Integrated III (Core Connections) 2018-19


Welcome to Integrated Math III!

Semester 2

Homework #1 Solutions are posted with the original assignment for your own use.

Homework #2 Solutions are posted with the original assignment for your own use.

      Homework #3 was scored in full and returned. (No solution key posted)

Homeworks #4 & #5 have solutions posted in one document posted with the original assignments for your own use.

Monday/Tuesday 03.18-19.19

Topics: Product and Quotient Rules for Logarithms, Solving exponential and logarithmic equations, Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities.  Here are guided notes for class INT3 03.17.19


  1. Credit recovery details are on page 1 of the guided notes above.
  2. Proofs of product and quotient rules for logarithms
  3. Examples of how to solve exponential and logarithmic equations from the homework worksheets
  4. Review problem involving compound interest (this is on the unit test 7).
  5. Examples of how to solve linear inequalities from the homework worksheets (this is also on the unit 7 test)
  6. We will have an open note quiz Wednesday/Thursday on logarithmic and exponential equations.

Notes: INT3 03.18.19 period 3



Assigned Friday 03.15 and due Friday 03.22 Homework #6: Attached are pages of practice problems. Students must complete the following problems in order to be eligible for credit recovery on the next unit test PRIOR TO TAKING THE TEST ITSELF. Work must be shown; answer only is not acceptable for most problems. Page 1 which has the page number 395 at the bottom #1-9 odd; (note that common logarithm means base 10. Please see Ms. Davies if you need help); #13, 15, 17; #21-29 odd, Honors must come see Davies during office hours to learn how to work #31-39 odd OR figure it out on your own and solve those as well. Page 2 which has examples 2 & 3 at the top #33-43 odd; Page 3 which has the page number 91 at the bottom #1-15 odd (use Desmos or a graphing calculator to graph, include all key features in your graphs).

Homework 6 problems


Friday 03.15.19

Hope everyone enjoyed the snow days. Here are some guided notes for tomorrow’s stripe class. See page 1 for the credit recovery option for the most recent unit test. The tests will be returned next week. most of them are graded and there will definitely be a need for recovery for many. 03.15.19 INT3

Topic: Solving exponential and logarithmic equations.


  1. See linked notes below on page one for credit recovery option on most recent unit test.
  2. Worked 6 example (practice problems) for unit 7 using reciprocal powers, roots, and logarithms to solve equations.
  3. Homework 6 posted and due next Friday.
  4. If you did not already do so, complete 7.1.2 #15-17 and turn in next week. This was begun in class a week ago.

Notes: 03.15.19 INT3 period 4 (all other classes identical)

Monday/Tuesday 03.11-12.19

Unit 6 Test

Thursday/Friday 03.07-08.19

Topic: Product and Quotient Rules for Logarithms


  1. Team score (trade and grade) 7.1.1 #2-4 and #7.
  2. Exponent and Logarithm Properties so far (see notes).
  3. Begin 7.1.2 #15-17 (15 together) to be completed next Wednesday/Thursday.
  4. Homework #6 will be assigned Monday and due Friday next week.
  5. Last Unit 6 Test Study problems.
  6. Unit 6 Test is Monday/Tuesday

Notes: 03.07.19 period 3

Tuesday/Wednesday 03.05-06.19

Topic: Patterns to rules with logarithms


  1. Revised procedure for estimating the lower and upper 5% bounds and margin of error for 90% confidence intervals (average the excluded and included values that are on the boundaries-see class notes).
  2. Completed, discussed and collected teamwork 7.1 #2-4, 7.
  3. Worked radical equations (see notes).
  4. Reminder, Unit Test 6 is next Monday/Tuesday.
  5. Study guide answers: #44 a) 0.56, 0.74; b) about 0.65 – 0.09 to 0.75 + 0.09; #54 see class notes; #58a) x = 7, b) x = 2, c) (2, -5), (-1, 4), d) (3.5, 3.5) (1.5, -0.5); #78 will be done in class; #83) x = 7.

Notes: 03.05.19 INT3 period 3

Friday 03.01.19

Topic: Logarithms


  1. Worked through #54 from chapter 6. When estimating the margin using a partial sampling distribution as in this problem, just use the first included value after excluding the lowest 5% and the last included value after excluding the highest 5% as the bounds. Averaging those boundaries in not necessarily any more accurate since the true margin of error is based on a theoretical sampling distribution which you will explore in a more advanced course.
  2. Begin Unit 7
  3. 7.1 #1 (review of what we already know about logarithms)
  4. Begin Teamwork 7.1 #2-4, #7 to be completed and collected in class Tuesday/Wednesday. 20% will be deducted for failure to put first AND last names in upper right corner with date, period and title as well as if graph paper is not used for graphs.
  5. Unit Test 6 will be March 11/12. See linked notes below for study guide. A full answer key will be posted this weekend for all problems except the Closure section.

Notes: 03.01.19 INT3 period 4


Homework #5 due 03.08.19: Everyone Chapter 6 #26-28, 30, 38, 45, 49; Standard Only #39, 40; Honors #29, 41

Homework 4 & 5 solutions


Wednesday/Thursday 02.27-28.19

Topic: Unit 6


  1. Unit Test 6 will be A WEEK FROM MONDAY/TUESDAY 3/11 AND 3/12 (see previous entry)
  2. Worked problems 6.2.3 #58, 6.2.2 #44; 6.2.3 #54; 6.3.1 #78, 83; Closure #88-95 (there is a full answer key for the Closure problems). Davies circulated to teams and individuals. Everyone is encouraged to work on weaknesses. These problems constitute a good study guide for the test.
  3. Friday we will tie up loose ends and begin the next unit which will continue into next week.

