Algebra 2 (Advanced Algebra) 2017-18

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Please use the link below to access an updated syllabus for the 2017-18 school year.

Algebra II syllabus 2017-18 v4

Self and Peer Grading Procedures 2016

Try this for a digital version of the text

Semester II

Here is a copy of a final exam review from 2016-17. Feel free to begin working on it as the final is a few weeks away. I will add to this review in the coming weeks, but in the past this has served students well as a study document. Algebra II Final Exam Review 2016;   Algebra II Answer Key to Review 2016

Thursday/Friday 05.16-17.18

Objective: Students will work with conditional probabilities.


  1. Probability Notation Notes
  2. Venn Diagrams (how to read them)
  3. Graphical displays of contingency table data
  4. For the final exam, be able to determine whether or not two categorical variables are associated or independent (not associated) using conditional probabilities and/or bar charts.

Notes: 05.16.18 period 5

Monday/Tuesday 05.14-15.18

Trigonometric Unit Test

Friday 05.11.18

Objective: Students will work with sinusoidal curve fitting techniques.


  1. Progress reports (hard copies) given out. Lowest two quiz scores have been dropped.
  2. worked #7 & #11 from p.763+ and gave step by step notes on how to fit curves to situations. 1) draw what you would expect the curve to look like so that you can choose cosine or sine as the parent function to transform (If the max or min is on or near the y axis, use cosine, otherwise use sine); 2) Find the amplitude (1/2 the vertical distance of the wave; 3) Find the vertical shift which is the average of the min and max; 4) Find the period (length of the x axis need for one cycle exactly) and use it to find the horizontal dilation factor (see notes); 4) phase shift if needed.
  3. Unit Test is Monday/Tuesday

Notes: 05.11.18 period 4  (first page is blank)

Wednesday/Thursday 05.09-10.18

Objective: Students will use their understanding of transformations to fit sinusoidal waves to applied situations.


  1. Notes on amplitude, period, horizontal dilation (related to the period), vertical shift and horizontal (also known as phase) shift. (See PDF notes below).
  2. Homework examples #1-2 p.763
  3. Fitted curve for the Ferris Wheel Task. Students are strongly advised to STUDY this problem for the unit test which is Monday/Tuesday of next week and the Final Exam which is May 24/25.
  4. Tomorrow we will wrap up the unit and work specific homework problems #7 & #11.

Notes: 05.10.18 period 4 (all other class notes are virtually identical)

Monday/Tuesday 05.07-08.18

Objective: Students will work with sinusoidal waves and begin curve fitting.


  1. Unit Circle check off (10 points or exempt)
  2. Graphed p750 #7 & #8 (see notes). These are the parent sine and cosine wave functions.
  3. Worked on “The Ferris Wheel Task” to be completed Wednesday/Thursday.
  4. Unit Test is next Monday/Tuesday. Here is a study guide. Skip any problems relating to y = tan(x). Trigonometry Unit Practice Test with Key
  5. See notes last page for the schedule for the rest of the year.

Notes: 05.08.18 period 4

Friday 05.04.18

Open Note Quiz as announced. This is our last quiz.

For Monday/Tuesday: Please complete the unit circle we began in class. You can download the notes and guided lecture from the previous entry to help you. This will be checked off for 10 points.

Due next Friday: everyone please complete p.763+ #1-8, 11, 14; Honors also please work #13 in that same section. THIS IS THE LAST ASSIGNMENT.

Notes: 05.04.18 Algebra 2

Wednesday/Thursday 05.02-03.18

Please download and print the guided lecture by clicking this link: 05.02.18 Algebra 2

Objective: Students will learn about radian measure and create a unit circle for reference.


  1. Study guide for open note quiz Friday 5/4 given (see notes pdf)
  2. Worked #10, 11, 12 from p.742 (see notes)
  3. Notes on radian measure. How to convert between degrees and radians with examples.
  4. Began unit circle-completed first quadrant. The Unit Circle must be completed for check off Monday/Tuesday. Expectation is that degrees and radians for one complete circle rotation in both positive and negative directions plus exact values for coordinates for points on the circle associated with essential angle rotations be filled in for all quadrants.

Notes: 05.03.18 period 2  (other class notes were very similar)

Monday/Tuesday 04.30-05.01.18

Objective: Students will learn the vocabulary associated with circular functions.


  1. Warm-up: Practice finding reference triangle, reference angle and (x, y) coordinates for a point on a circle centered at the origin with radius (hypotenuse) of 1.
  2. Notes on positive (counterclockwise) and negative (clockwise) angle measure, coterminal angles, periodic functions and finding the period of a periodic function.
  3. The graph of one full cycle of a sine wave (via Paddle Wheel).
  4. 15 minutes work time given.

Open note quiz will be Friday and will cover circular trigonometry, all vocabulary, sine waves and cosine waves. Be sure to review special right triangles.

Notes: 04.30.18 period 1 04.30.18 period 5


Wednesday/Thursday 04.25-26.18

Objective: Students will learn the vocabulary associated with circular functions.


  1. Warm-up: Right triangle trigonometry with a hypotenuse of 1.
  2. Moving from triangles to circles. Trigonometric ratios for angles that are NOT between 0 degrees and 90 degrees.
  3. Vocabulary for circular trigonometry (standard position, initial and terminal sides of angles, reference triangle, reference angle).
  4. Closed note quiz on special right triangles, right triangle trigonometry and area/circumference of circles.

Due next Monday/Tuesday: p.737 investigation “Paddle Wheel” (see notes for information that applies to this investigation and will aid in understanding it).

Due next Monday/Tuesday Wednesday/Thursday 05/2 or 5/3: p.740+ #1-7, 10-12, 14.

Notes: 04.25.18 period 5

Monday/Tuesday 04.23-24.18

Objective: Students will move from right triangle to circular trigonometry.


