Rosenbaum Grade 6 – 7

Visual Arts Beginning Level I and II, Art Fundamentals
, Winter/Spring Semester 2017

 Teacher Contact
  or voice mail at 720 424-1776.  Classroom phone is not answered during class hours.

VA POLICIES AND REQUIREMENTS    It is the responsibility of every VA Major to be familiar with and honor prescribed classroom policies and Department Requirements as outlined on our web page.  Please review these at the beginning of class and sign off on them.

This Week In Class:   Relief Printmaking

This Week’s Sketchbook Assignment  Due Monday May 22.  6th Grade:  Brown Rectangle with line.  7th Grade: Ledger Page.   Use the paper provided in an art piece.  You may cut or fold the paper but must use the entire piece.  Your work should reference the lines, color or purpose of the page provided.  To receive a 10, you must fully address the prompt, submit the work on time, demonstrate a commitment to the assignment. Unless specified, you may use the media of your choice.

Important Class Dates:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Final Written Reflection, Friday, May 26

Activities and Assignments        •  Weekly sketchbook assignments, submitted on Mondays for class critique    •  3 outside writing assignments (may include Art Gallery Reviews or other assignments)   Students will fine tune and increase sophistication in writing skills through reviews and personal reflections.  Submit all written work in HARD COPY unless specifically arranged with instructor.   •  Collaborative class critiques              •  Individual art projects relating to study themes    • Guest artists and speakers   Participation points are part of the Final Assessment, tallied at the end of the semester and include critique skills, preparation, attendance, focus, cooperation, studio responsibility and attitude.  Additional work on projects outside of class will be necessary. Students may work in the studio during Wednesday tutoring, lunch, and some  days after school.  Check with teacher if you want to stay after school.


Big Ideas and Themes :  What can we learn and hopefully appreciate about diverse world traditions, customs, and peoples through their art?  How is the concept of art different in early cultures from our ideas in the contemporary world? 

Essential Questions                                                                                                   How and why have images, objects, and places, been used as subjects for art?     What skills do I need to work in 3D media?  How do art elements and principles of design relate to 3D expression?

Curriculum Content:  Continued reinforcement of basic art elements and principles of design.  Prehistoric, ancient and medieval art.  Basic hand building skills in clay and cardboard.  Portraiture and human proportions.   Relief printmaking.

Colorado Academic Standards for Visual Arts

1.Observe  and  Learn  to  Comprehend:   The  visual  arts  are  a  means  for   expression, communication  and   meaning  making.

2.Envision  and  Critique  to  Reflect:  Visual  arts  recognize,  articulate,   and  implement  critical  thinking   through  the  synthesis,  evaluation   and  analysis  of  visual  information.

3.Invent  and  Discover  to  Create:  Generate  works  of  art  that  employ unique  ideas,  feelings,  and  values   using  different  media,   technologies.

4.Relate  and  Connect  to  Transfer:  Recognize,  articulate,  and  validate the  value  of  the  visual  arts  to   lifelong  learning  and  the  human  experience