No notes as this was an individual work day; students had choices of the above problems and were expected to use the time wisely to get concepts clarified. This is also a good time to look at grades with Ms. Davies and set up times to make up tests or recover credit if needed.

Monday/Tuesday 02.25-26.19

Topic: Margin of error as a description of sampling variability


  1. I announced the unit test would be next week, but then was reminded next week is mindfulness week so the test will be given Monday/Tuesday March 11 and 12 instead. A study guide will be posted later this week. We will begin the new unit Friday or next week.
  2. Wrap-up of Skittles activity. Our mean proportion was 0.1984 which was very close to the true population value of 0.20. The middle 90% of our samples fell between 0.12 and 0.28 which gives a margin of error of 0.08 or 8%.
  3. Worked #35 from chapter 6 as practice approximating the margin of error from 100 sample proportions from samples of 100 flashlights. (See notes for solutions)
  4. Producing a confidence interval from a single sample (class activity)
  5. Homework #5 is due Friday.

Notes: INT3 02.26.19 period 4 (for all classes)

Thursday/Friday 02.21-22.19

Topic: Sampling Distributions and Confidence Intervals. Please upload and print these guided notes INT3 02.21.19


  1. Simulation final example
  2. Simulation and homework questions
  3. Skittles activity with accompanying analysis and notes
  4. Practice problem 6.2.1 #35 to be continued and completed next class.

Notes: INT3 02.21.19 all classes

Tuesday/Wednesday 02.19-20.19

Unit 5 Test

Please turn in Homework #3 with test

Friday 02.15.19


Homework #4 due 02.22.19: Everyone 6.1.2 #16, 17, 21, 22; 6.1.3 #24, 25

Homework 4 & 5 solutions


Topic: Simulation wrap-up. Feel free to download these guided notes. INT3 02.15.19 guided notes (updated)


  1. The Unit 5 Test is now scheduled for Tuesday/Wednesday of next week (closed note). This can serve as a replacement score for one or both quizzes if needed so please study. Homework #3 5.2.4 #86-92 which was assigned forever ago will be due with the test.
  2. Discuss how to use simulated results to evaluate actual data against expected results.
  3. Homework #4 is posted above and is due a week from today.
  4. There will be a simulation problem on the test that will be a bonus and serve to let me know where everyone is with simulation techniques.
  5. Please bring a TI 83 or 84 calculator to class next Thursday/Friday if you have one.

Notes: INT3 02.15.19 period 4

Thursday 02.14.19

Topic: Simulation and coming back together.


  1. Period 3 we set up the simulation for 6.1.2 (roulette)
  2. Periods 2, 4, 6 had a work day
  3. Tomorrow in all classes we will look at the results of the roulette simulation and discuss.

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 02.06-08.19

Topic: Simulation and runs. Here are guided notes for today if you wish: 02.06.19 INT3


  1. Warm-up: Graphing inverses.
  2. Questions #85 and #92 worked from homework #3 which will be accepted with the unit test due to absences and the snow day.
  3. Teams: 6.1.2 #12-14 to be completed and collected first class after the unit test. (period 3 will spend that entire class running this simulation and answering the questions so please bring a TI 83 or 84 calculator if you have one).
  4. The Unit Test will be given the first day back from the work stoppage so please continue to study.
  5. Homework 4 is posted below the 01.30 entry. A fair due date will be given after the work stoppage.

Notes: 02.08.19 INT3 period 2

Monday/Tuesday 02.04-05.19

Here is the Unit Test Review. There is an answer key on the last page. Chapter5Review

Topic: Simulation


  1. The unit test on inverses, exponential and logarithmic equations will be next Monday/Tuesday. See page one of the posted notes for information.
  2. Warm-up: Study problems for the unit test (see notes)
  3. Introduction to simulation via the cereal box problem.
  4. How to use a random digit table and describe a simulation.
  5. If you did not complete your 25 trials in class, please bring your results next class so we can record the results and estimate the number of boxes needed to get all three cards.

Notes: 02.04.19 INT3 period 4 (all other classes were very similar)

Wednesday/Thursday 01.30-31.19

Open Note Quiz #2

When finished with the quiz, please begin working on the homework assignment listed below.


Homework #3 due Friday 02.08.19: Both levels 5.2.4 #86-92



Monday/Tuesday 01.28-29.19

Topic: Solving for exponents and bases of exponents. Guided Notes: 01.28.19 INT3


  1. Quiz #2 study guide (see page one of notes).
  2. practice converting between exponential and logarithmic forms.
  3. Worked #57 from homework (see notes)
  4. Solving for exponents.
  5. Solving for bases of exponents and roots.

Notes: 01.28.19 INT3 period 3 ;01.29.19 INT3 period 4

Thursday/Friday 01.24-25.19

Topic: Logarithmic functions as inverses of exponential functions and solving equations with logarithms.


