Audition Rubric

Visual Arts Department Audition Scoring Rubric  (50 points)

_____            Resume – 2 points

Neatly typed, Clear primary contact information for call back

Name, education, special activities/interests or awards present

_____ 2 Letters of Recommendation — 3 points

Please ask your teacher for a recommendation now as we do not include late letters in your score

Required information addressed, appropriate person selected for letter

_____Creativity Assignment – 15 points

original work not derivative

Imagination, creativity, self-expression, humor

personal voice/style

Variety of art elements and design used: form, shape, line, texture, value, size variation

_____Still Life Drawing – 15 points

Name, date and next year’s grade on back, lower right

At least 3 objects included as observed from still life

Use of the entire page, thought given to whole design of page

Ability to record shapes and sizes accurately

Variety of texture, line quality, shading

Ability to focus on drawing for full session

Strong individual style or technique

_____ Portfolio – 10 points

8 – 10 pieces including some observational work

Original work, no copies of photographs or comic characters

Skill in drawing or handling of selected media

Personal voice, evidence of individuality, creativity

work goes beyond simple class assignments

High School Applicants:  Evidence of advanced skills and knowledge equal to DSA VA grade level.  Strong evidence of personal voice, passion and interests

_____ Interview – 5 points

Student communicates interest and passion for art

Student communicates desire and interest to be at DSA

Student is able to speak clearly about the works presented in their portfolio

Positive attitude, student communicates work ethic and determination


TOTAL         _____ /50