  1. New Seats
  2. Remarks on “Steep Steps” Investigation which was scored as a quiz grade and can be corrected/completed for full credit. See notes for additional help and information.
  3. Warm-up (quiz preparation): Special Right Triangles and Right Triangle Trigonometry
  4. Review notes on circumference, area, arclength and area of a sector which will also be on the quiz.
  5. Quiz tomorrow is closed note. See notes for examples and notes on circles.
  6. Introduce Investigation “Paddle Wheel” on p.737. Calculators are essential for this entire unit. Please see Ms. Davies if you were absent so that I can help you get your calculator set up.

Due next Monday/Tuesday: p.740+ #1-7, 10-12, 14.

Notes: 04.23.18 period 5 (other notes were identical)

Friday 04.20.18

Objective: Students will solidify prerequisite skills for the trigonometric unit.


  1. Closed note quiz is scheduled for Wednesday/Thursday of next week. Study to be given Monday/Tuesday.
  2. worked #6 from p.688 which was part of the homework due today. Students must have this table in notes as well with the EXACT values for the sine, cosine and tangent ratios for these angles. (see notes).
  3. worked #12a and at least part of 12b (see notes).
  4. homework questions taken prior to homework collection.

Notes: 04.20.18 period 1 04.20.18 period 2 04.20.18 period 4 04.20.18 period 5

Wednesday/Thursday 04.18-19.18

Objective: Students will work with trigonometric ratios.


  1. Notes on special right triangles and practice.
  2. Notes on trigonometric ratios and inverse trig functions with practice.

See previous entry for assignment due Friday.

Notes: 04.18.18 period 1 04.18.18 period 5; 04.19.18 period 204.19.18 period 4

Monday/Tuesday 04.16-17.18

Here is a copy of the sub plans left for these days. All the material should have been review from Geometry.

1)         Have students read and take notes on pp.680-681 in the text. They may use a digital copy of the text on their computers or phones if they do not have their hard copy of the text. The link is on my website. I will check these off for points when I return. Students should work #1-3 in their notes to practice the concepts. All of this is review from Geometry.

2)         Have students read and take notes on pp.682-685. All of this should be review from Geometry and is just to get them ready for the new unit that we will begin on Wednesday.

3)         Please assign and collect at the end of class p.686 Investigation Steep Steps. Each person should turn in an INDIVIDUAL write up, not a team write up though they may work together.

4)         Please assign pp.687-689 #1-13, due Friday.

Due Friday: pp.687+ #1-13.

Credit recovery dates and times for the most recent unit test are:

1) Tomorrow/Wednesday at lunch (4/4)

2) Thursday (4/5) after school beginning at 3:05 sharp

3) Next Wednesday 4/11 lunch

4) Tuesday 4/24 after school beginning at 3:05.

Please see 04.03 guided lecture for details on this. You will receive half credit back on what you missed at the end of participation in the FULL session.

Friday 04.13.18

Open Note Quiz

Wednesday/Thursday 04.11-12.18

Objective: Students will work with rational expressions and connect it to past fraction simplification work.


  1. Multi-skill problems worked in class.
  2. Factoring out a negative and recognizing opposites.
  3. Solving equations involving rational expressions.
  4. Problem solving time.

Worksheet packet is due Friday which was posted a week and a half ago. See previous entry for solutions link.

Notes: 04.11.18 period 5; 04.12.18 period 4 (other classes were identical)

Thursday/Friday 04.05-06.18

Objective: Students will work with rational expressions and connect it to past fraction simplification work.


  1. Continuing in the guided lecture packet from Monday/Tuesday (see previous entry link) we studied how to add and subtract rational expressions by factoring and finding common denominators.
  2. Summary page of special products with examples given for SAT prep (perfect square trinomials, difference of squares, difference and sum of cubes)
  3. There will be an open note quiz Friday 4/13. Most problems will be pulled straight from the worksheet packet and the p494 homework out of the text.

Worksheet packet due next Friday for everyone which was posted Monday.Simplifying Rational Expresssions Worksheet

Answers to worksheet packet: homework packet rational expressions answers

Notes: 04.06.18 period 2 04.06.18 period 4 04.05.18 period 5

Tuesday/Wednesday 04.03-04.18

Here is a guided lecture for your support for class. Please download it and print it out so that you can take notes directly on it.   Algebra 2 04.03.18

Objective: Students will work with rational expressions and connect it to past fraction simplification work.


  1. Announcements
  2. Please see above for credit recovery options.
  3. Warm-up (SAT prep)
  4. Notes on multiplication and division of rational expressions (see guided lecture)
  5. In class practice

Notes: 04.03.18 period 1; 04.04.18 period 2; 04.04.18 period 4; 04.03.18 period 5

Due Thursday/Friday 4/12 or 4/13, all circled problems in this packet must be completed by everyone with work shown and the problems marked with a circled H should be done by honors only. A set of select answers will be posted later this week for your self check. Simplifying Rational Expresssions Worksheet


Wednesday-Friday 03.21-23.18

SAT/PSAT Prep (Non-calculator)


  1. Took questions on the homework p.494+ and collected.
  2. Practice SAT TEST- non-calculator portion (20 problems, 25 minutes)
  3. Went through every problem on the test, offered test taking tips and students self scored.
  4. Showed how to convert the score to a rough placement on the 200-800 score chart put out by the college board.
  5. No posted notes or further assignment until after break.

Monday/Tuesday 03.19-20.18

The Unit Tests are scored for those who took it on time. I will be posting those in IC at the end of the week but students may come view their test and see what they got before that. I will then be offering several choices for credit recovery in which I will go through the test and students will make corrections for half credit back on what was missed. These dates will be set after spring break.

Wednesday-Friday will be SAT prep in class.

Objective: Students will conceptually understand vertical and horizontal asymptotes.


  1. Notes on horizontal asymptotes (if it exists, the horizontal asymptote is the value y approaches when x becomes large in either direction).
  2. Notes on vertical asymptotes (in an inverse function, a vertical asymptote can be found by identifying values for x that cause division by zero).
  3. Homework examples (see notes).
  4. Remember, the vertical and horizontal dilation factors for transformations of the inverse function are the same thing.

See 3/12 entry for assignment (p.494).