  1. Examples of inverses that are useful.
  2. Domain and Range inequality notation remarks.
  3. Warm-up and notes check off from last time. Notes must include complete and detailed graphs of each parent for #52 and its inverse using the example from last class. YOU MUST HAVE A SEPARATE GRAPH FOR EACH PARENT WITH ITS INVERSE. Incomplete notes will receive half credit and may be upgraded by coming in ON YOUR OWN TIME with improved product.
  4. Practice evaluating logarithms.
  5. Notes on solving equations with logarithms.

Notes: 01.24.19 INT3 period 3

Tuesday/Wednesday 01.22-23.18

Topic: Inverses wrap-up and introduction to logarithms.


  1. Announcements (see notes page 1)
  2. Graphs of inverses of parents (5.2.1 #52 to be completed in notes for a completion score)
  3. Notes on logarithmic equations as the inverse of exponential equations and notation.
  4. 5.1 #2 &#3 teamwork solutions: 5.1 Teamwork solutions

Notes: 01.22.19 INT3 period 3


Homework #2 Due Wednesday/Thursday 01.30-31.19:   Everyone please work in chapter 5 #57, 59, 61, 68, 69, 71, 74; Honors only #62 & #70; Standard only #72 & #73.

Homework #2 Solutions


Friday 01.18.19

Open Note Quiz #1

Wednesday/Thursday 01.16-17.19

Topic: Algebraic properties of inverse functions.  01.16.19 INT3


  1. Study guide for Friday’s open note quiz #1 is on page 1 of the pdf notes. It is very possible that homework problems will be used as part of the quiz.
  2. Warm-up: Problems wrapping up inverse concepts so far and a quick review of composition of functions.
  3. Notes via #39-43 5.1.3 on the algebraic properties of inverses.

Notes: 01.17.19 period 6 (other classes were identical)

Monday/Tuesday 01.14-15.19

Topic: Inverses, properties and applications. Here are guided notes for your convenience: 01.14.19 INT3 Guided Notes


  1. Expectations for class: It is expected everyone will take notes. This can be done by filling in the guided notes either on paper or electronically. Notes will be checked at the end of class. Incomplete or non-existent notes will be scored accordingly (see page one of guided notes).
  2. Finding inverses and graphing.
  3. Domain and Range of Inverses and Inverse Functions which may or may not be the same thing.
  4. Open Note Quiz 1 will be Friday. A full study guide will be posted by Wednesday and given out in class next time we meet.

Notes: 01.15.19 period 4  (all other classes were identical)

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 01.09-11.19

Topic: Inverses, properties and applications. Here are guided notes for your convenience: 01.09.19 INT3


  1. New seats and welcome back
  2. Warm-up (solving for a variable)
  3. Notes (introduction to inverse functions via Fahrenheit and Celsius).
  4. Notes on inverse function notation
  5. Team work 5.1.1 #2 & #3 one write up per group.
  6. Students should be able to finish chapter 5 #8, 9, 12-14, 25, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34

Wednesday/Thursday Notes: 01.09.19 INT3 period 3; 01.10.19 INT3 period 4

Friday Notes: 01.11.19 INT3 period 4 


Homework #1 (Semester 2) Due Friday 01.18.19 by 3PM if scored for a grade is desired:  Homework 1 INT3 Semester 2 solutions

Honors: 1) Find an example of a function and its inverse that

has practical use (such as the Fahrenheit and Celsius example).

This may take some research. Provide both the function and its

inverse in formula form using function notation AND

provide a graph with both functions represented on the same

axis. Be prepared to present and explain your example to the class.

2) In the book do 5.1.1 #11-14;5.1.2 #26-28, 30, 32-34.

Standard: 5.1.1 #8, 9,11-14; 5.1.2 #25, 26, 29, 30, 32-34.




Anyone who scores a 70% or higher on a unit test may recover half credit on what was deducted on the test if and only if you demonstrate that you have made a substantial attempt at every homework assigned for the unit. This generally means 70% completion prior to scheduling credit recovery.

Once the above condition is met, you must come in and personally go through every missed problem with Davies to receive half credit back. This means, for example, if you scored an 80% on the test, you can recover 10% which is half of the 20% that you missed.

Those who score below a 70% must retake a shorter, modified version of the unit test and pass it with a 70%. Once this is done, you may come in and recover credit for a maximum of 85%.

Integrated III Syllabus (Davies) v2

Integrated Math III_Scope_and_Sequence 2018-19

semester 1 2018 review  

The above review covers the vast majority of the skills that will likely be assessed on the final exam. There is a full answer key at the bottom. Some problems are beyond the scope of this semester and are marked as such. This is for your study. The statistics topics will be assessed both as a unit test and on the final exam, but are not covered in this review packet as they are being introduced very close to the end of the semester.

Friday 12.14.18

Semester Review: Please come to class prepared to work. Here is an advance copy of our class review problems. Come prepared with any questions you might have. The first part of the final exam will be given Monday and the rest will be given during your final block Tuesday/Wednesday.  12.14.18 INT3 Review Guided Notes

completed class notes: 12.14.18 INT3 Review all classes

Wednesday/Thursday 12.12-13.18

Chapter 4 Test

Chapter 4 Test Review

Review the following vocabulary: Population, Parameter, Sample, Statistic, Observational Study, Experiment (know the essential elements of Control, Random Assignment and Replication and how to diagram an experiment), Treatments, Explanatory Variable, Response Variable, Cause and Effect v. Association, Lurking Variable, Confounding, Open and Closed Survey Questions, Census, Simple Random Sample, Stratified Sample, Cluster Sample, Convenience Sample, Voluntary Response, Bias (be able to identify sources of bias), Mean, Standard Deviation, Median, Placebo, Placebo Effect, Outlier, Frequency Histogram, Relative Frequency Histogram (uses percents on the vertical axis).

