Rosenbaum VA Elective, Spring 2018

Visual Art Elective, Arts and Crafts, spring 2018, Ms. Rosenbaum

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  or voice mail at 720 424-1776.  Classroom phone is not answered during class hours, but you can leave a voice mail.

VA POLICIES AND REQUIREMENTS    It is the responsibility of every student to be familiar with and honor prescribed classroom policies and Department Requirements as outlined on our web page.  You will be asked to review these at the beginning of class and sign off that you understand them.

This Week in Class:    MS:  Single Point perspective, HS: Lino prints  (Remember!  You must complete all class projects if you’ve missed class whether for illness, performances, or field trips!

Elective Class Syllabus, Beginning Level I and II                                                          

Curriculum:   Students will create a variety of 2 and 3-dimensional projects learning the basic fundamental skills and vocabulary of visual art, while making connections to their own art major.     Students will research, plan, revise and reflect in the creation of their work.  Basic drawing and painting skills will be covered in addition to skills for viewing and appreciating a variety of works and styles.  Materials will include book making, clay, paper, and mixed media.   Studio behaviors, including critique skills, preparation, attendance, focus, cooperation, studio maintenance, and attitude are assessed throughout the semester with points tallied as part of the final exam grade.

ACTIVITIES AND ASSIGNMENTS         • Art and craft projects, art viewing and critiquing skills, planning and sketching.

• Expectations are that students will complete all class assignments (on time) especially when they are out of class for activities within their own major.  Students should be open and willing to try new things, even those they do not feel skilled with.

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Colorado Academic Standards for Visual Arts

1.Observe  and  Learn  to  Comprehend:   The  visual  arts  are  a  means  for   expression, communication  and   meaning  making.

2.Envision  and  Critique  to  Reflect:  Visual  arts  recognize,  articulate,   and  implement  critical  thinking   through  the  synthesis,  evaluation   and  analysis  of  visual  information.

3.Invent  and  Discover  to  Create:  Generate  works  of  art  that  employ unique  ideas,  feelings,  and  values   using  different  media,   technologies.

4.Relate  and  Connect  to  Transfer:  Recognize,  articulate,  and  validate the  value  of  the  visual  arts  to   lifelong  learning  and  the  human  experience