Notes: 03.20.18 period 4

Thursday/Friday 03.15-16.18

Polynomial Unit Test

Wednesday 03.14.18

Review day due to low attendance (school violence march)

Monday/Tuesday 03.12-13.18

Objective: Students will be introduced to rational functions.


  1. New Seats and announcements.
  2. Unit Test is Thursday/Friday (see study guide below).
  3. Wrap-up of the polynomial unit. Worked #7 & #8 p.435 (Rational Root Theorem and Long Division revisited)
  4. Set up #17 p.408
  5. Notes on the inverse variation function y = 1/x which is the parent for rational functions.

Due Wednesday/Thursday 03.21 & 03.22: Everyone p.494 #1-7, 10; Honors only please work the additional problems of 13-16 in that same section.

 Notes: 03.13.18 period 4

Saturday 03.10.18

Here is a study guide/review for Thursday/Friday test this week (these dates are due to the recent change of the stripe day from Friday to Wednesday);

Be able to:

  1. solve quadratics using square roots, factoring and quadratic formula (as we’ve discussed, ALL quadratics can be solved using quadratic formula). Honors-be sure to study the proof of the formula. It was done for notes and is also on p.404 of the book.
  2. Move between General, Factored and Vertex forms of a quadratic.
  3. Maximize or minimize a value of a quadratic function by finding the vertex (study the calculator method AND completing the square).
  4. Solve a cubic or higher degree equation using rational root theorem as well as a grapher. STUDY RATIONAL ROOT THEOREM.
  5. Multiply, divide, add and subtract complex imaginary numbers.
  6. Long and synthetically divide polynomials.
  7. Find the inverse of a quadratic function.
  8. Be able to represent irrational solutions to quadratic equations in both exact and approximate forms.

These problems are good for your study: p.437 #1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10-13 (answers included in text); p.422 #12 (ans: y = 0.25(x + 2)^2 + 3; #13 (ans to c) -3.9, 8.7; 14 (ans: x = -4); p.412 #1-3; p.408 #17 (we will work this in class); p.400 #3; p.401 #11; Solve the system y = -(x – 2)^2 + 4 and y = 1 – x (we will also work this in class); p.436 #17a & b; #18 (ans to a is -3 and 1, ans to b is (-3 + sqrt(37))/2 and (-3 – sqrt(37))/2.

Friday 03.09.18

Objective: Students will use the Rational Root Theorem and Synthetic Division to determine characteristics of polynomials.


  1. Notes on synthetic division.
  2. Rational Root Theorem (p.432 for wording) example.
  3. Unit Test is next Wednesday/Thursday. A study guide will be posted by Saturday afternoon. Please check back.

Notes: 03.09.18 period 5

Wednesday/Thursday 03.07-08.18

Objective: Students will enjoy polynomial long division.


  1. SAT/ACT warm up #2: Rationalizing the denominator.
  2. Grade reports passed out for quarter grade check.
  3. Notes p.427 #7 & #8
  4. Notes on polynomial division (step by step)

Notes: 03.07.18 period 5 (these notes are representative of all periods)

Monday/Tuesday 03.05-06.18

Objective: Students will become familiar with various characteristics of even and odd degree polynomial functions.


  1. Warm-up: simplifying radicals.
  2. Notes: End behavior, connecting linear factors to zeros (roots) of the function, finding the degree from factored form, extreme values (local v. global).
  3. Worked p.427 #6 for 10 points classwork (mini investigation).

Notes: 03.06.18 period 2 (period 2 is representative of all sections)

Friday 03.02.18

Work day on p.420+ homework problems. See notes for examples and hints.

Notes: 03.02.18 algebra 2 p.420

Wednesday/Thursday 02.28 & 03.01.18

Please download the guided lecture and print it out for class using this link: 02.27.18 Algebra 2

Objective: Students will connect cubic functions to volume.


  1. Hand back p.406 which was completion scored. Answer key posted (see notes) so that students could check their own.
  2. Collect p.412+ #1-12, 13-15 after questions.
  3. Introduction to cubic functions.
  4. Investigation p.418 in teams.
  5. Homework examples (time permitting)

Due Wednesday/Thursday 03.07 & 03.08: p.420+ #1-9; p.426+ #1-4, 7, 8

Notes: 02.26.18 period1 02.26.18 period 5

Monday/Tuesday 02.26-27.18

Objective: Students will work with Complex Imaginary Numbers.


  1. Adding and Subtracting Complex Numbers.
  2. Multiplying Complex Numbers.
  3. Imaginary Complex Roots and conjugates (moving between factored and general forms of a quadratic)
  4. Solving quadratics with non Real roots.
  5. Dividing Complex Numbers
  6. Graphing a + bi.

Notes: 02.26.18 period1; 02.26.18 period 5

Friday 02.23.18

Open Note Quiz Quadratics and Completing the Square

The following message was sent to every individual in my classes and parent/guardian via school messenger and posted on my Promethean board. Please adhere to it.

Please do not leave the room without checking with me AND please return within five minutes if you do leave. Anyone missing for more than five minutes can expect the front office to be notified and security to come looking for you. Please respect this for everyone’s safety.

Wednesday/Thursday 02.21-22.18

No guided lecture for today-it is really not necessary.

Objective: Students will work with complex numbers.


  1. Warm-up on Quadratic Formula and the three major forms of a quadratic (this is a VERY good quiz preparation problem).
  2. Homework questions taken.
  3. Warm-up in preparation for complex number operations.
  4. Introduction to complex numbers (powers of i)
  5. Quiz tomorrow (open note)

Due next Wednesday/Thursday 02.28 & 03.01: p.413+ #1-12 (everyone); Honors also please do #13-15.

Notes: 02.21.18 period 1 ;02.21.18 period 5; 02.22.18 period 4  period 2 notes were partially lost due to computer malfunction.

Friday 02.16.18

Work day with sub on assignment due next week. Please read and take notes on section 7.5 beginning on p.409 in preparation for complex numbers.

Wednesday/Thursday 02.14-15.18

Download these guided lecture notes to use in class. 02.14.18 Algebra 2

Objective: Students will see where the quadratic formula comes from.


