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Video Cinema Arts at Denver School of the Arts

Video Cinema Arts is one of seven departments parented by Denver School of the Arts – a comprehensive secondary arts magnet school (grades 6-12) in Denver Public Schools. In addition to a rigorous academic program, VCA students engage in learning about production organization and storytelling, film theory and application, production value and set etiquette, as well as the ins and outs of professional video editing software among many other film related techniques. VCA is committed to fostering a lifelong love of the arts through professional film education for the youth.

Staff & Visiting Artists


Ed Glassman

Co-Department Head and Teacher

One of the last remaining original Arts staff members at Denver School of the Arts and founder of the Video Cinema Arts program. Ed teaches high school and middle school film production as well as runs a rigorous History Day course. Ed has been in the program for 23 years and looks forward to the simple days of yoga, mochas, and house chores. In the meantime, he appreciates the hard work of the many students that continue to study under him. If you see him grring, please don’t interrupt as he is deeply meditating.


Amy Mcgrath

Co-Department Head and Teacher

Amy McGrath has taught at Denver School of the Arts since 1998, and was thrilled to join the Video Cinema Arts department in 2010. A graduate of Colorado College, she found a similar community based on a mutual passion for learning and a love of the arts upon arriving at DSA. Obsessed with the art of filmmaking since the age of 15, teaching all things cinema is a dream come true for Amy, who specializes in screenwriting, film studies, critical analysis and film preproduction. When she’s not teaching, watching, or talking about film, Amy travels, cooks, spends time with family, sees lots of live music, and writes concert reviews for the Denver Post.


J.D. Gonzales

Paraprofessional and Guest Artist

A not so simple person that loves the act of making movies. J.D. holds a B.A. in Film from Santa Fe University of Art and Design and plans to break into the world of film education. When he’s not on a professional set, helping with high school productions, or editing the VCA website, he sits in a dim room catching up on Radiolab, This American Life, and the occasional Goats Mimicking Humans video. If you run into J.D. with a hot Americano in hand, please beware as he needs to finish his coffee before becoming a functioning human being.


Visiting Artists

The Video Cinema Arts department is proud to have worked closely with filmmakers, puppeteers, higher education professors and other accomplished professionals over the years.


  • Mitch Dickman \ Documentary Filmmaker \ imdb
  • Cory Gilstrap \ Puppeteer \ Regular Visiting Artist at DSA

Video Cinema Syllabi

Middle School 2014 – 2015

High School 2014 – 2015