VA Majors must enter 2 contests for Middle School and 3 for High School before the end of the school year.  You can search out “Student Contests” or “Art Contests” on your own on the internet.  Be sure to provide documentation on a VA Entry Form and a copy of your entry and entry form, especially if you enter on line.

Shiny Garden Art Contest, a nonprofit fighting for equality by growing fan-focused, inclusive communities and creating inclusive events that celebrate diversity.  The event is HexaCon, a tabletop gaming event focusing on boardgaming, RPGs, and miniatures. The purpose of this contest is to create a visual representation of the event in human form. For example, has “Ernie”, a boardgaming guy who is shown in different ways on the website and for their conventions, based on the theme. (See  Our person should be representative of someone you would find in the community supported by Shiny Garden: the primary groups we aim to support are LGBTQ+ and POC, with a secondary focus on polyamory and other alternative relationship groups. Shiny Garden has the right to use this image in various forms and iterations. Must be new art that cannot be licensed to another company for use.  Prizes:   Winner will be credited with creating the character; will have their art featured on the 2018 t’shirts and other marketing; and will receive two complimentary passes to HexaCon 2018, being held January 19-21, 2018 in Denver Colorado.  The winner also invited to participate in the Art Show at one of Shiny Garden’s other events. Requirements:  ● Minimum dimensions – 12” x 12”  ● Minimum resolution – 300 dpi  ● Background – Transparent        ● Accepted file formats – .ai .eps .png   Have your work published in this collection of student art.  Submit the piece of your choice.    Deadline, December 6th.

No Place for Hate Poster Design Contest:  Chose from one of the following topics:  What Does it Look Like When:   …We Build Community?; …We Find Common Ground?; …Diversity s a Strength? …We Take Action Against Hate?; …We Are Different Together?  Any 2D media is acceptable, no larger than 8.5 x 14″  Give entries to teachers by December 8.

Scholastic Art Competition entries for grades 8 – 12 are due Friday December 8 to art teachers for jury.  Work must have been created in the past 12 months.  All media is accepted.  Students do not get credit as a contest unless their work is accepted. and two websites for theme based art contest.  Upload entries yourself for a March 1, 2018 deadline.  Prizes include a Rocky Mountain National Park Weekend stay, and Dick block Gift Certificates.  See website for details.  Open to students aged 5 – 18.

2018 Theme: The Art of Diplomacy

Sister Cities International aims to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation – one individual, one community at a time. This year’s theme, “The Art of Diplomacy” highlights the importance of citizen diplomacy and the innovative ways citizen diplomats achieve peace through people-to-people interaction.
 Students are encouraged to draw inspiration from their experiences with sister cities, travel, exchange, international friendships, and the many ways that people cultivate relationships across cultures.  See teachers for more details.
 The deadline to submit entries to Sister Cities International is May 1, 2018.
Photographer’s Forum Magazine and Fuji Film Annual Student Photography Contest.  See teachers for entry forms.  Early Deadline October 16, 2017. $4.95 fee for each entry.  Final Deadline December 4 with $5.95 fee for each entry if you use this deadline.  Cash awards.