  1. Solving for zeros by completing the square.
  2. Derivation of the quadratic formula. (Honors is expected to memorize)
  3. Finish the Fireworks problem.

See previous entry for assignment.

Notes: 02.14.18 period 1

Monday/Tuesday 02.12-13.18

Download these guided lecture notes to use in class.  02.12.18 Algebra 2

Objective: Students will become comfortable with moving between the three forms of a quadratic function.


  1. Step by step notes on completing the square in order to move between general and vertex forms (please download the guided notes)
  2. Homework problems
  3. Begin working the Fireworks problem to be handed out in class (From Integrated Mathematics Program Year 3)

Due first class next week: p.406+ #1-16 (both levels).

Notes: 02.13.18 period 2 ;02.12.18 period 5; 02.13.18 period 4 (period 1 notes contained an error so are not posted)

Friday 02.09.18

There is no posted guided lecture for today as it is not needed.

We will do the quiz first (open note)

If you prefer the alternate assignment that was posted, it is due by 2:50PM. Please show/explain ALL answers in great detail. If you use a calculator and a graph to solve, provide the equation and a scaled sketch.

On Monday/Tuesday, we will work more with vertex form and completing the square. We will work p.400 #2c,d; #3c, d; #7 & #9 together so if you are confused on those, feel free to leave those undone but complete the remaining assigned problems.

The portfolio option for this unit will be available by Monday afternoon.

There will be no lunch tutoring Monday due to a meeting.

Wednesday/Thursday 02.07-08.18

Download these guided lecture notes to use in class if so desired. 02.07-08.18 Algebra 2

Objective: Students will work with different forms of quadratic functions.


  1. Quiz study list (open note Friday). Students may complete the circled problems in this packet as an alternative to the quiz, but they must be completed by 2:50PM Friday. Alternative to Quiz 02.09.18. Students should be prepared to explain answers from work shown if prompted.
  2. Quadratic Parent Function recap from last semester (graphical features)
  3. Zeros and vertex as seen in a graph of the fence problem.
  4. Notes on 3 forms of a quadratic function (general, factored, vertex).
  5. Completing the square and vertex form (check it with technology)

See previous entry for assignment due Monday/Tuesday

Notes: 02.07.18 period 1;02.08.18 period 2 (all other sections will be very similar)

Monday/Tuesday 02.05-06.18

Download these guided lecture notes to use in class if so desired. 02.05-06.18

Objective: Students will engage with quadratic functions and begin to learn the three main forms of a quadratic.


  1. Tests back, new seats and some neat applications of parabolic structures.
  2. Warm-up: Expanding and factoring binomial products and trinomials.
  3. SAT/ACT quadratic anchor problem (the three sided rectangular fence problem) as an investigative task with technology.
  4. Three forms of a quadratic connected to the anchor.

Due Next Monday/Tuesday 2/12-13: Standard Level p.390+ #1-9, 13-16;p.400+ #1-6, 12; Honors Level p.390+ #3-9,12;p.400+ #3, 5-11, 13

Notes: 02.06.18 period 2   (all other notes were virtually identical)


Unit 5 Exponential, Power and Logarithmic Functions

Portfolio Option Contract for Algebra 2 Exponential, Power and Logarithmic Unit

Bitcoin Portfolio Project for the Exponential

Wednesday/Thursday 01.31-02.01.18

Here is an answer key to the test review posted in Friday 01.26 guided lecture. Test Review Answer Key

Unit Test 5 (Exponential Unit)

Due Monday/Tuesday to be checked off for completion: Please read and take notes on pp.378-380 section 7.1 (excluding the investigation this time). Notes SHOULD include examples of the finite differences method for determining polynomial relationships and degree. Please work p.383-384 #3,4, & 7 in the same notes.

Monday/Tuesday 01.29-30.18

There are no guided notes for today as it is not necessary.

Objective: Exponential/Logarithmic Unit Wrap-up


  1. Questions taken on the homework
  2. Exploration on the natural logarithmic base e in teams. Collected at the end of class.
  3. TEST is next class. See study guide in Friday’s notes and the answer key posted above for your study. See ALL class notes below for various solutions to requested problems in class.

Notes: Some note sets have a blank first page-please scroll below. 01.29.18 period 1;01.29.18 period 5 ; 01.30.18 period 4 (period 2 notes were corrupted somehow-sorry. Please use period 4)

Friday 01.26.18

Download these guided lecture notes to use in class if so desired. 01.26.18 Algebra 2

Objective: Students will put all the unit skills together.


  1. Study guide for Wednesday/Thursday test (see page 1 of the guided lecture).
  2. Graphs of exponential and logarithmic inverses.
  3. Homework problem work time.

Notes: 01.26.18 period 4

Wednesday/Thursday 01.24-25.18

Download these guided lecture notes to use in class if so desired. 01.24.18 algebra 2

Objectives: Students will be introduced to logarithms.


  1. Warm-up on Inverses
  2. Introductory notes on logarithms
  3. Proof of power rule for logarithms (Honors must memorize)
  4. How to solve for exponents using logs.
  5. Test is next Wednesday/Thursday. See last entry for assignment due Monday/Tuesday of next week.

Notes: 01.25.18 period 2 (all other classes were very similar)

Monday/Tuesday 01.22-23.28

Download these guided lecture notes to use in class if so desired. 01.22.18 Algebra 2

Objective: Students will work with inverse functions and be introduced to logarithms.


  1. Test will be next Wednesday/Thursday 01.31-02.01
  2. Honors proof of inverses from Friday
  3. Warm-up on Inverse Functions
  4. Homework Q&A and assigned reading notes check off-p.277+ is bumped to next class due to interruptions that put us behind in period 1.

Due Monday/Tuesday 01.29-30.18: Standard Level: p.290+ #1-9; p.296+ #6-8; p.303+ #1-4 Honors Level: Memorize the proof of power rule for logarithms, p.290 #1-9; p.296 #6-10; p.303+ #4-7, 10.