Completing the following problems will serve as a good review for the test:  Chapter 4 #7, 10, 20, 32, 33, 45, 47, 51, 54, 55, 65, 66, 76 (do not worry about IQR as we did not cover that and it is not tested), 77, 80, 89, 123a-i

Chapter 4 Study Guide Answers

Homework 10 Solutions are posted with the original assignment

Monday 12.10.18

Topic: Describing distributions Describing Distributions


  1. Everyone will get a copy of the document above and will be expected to fill it in as a guided lecture.
  2. How to build a histogram (example)
  3. For further practice 4.3.1 activity beginning with #61 (if we do not get to do this in class, I will post an answer key and expect it to be completed outside of class for your study.
  4. Describing shape, center and spread (outliers)
  5. Chapter 4 Test is Wednesday. Please come prepared with any quick questions to be answered prior to the test at the beginning of class.

Notes: 12.10.18 INT3 period 3

Friday 12.07.18 (Period 3 is different from 2, 4, 6 so please look carefully)

Topic: Describing distributions continued


  1. Periods 2, 4, 6 worked through 4.3.1 #61-62 and left behind what was completed. It was expected that everyone complete the histogram and find the mean and standard deviation. It is not important that you know the difference between the standard deviation of the sample and the standard deviation of the population for Wednesday’s/Thursday’s Test.  12.07.18 period 2
  2. Period 3 took notes on how to calculate standard deviation and an overview of describing distributions with shape, center and spread.  12.07.18 INT3 period 3 (standard deviation calculation)

Thursday 12.06.18

Homework #9 Solutions are posted with the original assignment

Topic: Describing distributions Describing Distributions


  1. Everyone will get a copy of the document above and will be expected to fill it in as a guided lecture.
  2. How to build a histogram (example)
  3. For further practice 4.3.1 activity beginning with #61 (if we do not get to do this in class, I will post an answer key and expect it to be completed outside of class for your study.
  4. Describing shape, center and spread (outliers)
  5. Calculating standard deviation which is the measure of spread that is coupled with the mean.

Notes: 12.06.18 all classes

Tuesday/Wednesday 12.04-05.18

Topic: Experimental design wrap-up  12.03.18 INT3 guided notes


  1. Notes on simplifying exponents and converting between exponential and radical forms.
  2. Notes on experimental design diagrams and statistical significance.
  3. Unit 4 Test will be a week from Wednesday/Thursday 12.12 and 12.13
  4. Final exam will be given Monday 12.17-Wednesday 12.19.

Notes: 12.05.18 period 3 (all other classes were identical)

Monday 12.03.18

Semester Review (posted above) with sub


Homework #10 due Friday 12.07.18

Both Levels: Section 4.2.1 #45, 47, 48; 4.2.2 #51, 52, 54, 55, 58; 4.3.1 #65, 66

Homework 10 Solutions


Friday 11.30.18

Topic: Experimental design


  1. Notes on the distinction between observational and experimental studies. Cause-effect can only be inferred through experiments.
  2. Notes on the essential elements of good experiments.
  3. Homework 9 collected (due 3PM for score)

Notes: 11.30.18 INT3 all periods

Wednesday/Thursday 11.28-29.18

Topic: Survey design and sampling methods part II.


  1. Warm-up: transformation descriptions and key features of a graph description.
  2. Exploration of how two polls describing the same thing can turn out very differently.
  3. Notes: population, sample, statistic, parameter, simple random sampling, bias, voluntary response, convenience sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling
  4. Homework 9 is due tomorrow.

Notes: 11.29.18 period 4 INT3; all periods 11.26.18

Monday/Tuesday 11.26-27.18

Topic: Survey design and sampling methods


  1. Warm-up
  2. Team work (each class has a different set of questions in this guided packet so please choose the correct page) INT3 all periods 11.26.18
  3. Vocabulary notes (terms are in guided notes packet)
  4. Credit recovery is available on test 3 with the same parameters as the other tests (see the top of this web page for the policy in red).


Homework #9 due Friday 3PM 11/30: Everyone section 4.1.1 #7, 12, 13; section 4.1.2 #20, 23, 24; section 4.1.3 #33; Honors section 4.1.1 #9, 10; section 4.1.2 #22, section 4.1.3 #35 (you may need to come see Davies for help on inequalities or review how to work with them on your own).

Homework 9 Solutions


Friday 11.15.18

Introduction to Statistics

Please open up the following document and work on the prompts as directed in class. What is completed will be collected at the end of class and compiled for discussion. This will be scored as a “product” grade, 10 points. 11.15.18 INT 3 Guided Statistics Investigation

For those who were absent, the expectation is that you complete the first two questions in the above packet (questions and method description). The method is expected to be your own intuition of how you would gather information. You do not need to do any research…yet.

Wednesday/Thursday 11.13-14.18

Unit 3 Test (District)

Monday/Tuesday 11.12-13.18

Please download the attached study guide for class. We will be working on some of the problems in class and extending them in preparation for the unit test which is Wednesday/Thursday. This will not be collected and you are free to do as many of the problems as you like. There is a full answer key at the bottom of the guide. This guide should be kept even after the test as it will be useful for the final exam review too. Unit 3 Review (#2 has an error. The correct answer is not there but should be y = -(sqrt(x+8)+7). Don’t worry about the problems that deal with continuous interest compounding.

