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Bonjour au site de Madame Rall et de Madame McClellan !

SYLLABI for Madame Rall’s classes for 2019-20

FR AP syllabus 2019-20

FR 3 syllabus 2019-20

FR 2 syllabus 2019-20

FR 1 syllabus 2019-20

Email is the best way to ensure a prompt reply:

Sable_Rall@dpsk12.org or mcclellan.maureen@yahoo.com

Telephone for Madame Rall : 720 424 1811 If you call during class time  (7:30am-12:30pm), your call will go directly to voice mail.  

Telephone for Madame McClellan : 720 424 1815

Classroom for Madame Rall : 210 

Office for Mesdames McClellan and Rall : 208

Parent conferencing : by appointment only
Student tutoring for Madame Rall : Lunchtimes by appointment, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:35-3:20pm, no appointment required.  Fridays 7:35-7:55

Boxes of tissues and dry erase markers are wonderful gifts for us all ! Please donate !

Helpful website ! Just click on the link.
verb conjugation tutoring and practice :

Verb Practice