Notes: 01.22.18 period 4

Thursday/Friday 01.18-19.18

Download these guided lecture notes to use in class if so desired and feel free to check some answers for the homework that is due with the quiz. 01.18.18 algebra 2  ; select answers to homework 1

Objective: Students will work with inverse functions.


  1. Wrap-up from last class p.286 #14 (application of inverses)
  2. Graphs of inverses (properties)
  3. Proving inverses algebraically.
  4. Open Note Quiz.

See previous entry for assignment due Monday/Tuesday.

Notes: 01.18.18 period 5 (all other sections had identical notes)

Tuesday/Wednesday 01.16-17.18

Download these guided lecture notes to use in class if so desired. 01.16.18 Algebra 2

Objective: Students will work with an equivalent form of exponential functions and be introduced to the idea of inverse functions.


  1. Open note quiz skill list given for next class. Homework will be due then as well (p.255, 262, 270)
  2. Exploration of point-ratio form of an exponential function.
  3. Final questions taken on homework that is due next class and was assigned over a week ago.
  4. Function notation quick warm-up.
  5. Introduction to inverse functions.

Due Monday/Tuesday 01.22-23.18 Both levels: p.277+ #1-11; Read and take notes on section 5.6 Logarithmic Functions pp.287-290. Notes should include having worked through the investigation that begins on p.287 as well as all bold vocabulary and examples. NOTES SHOULD BE SEPARATE FROM P.277 AS THEY WILL BE CHECKED OFF FOR COMPLETION-NOT COLLECTED.

Notes: 01.17.18 period 2 (All other classes were virtually identical)

Friday 01.12.18

Download these guided lecture notes to use in class if so desired. 01.12.18 algebra 2

Objective: Students will solve exponential and power equations.


  1. Converting between radical and rational exponential forms
  2. Solving Exponential Equations step by step
  3. Solving Power Equations step by step
  4. Our first quiz will be next Thursday/Friday and will be open note. Please come prepared with questions Tuesday/Wednesday.

See 01.08-09.18 entry for homework due Tuesday/Wednesday of next week.

Notes: 01.12.18 period 5 (all class notes were virtually identical)


Wednesday/Thursday 01.10-11.18

Download these guided lecture notes to use in class if so desired. 01.10.18 Algebra 2

Objective: Students will work with properties of exponents and solve exponential equations as well as power equations.


  1. Homework questions taken on p.255+ portion.
  2. Notes on properties of exponents with examples.
  3. Exponential expression simplification practice.
  4. Solving exponential and power equations notes and examples.

See previous entry for homework due next Tuesday/Wednesday.

Notes: 01.11.18 period 4 (All class notes were virtually identical)

Monday/Tuesday 01.08-09.18

Objective: Students will look at the impacts of compounding on wealth gap.


  1. Introductory notes for the semester. The Honors/Non-Honors designations will stay the same for all students as last semester UNLESS notice is given to Ms. Davies in writing that you would like to switch from what you were in last semester.
  2. Introductory Activity in teams-standard level was to complete the first side and Honors was to complete the back side on annuity investments. Collected at the end of class for 10 process points to start the semester. Compound Interest Activity
  3. Notes on exponential parent functions and properties.
  4. Worked problem #6 p.255 to introduce the homework.

Due Tuesday/Wednesday 01.16-17.18: Standard Level p.255+ #1-7, 9, 15; p.262+ #1-6, 13, 15; p.270 #1-4, 11,14; Honors Level p.255+ #5-10; p.262+ #1-6, 11-14; p.270+ #1-5, 11-13.

Notes: 01.08.18 period 1 (all other classes were virtually identical to period 1)


Semester I

Wednesday-Friday 12.13-15.17

Targeted Semester Review in Class. A guided lecture was given to every person who was present for class Wednesday/Thursday and guided solutions were presented by Davies. This review will NOT be posted online but is available by e-mail request. In addition to this, students should have been working on the review problems in the link below that were posted weeks ago.

Semester 1 Final Review Fall 2016 (This is also the review for 2017)

Please read these notes that were posted on the smarboard at the beginning of class Wednesday/Thursday regarding end of semester items.

Good Morning!

1) The final exam is next week Monday/Tuesday. Please bring a calculator with fresh batteries. Davies does not have calculators to loan so please do not ask.

2) The exam is a 90 minute district test. In the past, there have always been people who do not finish. If you prepare well, the final has been very reasonable in the past as well.

3) If you finish early, please have something that you can work on or do that does not involve anyone else. Because it is a district test, please avoid bringing cell phones to class at all if possible and headphones cannot be worn during the test.

4) If you wish to leave and go work on something else if you finish early, you must have a teacher or guest artist e-mail Davies IN ADVANCE that they will be responsible for you when you leave. Out of respect for others giving finals, please stay out of the halls during exams.

5) All late work is due today (12/13 and 12/14). Grades will be fully updated by Saturday including dropped low quiz scores (if helpful). Unit 4 test scores will be entered by the end of today.

6) Today’s guided lecture is extremely important. Please engage. The notes will not be posted online as you all have been given a hard copy.

7) Thanks for the best first semester I’ve had in my 16 year career. 🙂

Monday/Tuesday 12.11-12.17

Unit 4 Test/Unit 4 Portfolios Due

Everyone must take the final exam. Above is a study guide with an answer key at the bottom. Please begin working a few problems each night and see Ms. Davies if you need help. This guide might be modified slightly for content coverage that is slightly different from last year.

Unit 4 Transformations and Mathematical Models Portfolio Information: Please let Ms. Davies know via e-mail ( or hard copy signed contract by Wednesday 11.29.17 if you wish to opt in for unit 4. This is another short unit and will have only one assignment linked below.

Portfolio Option Contract for Unit 4 ; Portfolio Assignment Unit 4

Friday 12.08.17

Unit 4 Transformation Wrap-up. p.226 & 240 were checked off for 20 points completion credit. A full answer key was given to those pages as well as p.209+ & 216+ which was also scored for completion.

Unit Test is Monday/Tuesday. Please see notes for study skill list and suggested review problems. Portfolios for Unit for are also due Monday/Tuesday for those who chose that option.