Notes: 11.12.18 period 3

Friday 11.09.18

Topic: Chapter 3 Wrap-up


  1. Exponential growth wrap-up notes (linear v. exponential)
  2. Transformation problems given to be discussed next class.
  3. See notes page one for announcements and schedule through next week.

Notes: 11.09.18 period 2 ;11.09.18 period 3; 11.09.18 period 4; 11.09.18 period 6

Wednesday/Thursday 11.07-08.18

Topic: Exponential growth and compound interest


  1. Quizzes returned.
  2. Worksheet solutions (these must be kept as notes and used as study material for the unit test next Wednesday/Thursday.
  3. Notes on compound interest to be continued and wrapped up Friday.

Notes: 11.07.18 INT3 period 3;11.08.18 period 211.08.18 period 4

Monday/Tuesday 11.05-06.18

Topic: Modeling


  1. Work #56 & 58 in teams and present solutions (period 3). Solution write-ups are in notes posted below.
  2. Work #57 in notes (exponential growth v. linear growth). We will look at solutions next class.
  3. Periods 2-6 had a sub and should have worked through the same problems, but did not get to present solutions.
  4. Please bring the worksheet on variable coefficients to next class. We will go through solutions.

Notes: 11.05.18 period 3

Friday 11.02.18

Topic: Systems and variable coefficients


  1. See posted notes for announcements
  2. We worked the following in teams. Please bring this worksheet back on Monday/Tuesday so we can go through solutions. Variable Coefficient Worksheet INT3

Notes: 11.02.18 INT3


Homework #8 Due Friday 3PM 11.09.18: Everyone Chapter 3 #65, 77, 79, 83, 86, 95, 97, 98, 104-107, 113, 115 (complete the square and put in (h, k) form. Honors will be expected to have 100% accuracy for full credit, standard level will be expected to have 85% accuracy for full credit. These problems are essential review items for everyone for the unit test. A full answer key will be posted after collection 11/9.


Wednesday/Thursday 10.31-11.01.18

Brief Notes on elimination 11.01.18 period 6

Open Note Quiz 3.1

Monday/Tuesday 10.20-30.18

Homework #6 solutions are posted with the original assignment under the 10/15-16 entry

Here is a set of guided notes that include a study guide for next class’ open note quiz. 10.29.18 Guided Notes INT3


  1. Study guide for Wednesday/Thursday Open Note Quiz is on page 2 of the above guided notes. Here is a solution key for the study guide problems: Open Note Quiz 3.1 Study Guide Answers
  2. Honors present #7d
  3. Team presentations (5 point assessment score) on Extraneous Solutions (3.1.2 #24-26)
  4. Worked #17c which involves u substitution and fractions in equations.
  5. Introductory notes on exponential functions to be continued next class.

Completed Notes: 10.29.18 period 3


Homework #7 due 11/2: Both levels section 3.1.3 #49, 50, 53, 54; section 3.1.4 #61, 64, 66; Standard Level only please find 3 problems solving equations that involve radicals and 3 completing the square problems from Khan Academy (see 10.26 guided notes). Solve these problems and provide both the problem and solution for each. 

Homework Solutions: #49(a) (-2, -11); (b) Same line, Infinite Solutions; (c) (2, 45), (-1, 3); (d) (3, 6) The line touches the parabola (is tangent to) at (3, 6). #50  (a) 1; (b) 4; (c) 2; (d) 5; #53 y = -2|x + 3| + 4; #54 (a) odd; (b) neither; (c) odd; #61 (a) x = 4; (b)  x= 6; (c) x = 6; (d) x = 3/2; #64 (a) neither; (b) even; #66 y = (x + 1)^2-81; x intercepts (-10, 0) (8, 0); y intercept (0, -80); vertex (-1, -81).


Friday 10.26.18

Guided notes: INT3 10.26.18

Topic: Radical equations and extraneous solutions.


  1. Brief wrap up of notes from last class on solving radical equations.
  2. Teamwork 3.1.2 #24-26 to be presented next class (see guided notes for specifics)
  3. Teamwork must be completed in class or it is homework. You will not be given extra time at the beginning to get ready to present.
  4. Homework #6 is due today by 3PM and Homework #7 will be posted by 3PM and due next Friday 11/2 by 3PM.

We will have our first open note quiz of chapter 3 on Wednesday/Thursday of next week.

Wednesday/Thursday 10.24-25.18

Topic: Solving radical equations part I and u substitution. Here is a guided lecture for your convenience to download before class: INT3 10.24.18 guided notes


  1. Some remarks about the teamwork and test.
  2. Honors presentations of 3.1.1 #7d & #7e
  3. Using completing the square to identify the center of a circle.
  4. Notes on u substitution
  5. Notes on solving radical equations
  6. Team work 3.1.2 to be presented Friday
  7. Remember Homework #6 is due Friday

Notes: 10.24.18 period 3

Wednesday/Thursday 10.17-18.18

Topic: Solving absolute value equations step by step


  1. Notes on solving absolute value equations with accompanying graphical connection.
  2. Resume and complete 3.1.1 #5 teamwork (see last entry notes for specifics). Collected at the end of class.
  3. Notes on rational equations (worked two problems from the team problems-see notes).

