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Welcome to the NEW Video Cinema Arts Website!

HEY HEYYY! You made it to the Video Cinema Arts department website! We are just beginning the 2014-2015 school year and we’re all crazy excited to hit the ground running. First things first, a new website!  Here we’ll be able to keep you informed on all the crazy antics our students, staff and alumni are up to.  We’ll regularly be posting videos, both new and old, you’ll be able to check out links to our current student and alumni portfolios, and we’ll keep you updated on the crazy stories that make this department a hearty bag of goodness.  You can also check out the calendar to find events, film festivals, and many other goodies for the young filmmaker and parents alike.

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I’m JD, the editor of this site and the latest addition to the Video Cinema Staff. I look forward to collaborating with Amy and Ed while driving the students to be passionate through the wonderful art of filmmaking!

Thank you all for supporting the Video Cinema Arts department at Denver School of the Arts – it’s going to be a wonderful year!