The final exam is one week from Monday/Tuesday. EVERYONE MUST TAKE THE FINAL. THERE IS NO PORTFOLIO ALTERNATIVE.

Notes: 12.08.17 algebra 2


Wednesday/Thursday 12.06-07.17

Objective: Students will work with composition of functions and dilations.


  1. Notes on vertical dilations with homework problem examples.
  2. Notes on Even and Odd functions. (Most functions are neither even nor odd).
  3. Notes on composition of functions with homework problem examples.
  4. Average rate of change of a smooth continuous curve as the slope of the line connecting the endpoints of the interval of interest.
  5. District Unit Test is Monday/Tuesday. Study guide will be given out Friday.

Notes: 12.06.17 period 5  (Please note that the average rate of change should be for continuous and “smooth” curves.)

See previous entry for assignment due Friday.

Monday/Tuesday 12.04-05.17

Objective: Students will learn how to work with piecewise defined functions.


  1. Homework questions taken (period 1 p.217+ #6,7; 13 period 5 p.217+ #9)
  2. Warm-up (graphing multiple functions and creating a piecewise defined function)
  3. worked p.217 #12
  4. Collected homework (p.210 & p.216)
  5. Notes on absolute value functions.

Due Friday for completion score (to be checked off and self scored-not collected): p.226+ #1,2,4,5; p.240 #1-4, 6, 8, 9.

Notes: 12.04.17 period 1 (correct y intercept on #12 f(x) from 8 to 7); 12.04.17 period 5

Friday 12.01.17

Open Note Quiz (Transformations)

Wednesday/Thursday 11.29-30.17

Objective: Students will work with reflections of functions.


  1. Students have about 15 minutes to finish up the mini-investigation that was begun last class. (See notes for part d procedure)
  2. Peer scoring of the exploration packet. If the packet is not complete it is the responsibility of the student to score it once the key is posted (Thursday night) and turn it in next week. This packet serves as the main notes for the unit so it must be done with diligence.
  3. Notes on reflections. f(-x) is the graph of f(x) reflected over the y axis; -f(x) is the graph of f(x) reflected over the x axis and -f(-x) is both reflected over the x and y axis.
  4. Worked problem #4 on p.216 for homework example.
  5. Open note quiz is Friday.

Here are the selected answers that were scored in class for the Polynomial Exploration. Students need to have completed the packet. The problems that do not have answers in the selected answer set are ones that generally duplicate the answers to other questions (as explained in class). It is the student’s responsibility to self score the packet if you did not turn it in on time and score someone else’s. Polynomial Exploration Key-2

Notes: 11.29.17 period 5

Monday/Tuesday 11.27-28.17

Objective: Students will work with function translations.


  1. See notes for general updates and information.
  2. Homework questions taken then homework collected.
  3. Notes on how to solve quadratic equations using square roots (p.211 #10)
  4. p.207 Investigation done in notes (writing equations for translated quadratics)
  5. Notes on quadratic functions.
  6. Began teamwork on p.203-204 #10 (mini-investigation) to be completed and collected during the first half of class Wednesday/Thursday.
  8. The first quiz for the unit will be Friday and will be open note.

Due Monday/Tuesday 12.04-05.17: Standard Level-p.209 #1-8, 10; p.216 #1-8, 11, 15. Honors Level-p.210+ #3-10; p.216+ #5-13, 15.

Notes: 11.27.17 period 5 (notes for all classes were virtually identical)


Unit 3 Statistics Portfolio information: Please let Ms. Davies know via e-mail ( or hard copy signed contract by Wednesday 10.25 if you wish to try this option for Unit 3. There is only one option for this very short unit.

Portfolio Option Contract for Unit 3 ;Portfolio Option Unit 3

Friday 11.17.17

Objective: Students will write equations of translated pre image functions.


  1. Explanatory notes on translations (p.200).
  2. Examples from p.201 homework (#3, #6, #7, #9)

Notes: 11.17.17 period 1 (the first page is blank, but the notes follow-sorry)

Due Monday/Tuesday after break: Standard Level p.193+ #1-10; p.201+ #1-6, 13; Honors Level p.194+ #7-10; p.201+ #3-9, 11. (This is reprinted from the original assignment date below)

Wednesday/Thursday 11.15-16.17

Polynomial Exploration Wiseman for Transformation Unit

Polynomial Exploration Selected Response Examples (use this to give you an idea of they types of descriptions we are looking for)

Objective: Students will investigate transformation patterns using technology.


  1. Introductory remarks about the exploration. We will work and fill in some of the packet in order to set norms.
  2. Students will have the period to work through the packet in a self paced manner. It is expected that at least half of the packet be completed in class.

The Polynomial Exploration linked above is due Wednesday/Thursday 11.29-30. Students will need to bring a hard copy to class so that we can peer score. This will then become part of notes for the unit.

Notes: 11.15.17 algebra 2

Monday/Tuesday 11.13-14.17

Objective: Students will work with function notation.


  1. Questions were taken on the Normal Distribution worksheet that is due Wednesday/Thursday for a homework quiz (see notes page 1)
  2. Notes on function notation with examples and in class practice. Worked p.193 #2 and p.194 #4.
  3. Notes on vocabulary (relation, function, vertical line test, independent variable, dependent variable, domain and range)

Due Monday/Tuesday after break: Standard Level p.193+ #1-10; p.201+ #1-6, 13; Honors Level p.194+ #7-10; p.201+ #3-9, 11.

Notes: 11.14.17 period 4 (all class notes were virtually identical)

Wednesday/Thursday 11.08-09.17

Objective: Students will work with Normal Distributions using the Empirical (68-95-99.7%) Rule.


  1. Take a sample of 15 cards from our activity that opened the unit.
  2. Notes and discussion on normal distributions and how they relate to data sets that are approximately symmetric and mound shaped.
  3. A look at sampling distributions and confidence intervals. Wording on how to interpret them is given notes.
  4. Study guide for test is in notes. Unit Test is Friday. Portfolios are due for those who opted in. A PARENT MUST SIGN OFF ON THE PORTFOLIO CONTRACT FOR YOU TO OPT INTO IT.