Notes: 10.17.18 period 3

Monday/Tuesday 10.15-16.18

Please download the following guided notes for the opening of unit 3: INT3 10.15.18

Those who e-mailed in advance of the unit test requesting extended time as asked in the DPS Messenger sent last week from me may come in for extended time any morning, lunch or after school this week.

Extended time on the unit test from last Friday is available to everyone under the following conditions:

1) Demonstrate that you completed all the review problems. This means you need to bring those problems to Ms. Davies and we will go through and make sure they are all there in person prior to extended time.

2) I will score what was completed. It is not fair for anyone to be able to change responses having had extra study time after having seen the test.

3) You must let me know when you are coming in writing (by e-mail to

Homework #5 Solutions are posted with the original assignment (see 9/28 entry)

Topic: Completing the Square.


  1. New Seats and Brief Discussion on Class Structure
  2. Notes on Completing the Square
  3. Teamwork 3.1.1 (see notes for specifics)

Notes: 10.16.18 period 4


HOMEWORK #6 Due Friday 10/26 Both 3.1.1 #11, 13, 15, 18a & b, 19, 21, 33a, 34, 44, Standard 3.1.1 #10, 12, 14, 37 Honors 3.1.1 #18c, 22, 33b, 40

Homework #6 Solutions (correction, 11b) should be 35)


Wednesday-Friday 10.10-12.18

In class study time and Test #2. The PSAT was given on Wednesday so no new material was given either Wednesday or Thursday. Test administered by guest teacher while Davies was out of town at a debate tournament.

Monday/Tuesday 10.09.18

Guided notes with study guide for the unit test. Just do the individual problems listed, not entire sections.: INT3 chapter 2 closeout and study guide

Solutions for homework #4 are posted with the original assignment post 9/21

Topic: Chapter 2 Wrap-up


  1. Study guide for the unit test (see guided notes linked above)
  3. Brief notes on circles and absolute value functions
  4. Practice problem

Notes: INT3 10.09.18 period 3

Friday 10.05.18

Guided notes: 10.05.18 INT3

Topic: Even/Odd/Neither function and reflections closure (see notes above)


  1. Remarks made regarding teamwork 2.2.3
  2. Closed note quiz on complex imaginary number operations (Quiz #3)
  3. Unit Test 2 is next Thursday/Friday. Therefore there is no homework assignment for next Friday but a large study guide is posted.

Wednesday/Thursday 10.03-04.18

Topic: Even/Odd/Neither functions


  1. Closed note quiz Friday (see the notes from Monday/Tuesday for details)
  2. Warm-up: Function notation and even/odd properties.
  3. Teamwork 2.2.3 continued to be collected during class. If anyone is not finished, please complete it on your own time prior to Friday and turn it in.
  4. Notes on graphically recognizing even and odd functions.
  5. Dividing complex numbers and complex imaginary solutions to quadratic equations.

Notes: 10.03.18 period 3

Homework #5 due Friday.

Monday/Tuesday 10.01-02.18

Topic: Even/Odd/Neither functions


  1. Warm-up which is what Friday’s CLOSED NOTE quiz will be on Friday with different numbers.
  2. Remarks on the most recent quiz which was passed back today.
  3. Notes on general transformation rules.
  4. Notes on even/odd/neither function definitions
  5. Begin Teamwork 2.2.3 to be completed Wednesday/Thursday (1 write up per individual on #71 & #72) See notes for specifics.

Notes: 10.02.18 INT3 period 2

Friday 09.28.18

Topic: complex imaginary zeros of quadratic functions


  1. Homework #4 questions taken and HW4 collected (see notes)
  2. Notes on non real quadratic zeros
  3. Finish quiz from last class (15 minutes)

Notes: 09.28.18 notes INT3


Homework #5 Due Friday 10.05.18: All problems are under the Review/Preview section: Everyone-section 2.2.2 #61, 64, 65; section 2.2.3 #75, 77, 86, 87; section 2.2.4 96, 97, 104-106  Honors only: section 2.2.2 #66, 84, 85, 88; section 2.2.4 #99;  Standard only: section 2.2.3 #78, 80, 83; section 2.2.4 #98, 100

Homework #5 Solutions


Wednesday/Thursday 09.26-27.18

Topic: More on complex imaginary numbers.


  1. Closure on 2.1.2 teamwork
  2. homework questions taken (Homework #4 due Friday)
  3. More notes on complex numbers
  4. Open Note Quiz

Notes; 09.26.18 INT 3 period 3

Monday/Tuesday 09.24-25.18

Topic: Introduction to complex numbers.


  1. Warm-up: Describing transformations and key features (notes p.1)
  2. Finish teamwork that we began last class (see notes)
  3. Quiz skill list. Our first open note quiz for this unit is this coming Wednesday/Thursday
  4. Introductory notes on imaginary numbers.
  5. See previous entry for Homework #4 due Friday.
  6. A solution packet has been posted for homework #3 (See the original assignment entry).

Notes: 09.24.18 INT 3 period 3

Friday 09.21.18

Topic: The algebra of quadratics continued (finding the axis of symmetry without completing the square)


  1. Please read the above credit recovery policy or see page one of today’s notes.
  2. Quick notes on finding the vertex when there are no x intercepts without completing the square so the vertex is (-b/(2a), f(-b/(2a))) where a, b and c are the quadratic, linear and constant coefficients in a quadratic function in standard form. (see notes)
  3. Begin teamwork which will be completed and collected next class (see last page of notes)
  4. First open note quiz for unit 2 will be next Wednesday/Thursday. Skill list will be given out Monday/Tuesday.

