Rosenbaum Grade 11


Teacher Contact is e-mail.
  or voice mail at 720 424-1776.  Classroom phone is not answered during class, please leave a voicemail.

Department POLICIES AND REQUIREMENTS    It is the responsibility of every VA student to be familiar with and honor classroom policies and Department Requirements listed on our home page.  Please review late policy and studio rules at the beginning of the semester.

This Week in Class:    Piece #6

This Week’s Sketchbook Assignment  Due Monday May 1.  New Logo for the DSA Department of Bands.   “The Band logo should communicate a range of varied stylistic characteristics yet with a sense of balance, organization and professionalism.    Something cool?”   (Mr. Hammond).  Logo should include the following:  Department of Bands, Concert Band, Chamber Ensembles, Jazz Workshop Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Musical Pit Orchestra.  To receive a 10, you must fully address the prompt, submit the work on time, demonstrate a commitment to the assignment. Unless specified, you may use the media of your choice.

Writing #4    Tuesday, April 25     Questions for Marina Abramovic article.  Marina Abramovic’s art form is unusual and unsettling.   Read the article to understand her practice and themes. Look her up on the internet. Ultimately decide what you think of it. Is it art? Why or why not? What do you like or dislike about this work? Support your opinions.  Consider the following questions in your essay.

 What did the author find from asking the initial question to 30 friends?

How does Marina’s work address the issues raised in the author’s first question?

What is unique about Marina’s approach to art making?

What themes is she interested in?

What is unique about her relationship with her partner Ulay and how does it play

into her art? What are these artists exploring about communication?

According to the author, when does one art form evolve into another?

The author calls Marina’s medium “physical ordeals” and her message: restoring the spirit by depriving the body. What alternative name would you give to this art form?

How does Marina’s cultural/political background play into her work. In what way is Marina’s work similar to shamanistic activities?

What other ways can artists show us how to slow the “velocity of contemporary urban life?”

ACTIVITIES AND ASSIGNMENTS         • Weekly sketchbook assignments, submitted on Mondays for class critique    •  4 writing outside assignments (may include Art Gallery Reviews, research paper, analysis of written articles, or Artist Interview)   Students will fine tune and increase sophistication in writing skills through gallery reviews, technical analysis, and personal reflections.  Submit all written work in HARD COPY unless specifically arranged with instructor.   •  Collaborative class critiques    •  Individual art projects.    • Guest artists and speakers   Studio behaviors, including critique skills, preparation, attendance, focus, cooperation, studio maintenance, and attitude are assessed throughout the semester with points tallied as part of the final exam grade.   Additional work on projects outside of class is required !

• Expectations are that students will complete all class assignments (on time) designed to cultivate advanced skill, creative thinking, awareness of contemporary art forms (including performance and installation), and conceptual ideas.  • Students will create work supervised and advised by the instructor. • The sketchbook must be in class daily and document artistic process through journaling, extensive research, and sketches.

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Advanced Level I, Overview:       This Advanced Level I Portfolio Development class follows AP Studio curriculum and demands strong commitment toward the production of highly finished, portfolio directed art pieces completed in a timely fashion. Advanced work should demonstrate technical ability, conscious use of the expressive qualities of art, and development of strong ideas through research and planning.    Students should demonstrate understanding of the history of art, the role that art plays in the cultural landscape and how art is changing in the 21st century.  Continued emphasis on strong, professional writing, and critical analysis will develop language skills and prepare students for college, and interview situations.  Students will produce a  Portfolio of 6 highly finished pieces in  a variety of subjects, themes, media, techniques, and styles.   Works must demonstrate advanced skill, research, and development of conceptual thinking.  Completion of this portfolio helps identify a theme and concept for a meaningful Concentration Portfolio and senior show in 12th grade.

Big Idea    Identification and development of specific technical strengths.   Identification and development of personal themes.  What ideas do I want to communicate with my work?

Essential Questions     How do I create work that stretches me as an artist while developing  a well-rounded Breadth Portfolio that demonstrates skill in a variety of areas?  How do I work to my strengths and personal interests to develop a personal voice?  What strategies and disciplines can I employ to work productively and independently on individual projects?  How can I use my talents to communicate strong ideas and possibly serve my community? What professional skills are necessary  for success in the arts?

11th Grade Breadth Portfolio

Each piece should demonstrate a specific technical skill in media or technique

Each piece should reflect personal content, a theme, or strong idea

Look to demonstrate media/skills that you do not already have a strong example of

Use research to develop and enhance richness of image, content and craftsmanship. Always consider how much further you can take your idea.

Evidence of research in 3 areas for each project is required using the research checklist. (Artists, technique/media to be used, theme)


Black pencil rendering

pen and ink rendering

2 paintings

(optional mixed media, print, pastel, charcoal, crayon)

one direct observation piece from life (not from a photo reference)


Still life

Interior with depth

Self portrait (face or figurative) from an unusual angle

Figure Drawing examples

2 Sculptural or 3D pieces



Self Portrait as a Still life with objects, (Books in a totem format?), Use a variety of objects that reflect your identity

Process mark making piece layering marks and materials for depth and transparency. You should be able to explain your process.

White paint on black or white object study in paint

Fantasy, Fear, or Premonition (Denver’s future destruction?) –earthquake, nuclear warfare, flood, giant aliens etc?

Use contemporary products or behaviors to make a statement on our consumerism/materialism

Respond to a masterpiece from art history in depth