Due Wednesday/Thursday 11.15-16 This will be treated as a homework quiz: Normal distribution worksheet 1

Notes: 11.08.17 period 1

Monday/Tuesday 11.06-07.17

Objective: Students will standardize data in order to compare data values across data sets.


  1. Describing shape, center and spread given raw data or summary statistics. (How to create a graphical display of a quantitative data set).
  2. Standardizing data (how to find z scores and what they mean)
  3. From approximately symmetric and mound shaped data to normal curves.
  4. Unit Test is Friday. Study guide will be posted Wednesday.

See previous entry for z score worksheet due next class.

Notes: 11.06.17 period 1

Wednesday/Thursday 11.01-02.17

Objective: Students will describe distributions.


  1. Finish the rural teacher problem.
  2. Homework questions taken then handed in and redistributed for peer scoring
  3. Notes on describing distributions (shape, center, spread, unusual features)
  4. Notes on Standard Deviation (what it is and how to interpret it)

Due Wednesday/Thursday 11/8 & 9: Please do only the circled problems z score worksheet

Unit Test is scheduled for Friday 11/10.

Monday/Tuesday 10.30-31.17

Objective: Students will explore the idea of statistical significance.


  1. Experiments v. Observational Studies (notes on the differences). We can only infer cause from experiments.
  2. Lurking variables are variables that are not among the explanatory variables that may influence outcomes. We must, to the extent possible, control for these in an experiment.
  3. The idea of Statistical Significance is investigated.
  4. Putting it all together (analyzing our in class memory experiment)
  5. Introduction to the idea of Standard Deviation
  6. Describing distributions (Shape, Center, Spread)

Notes: Please e-mail Ms. Davies for a copy of notes if you would like them.

Due Wednesday/Thursday 11.01-.02: Please complete all circled problems on this worksheet and head your paper with your student ID, NOT your name. experimental design homework

Wednesday 10.25.17

Objective: Students will experience an experimental design.


  1. Safety procedures review
  2. Immediate recall experiment
  3. Ms. Davies will compile the results of the experiment and we will discuss them on Monday/Tuesday.

No assignment over the weekend-enjoy.

Monday/Tuesday 10.23-24.17

Unit Test #2 (Portfolio Presentations for this unit are modified. Ms. Davies will select exemplars and present them).

Wednesday-Friday 10.18-20.17

Objective: Students will work with polling data and learn associated vocabulary.


  1. Questions taken on unit 2 study guide.
  2. Survey design vocabulary notes and discussion. Introduction to Statistics outline
  3. Real Clear Politics Exploration: See last page of above link. Paragraphs will be collected when activity and discussion are over.
  4. Reminders from Friday’s class projector posting:

    Good Morning!

    1) Reminder-the decision to opt in to the portfolio for the current unit (3) must be done by next Wednesday 10/25. Please read about it on the website.

    2) If you lost 4 points on the most recent homework due to the lack of LSRL (Least Squares Regression Line) on #11 p.291, you can recovery those points by correctly calculating the LSRL on the unit test next class. This was the only problem that was scored as a full answer key was given for the systems and #8 was done in class.

    3) The unit test for unit 2 is next Monday/Tuesday for the entire period.

    4) For today’s exploration, please do NOT send Google Invitations to edit-I am frequently unable to access those. You need to either turn in a hand written paragraph, print out your paragraph or send a pdf attachment by e-mail to

    5) If you were absent for the last class and would like a copy of the notes, please send an e-mail request or come see me for a hard copy.

Notes are not posted for this class period but are available by e-mail or in person request from Ms. Davies.


Monday/Tuesday 10.16-17.17

Objective: Students will work with sample data.


  1. New seats and information regarding test dates for unit 2 given (see notes)
  2. Unit 2 Test study guide (not to be collected) given (see notes p.2)
  3. Optional assignment #9 worked out in period 1 notes. Optional assignment will be accepted until the end of this week.
  4. Warm-up: applied 3 variable system (coins)
  5. Worked p.363 #3 as a closer to unit 2 (see notes)
  6. Introduction to Statistics (overview using class data as an example of random sampling and estimating)
  7. Please see above for the portfolio option for this unit. There will be only one test and no quizzes for this unit for those who do not opt into the portfolio.

Notes: 10.16.17 period 1; 10.16.17 period 5


Unit 2

Portfolio Option I Expectations

Portfolio Option II Expectations

Thursday/Friday 10.12.17

Objective: Students will optimize production problems.


  1. Note for portfolio option I-see notes page 1 for an alternative assignment option if you are still having difficulty researching or come see Ms. Davies for help.
  2. Completed both woodworking problems (see notes) using the four step process.
  3. Begin working on p.364 #6 (see notes)

OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT DUE MONDAY/TUESDAY: work pp.364-365 #6-9 using the 4 step process for 2 variable linear programming. See notes for details.

Notes: 10.12.17 period 5

Wednesday 10.11.17

Work day for non-juniors as juniors took the PSAT

Monday/Tuesday 10.09-10.17

Objective: Students will continue to solve linear programming problems.


  1. Full answer key to unscored problems for p.141, 164 and 170 assigned problems given.
  2. Solutions to the 3 variable systems and the honors 4 variable system assigned for today are in notes.
  3. Linear programming problem #2 (from IMP year 3 textbook) set up. This problem will be completed along with the problem entitled “Homework 6” on Thursday/Friday.
  4. Quiz 3

Notes: 10.09.17 Algebra 2

Friday 10.06.17

Objective: Students will optimize a linear programming problem.


  1. Quiz skill list given (see notes page 1)
  2. Teamwork on pp.360-361 completed and recollected.
  3. Quiz Monday/Tuesday is open note.

See previous entry for homework due Monday/Tuesday.

Notes: 10.06.17 period 1 (all notes for other class periods were identical to period 1)

Wednesday/Thursday 10.04-05.17

Objective: Students will solve optimization problems.