Notes: 09.21.18 INT3 period 2 (all class notes were virtually identical)


Homework #4 due next Friday at 3PM: Both levels: In chapter 2 under Review/Preview #35, 40, 41, 42, 49, 50, 67-69; Honors Only: In chapter 2 under review preview #44, 56, 57, 60, 63;Standard Only: In chapter 2 under Review/Preview #33, 43, 45, 46

Homework #4 Solutions


Wednesday/Thursday 09.19-20.18

Topic: The algebra of quadratics. 09.19-20.18 INT3 Guided Notes for the next class 8/19 & 20.


  1. Homework questions taken (#30 and #23 are in period 2 notes)
  2. Notes on binomial squaring and perfect square trinomial factoring. Students should make a point to practice these skills until they are fluent and memorize the perfect squares from 1^2 = 1 up to 25^2 = 625.
  3. Notes on when to solve quadratic equations using square roots.
  4. Notes on graphing quadratics from equations by finding x intercepts and averaging them in order to find the axis of symmetry. We can then find the vertex without completing the square.

Notes: 09.20.18 INT3 period 2 ;09.19.18 INT3 period 3

Monday/Tuesday 09.17-18.18

Topic: Graphing transformations


  1. We continued with Chapter 2.1 #2-1 through 2-5. One write up per person was collected at the end of class. This will be scored as a process grade. Students who were not able to complete at least 2-3 will be asked to complete these problems on their own time in order to received full credit.
  2. Reminders were given about graphing expectations. Even sketches are expected to be on graph paper, have proper scaling and enough detail to accurately depict the transformed parent.
  3. See notes for #4 as it was done in class.
  4. See Friday’s entry for the homework which is due this coming Friday. Questions were taken in class today.

Notes: 09.18.18 period 2

Friday 09.14.18

Topic: Introduction to Transformations via Parabolas


  1. Quick review notes on quadratics (see page 1 of posted notes below)
  2. Begin chapter 2: Each person was to read the OPENING page for chapter 2 and begin working on 2.1.1 problem #1 “Transforming Parabolas”. Make sure you answer every question and make use of the interactive DESMOS link provided at the beginning of the activity. This will be completed and added to next class and then collected. It is NOT homework.

Notes: 09.14.18 period 2 (all other classes were the same)


Homework #3 Due next Friday 9/21:   Honors: Chapter 2 under Review/Preview #6, 7, 11, 18, 21, 22, 23, 30, 31, 33, 37  Standard: Chapter 2 under Review/Preview #6, 7, 10, 21, 23, 24, 30, 31, 36, 37

Honors HW3 Solutions; Standard HW3 Solutions  (NOTE: There is an error on #11, the answer should be x = -4)


Wednesday/Thursday 09.12-13.18

District Unit Test 1 (Students will declare their decision to be honors or non at the top of this test)

Monday/Tuesday 09.10-11.18

Topic: Unit 1 Closure and Test Review   

Guided notes (study guide for in class) 09.10-11.18 INT3 revised


  1. Feedback on Homework #2
  2. Test Skill Study Guide: We will work through study problems for (1) function notation, (2) finding x and y intercepts from a function equation, (3) describing the graph of f(x-h) when the parent is known including domain, range, increasing/decreasing behavior, maximum, minimum, endpoints, shape, intercepts, asymptotes, (4) solving quadratics, (5) using a linear system to solve problems.
  3. Students should also work #110-118 under the Closure section of chapter 1 in the textbook. There is a full answer key in the book for these problems and they are a VERY good study guide.
  4. Also study the quiz and homeworks 1 & 2. I will use parts of the quiz as in class study.

Solutions to Homework #2:  Homework #2 Solutions

Notes: 09.10-11.18 INT3 period 2 (all other classes were virtually identical to these)

Thursday/Friday 09.06-07.18

Topic: Closure under an operation and Polynomial Functions

Guided notes: 09.06-07.18 guided notes


  1. New Seats and Quiz return. Until the gradebook is split next week, everyone’s score shows up as out of 25 points. If you switch to standard level, that score will be reweighted out of 20.
  2. Honors #54 & #55: Closure under an operation
  3. Polynomials: definition and how to identify them

Homework #2 is due tomorrow (Friday) by 3PM for scoring.

Notes: 09.06-07.18 period 2 09.06.18 period 3 09.06-07.18 period 4 09.06-07.18 period 6


There will be no assignment for this coming week since we will be taking our unit test on Wednesday/Thursday of next week. This will be closed note and students will declare on that test whether they wish to be in Honors or Standard Level.


