Curriculum: Scope and Sequence of Learning

 Competencies  click here for middle school and high school scope and sequence of learning

2018-2019 School Year will include the following at each grade level:

6th and 7th Grade, Beginning Level I and II, Art Fundamentals Focus          principles of design, art elements, expressive features of art, color theory, art history, major genres and styles in art, talking and writing about art, critique skills, hanging an art exhibit, drawing and picture making skills, collage, painting, sewing, hand building in clay, relief printmaking

8th Grade, Beginning Level III                                                                                  Acrylic painting, Introduction to the pottery wheel, wood, and metal smithing, art and religion, art and spiritual practice, contemporary art movements, and non-western art.  Introduction to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

9th Grade, Intermediate Level I                                                                                     New and contemporary art media and practices, oil painting and painting on alternative surfaces.  Intaglio and woodblock printmaking.  Mask making, installation art, sculpting in a variety of media. Soldering with a torch. Digital portfolio documentation. Writing in the arts.

10th Grade, Intermediate Level II                                                                          Graphic design focus, documentation of work, writing in and for the arts, group show installation, silkscreen printmaking.

11th Grade, Advanced Level I                                                                                         AP Breadth Portfolio (12 highly finished pieces) showing skill in a variety of media, techniques and subject categories.  Presentation of portfolio work.

12th Grade, Advanced Level II                                                                               College preparation and community art advocacy.  AP Concentration Portfolio (12 highly finished pieces) demonstrating exploration of a single theme.  Execution of a professional Senior Exhibition off campus.