts:

  1. Calder mobile, (see his show at Botanic Gardens this summer if your can)
  2. Create a puppet that can move
  3. Design a piece of furniture fit for a king in 2D or 3D
  4. Create a perspective drawing with string
  5. Draw a pile of dishes before they’re washed.
  6. sketch a piece of fruit for 5 days as it rots
  7. Draw a big salad
  8. Crush it and draw it!
  9. Draw the oldest thing you own.
  10. Draw a crowd.
  11. Create your own ORIGINAL super hero or villain in an interesting pose
  12. Create a piece made out of several kinds of tape.
  13. Draw a close up view of an object as if viewed through a magnifying glass.
  14. Create a sewn piece (2D or 3D)
  15. Take a line for a walk
  16. Research a time period from history and use an event and the style from the period to describe the historical event..
  17. Research how to make a 3D drawing using red and blue marker to create an overlapping 3D image.    Create your own after research.
  18. Draw an animal living in one of your household appliances.
  19. Draw the ugliest baby you can imagine.
  20. Take a phrase from a favorite song and illustrate it.  Write the lyric and artist on the back of your page.