Tuesday/Wednesday 09.04-05.18

Topic: Functions


  1. The homework #1 is scored and in the gradebook. A FULL explanation of scoring will be given in class. Please take careful notes about this. Anyone who did not complete 70% of the problems was given and X for exempt. The remaining students will see one column in the gradebook with your actual score that you would have gotten had this not been a completion credit AND a balance column with points entered that make the two columns 10/10 for all non exempt people. Below is a copy of an exemplary paper and a full solution key. Students should check all answers and come in for help if needed.
  2. We will finish teamwork 1.4 and a write-up for #50-53 will be collected. 1 write up per group. Full graphs of the original two functions and the resulting combined function(s) for each of #50-52 are expected. One graph per problem is fine. More details given in class notes.
  3. New seats (we will change about once every two weeks.
  5. Homework #2 is due this coming Thursday/Friday (see Friday 08.30 entry).

exemplary homework #1 ; Homework #1 Solutions

Friday 08.30.18

This will be a work day due to picture day pull outs. Here is a guided set of notes for your convenience with a study guide for next Tuesday/Wednesday’s open note quiz.  08.31.18 guided notes

Notes: 08.31.18 period 2 (no other classes requested any problems so only period 2 notes are posted)


Homework #2 due next Thursday/Friday:

Honors only: Work through #54 and #55 in 1.1.4 and be prepared to explain what is meant by “closed set” and “closure” in general. Also work section 1.2.1 #67 & 68.

Both Levels: All problems come from the Review/Preview sections: section 1.1.4  #56, 57, 60, 61, 62  section 1.2.1  #66, 69, 72  section 1.2.2  #91, 92, 95


Wednesday/Thursday 08.29-30.18

Topic: Describing functions.  08.29.18 guided notes


  • Team/classwork from last time will be passed back with remarks. I chose some papers for discussion which can be seen in the notes below. If what was turned in seemed insufficient for me to evaluate, it was scored as incomplete and will need to be improved and turned back in.
  • Closure on 1.3: When describing graphs, be able to address all the vocabulary including domain, range, whether or not the graph is continuous, any asymptotes, increasing/decreasing behavior, endpoints, maximum/minimum points, shape, what the parent might be (if you know), and whether or not it is a function.
  • Homework questions taken for what is due Friday (see 08.21-22.18 entry below).
  • Team work continues on 1.1.4 combining functions. We will complete and close this on Friday. One write-up per team for #49-53 will be collected. See notes for expectations and examples of how to respond to questions.
  • Due to picture day, our first open note quiz is moved to Tuesday/Wednesday of next week. A study list will be given out on Friday.

Notes: 08.29.18 period 3 (guided notes with class real time notes added); 08.30.18 period 208.30.18 period 408.30.18 period 6

Monday/Tuesday 08.27-28.18

Topic: Functions


  • I will be passing back your classwork from last time and making some general remarks. Please take notes on graphing expectations, the definitions of function, domain, range, shape of a graph, asymptote, increasing/decreasing, maximum/minimum, continuous, discrete.
  • Problems 12/13 (see previous entry) will be scored in the assessment (product) in IC as a completion score. Please start checking grades.
  • See the notes linked below for write up expectations going forward. I will begin deducting points from here out if these are not met.
  • Teamwork (4): In the book, section 1.1.3 #29-34 (30 minutes). See notes for expectations. We will be working with the parent function y = 1/x and exploring horizontal translations among other properties.
  • Homework #1 (see 08.22-23 entry) is due FRIDAY. I will take questions on it during this class and next. Please come in for extra help if you need it.
  • Time permitting, we will begin section 1.1.4 and systems of equations (2 variable).
  • Due to picture taking on Friday, our first open note quiz will be next Monday/Tuesday. A study guide will be given on Friday after homework collection.

08.27.18 INT3 (Guided notes posted in advance)

Class notes (completed): 08.27.18 INT3 period 3; 08.27.18 INT3 period 2;08.27.18 INT3 period 4;08.27.18 INT3 period 6

Thursday/Friday 08.23-24.2018

Topic: Functions


  • Quick review of function notation and brief discussion of what constitutes a function.
  • Work #4-6 under Review/Preview in the text 1.1.1
  • Teamwork (1) Function Machines
  • Vocabulary List for the chapter
  • Teamwork (2) #12 & #13 (Stopping point for period 3 see below)
  • Teamwork (3) To be collected. If we are not finished at the end of class, this will spillover into Monday. 1.1.3 #I-29 through I-34. Some teams might complete all of this, some might only complete half. That is OK for now. Work with integrity to complete what is possible in the time given.

08.23-24.18 INT3 (Guided Notes posted in advance)

08.23-24.18 INT3 period 3 (These are class notes from period 3. We did not finish what was planned and will spill over into Monday with Teamwork (3). Teamwork (2) was collected and will be given a completion score in the assessment category of IC. Those who were absent need to please work either #12 or #13 (just one of the equations) and turn it in within 48 school day hours.)

See previous entry for Homework #1 Due 8.31


Topic: Nuts, Bolts & Introductions


  1. Teams are alphabetical for this first rotation.
  2. Survey
  3. E-book enrollment hard copy preference
  4. Syllabus highlights
  5. Introductory concept exploration for unit 1: positive/growth mindset

08.21-22 INT3 (Class notes)

Homework #1 Due 08.31 (Friday): As specified in the syllabus, all homework is optional for a grade. Students are ALWAYS welcome to do the homework and get feedback without penalty or not turn it in for feedback. Students MUST decide PRIOR to collection if the homework will be scored for a grade. This decision will be made each time homework is assigned and collected meaning students may decide to turn in some works and other times not. See the syllabus for more details. This first homework will be used to demonstrate how I score things so please make the choice to complete it and turn it in.

1.1 Review/Preview #7c; 9 & 10; 1.2 Review/Preview #15, 18, 19, 21, 23, 25, 26

1.3 Review/Preview #35-38; 42, 44-48

This homework will be used to demonstrate the difference in mastery requirements for honors and standard levels.