  1. Please note that there was a typo in the homework problems page in the Notes. P.270 should be p.279 #13. The assignment as printed on the website has always been correct. See below.
  2. Warm-up: Perpendicular lines
  3. Quick review notes on graphing systems of inequalities (see notes on intercept graphing as an alternative to solving for y every time).
  4. Vocabulary: feasible region, vertices (corner points), constraints, constraining values, linear programming.
  5. Began working on “Maximizing Profit” on pp.360-361 to be completed Friday in class. Please use the step by step process for linear programming in two variables in the posted notes. In progress write-ups were collected and will be redistributed Friday.
  6. Our next quiz will be Monday/Tuesday.

Notes: 10.04.17 period 5

Due Monday/Tuesday 10.09/10.10: Same for both levels-p.164 #8 (to be done after the calculator exploration); p.174-175 (these are review problems that will not be scored for homework grade but are highly recommended. There is a full answer key for these problems in the textbook). p.189 #13; p.279 #13; p.286 #19; p.291 #11 (skip parts b & c but instead find the Least Squares Regression Line and use it to make the requested predictions. This also should be done after the calculator exploration). Additionally, Honors is assigned p.340 #6d. Please use elimination to solve it as we have not studied matrix algebra. Please do not let this go until Sunday night!

Monday/Tuesday 10.02-03.17

Update 3 How to Do Everything We Need to Do on a TI Calculator in Algebra 2

Objective: Students will work with 3 variable systems. Students will also practice technical reading.


  1. Warm-up (notes): solving 3 variable systems.
  2. Calculator exploration (see above). This exploration is meant to provide students with a one stop document where they can look up how to set up a calculator and use it to generate models that would otherwise be very time consuming to work with even a scientific calculator.

Due Monday/Tuesday 10.09/10.10: Same for both levels-p.164 #8 (to be done after the calculator exploration); p.174-175 (these are review problems that will not be scored for homework grade but are highly recommended. There is a full answer key for these problems in the textbook). p.189 #13; p.279 #13; p.286 #19; p.291 #11 (skip parts b & c but instead find the Least Squares Regression Line and use it to make the requested predictions. This also should be done after the calculator exploration).

Notes:10.03.17 period 2; 10.02.17 period 5 (periods 1 & 4 were identical to these sets of notes).

Friday 09.29.17

Quiz 2 Unit 2

Wednesday/Thursday 09.27-28.17

Objective: Students will use the elimination method for solving two variable systems of equations.


  1. Remarks given on scored teamwork. Every individual may rewrite the solution (including justification) for p.164 #6 for full credit. Please try to get this done this week. See notes for more comments.
  2. Homework questions taken on the assignment due Friday.
  3. Quiz skill list given for Friday’s closed note quiz. See notes. Portfolio assignment #2 will be due Friday for those who opted into it.
  4. Warm-up: common denominators and adding fractions.
  5. Step by step notes on elimination.
  6. Vocabulary introduced: inconsistent, consistent/dependent and consistent/independent systems with examples of each in two variables.
  7. Problem solving practice.

See previous entry for assignment due Friday.

Notes: 09.27.17 period 2 ;09.28.17 period 4;09.27.17 period 1 ;09.27.17 period 5

Monday/Tuesday 09.25-26.17

Objective: Students will work with systems of equations.


  1. Warm-up I: practice with point-slope form.
  2. Warm-up II: Solving systems of equations in two variables. Inconsistent system introduced.
  3. Team investigations: p.164 #6 & #8 (time permitting). These are applied systems.

Due Friday: standard level-p.141+ #1-5; p.164+ #1-5, 7; p.170 #1-8; honors level-p.164+ #7, 9-11; p.170+ #3-12

Notes: 09.25.17 period 1 ;09.25.17 period 5

Friday 09.22.17

Unit 2 Quiz 1 (closed note) Linear Equations and Prediction Lines

When finished, please begin working on the reading below which will be checked off for a homework quiz grade at the beginning of the next class during warm-up.

Due Monday/Tuesday: Please read and take notes on pp.138-139 (point-slope form) AND pp.161-163 systems of equations.

Wednesday/Thursday 09.20-21.17

Objective: Students will write linear equations in order to model data and make predictions.


  1. Warm-up: Perpendicular and Parallel Lines.
  2. Wrap-up notes on horizontal and vertical lines.
  3. Study skills given (see notes) for Friday’s quiz which will be CLOSED NOTE.
  4. Prediction lines (Least Squares Regression Lines) and accompanying vocabulary (domain, range, independent and dependent variables, extrapolation).

See previous entry for assignment due Friday.

Notes: 09.21.17 period 2 ;09.21.17 period 4;09.20.17 period 1; 09.20.17 period 5

Monday/Tuesday 09.18-19.17

Objective: Students will work with linear models.


  1. Shared the portfolio option with students.
  2. Questions on pp.127+ #1-12 addressed. (see class notes for period 1 for problem #8 and period 5 for #7)
  3. Refresher notes on writing equations of lines in the xy plane when given two coordinate pairs. Covered slope formula and interpretation; parallel and perpendicular lines.
  4. In class practice: p.134 #1c, 2e and 2f; 4a, 4b.

Due Friday: Both levels p.127+ #1-12; Standard Level only p.134+ #1-8; Honors Level only p.134+ #5, 7-9, 12.

Notes: 09.19.17 period 2 ;09.19.17 period 4;09.18.17 period 1; 09.18.17 period 5;

Friday 09.15.17

Objective: Students will work with linear models for arithmetic sequences.


  1. Guest teacher plan-students should read the content pages for section 3.1 which is mostly review and begin working on the exercises (#1-12) at the end of the section which will be due next Friday.

Wednesday/Thursday 09.13-14.17

Unit Test #1

Monday/Tuesday 09.11-12.17

Objective: Students will use various types of recursive processes to solve problems.


  1. Test skill list and suggested study problems (see notes pages #1 & #2). The Unit Test is Wednesday/Thursday and is closed note.
  2. Homework-self score and turn in for completion grade.
  3. Homework questions taken (see notes).
  4. Notes via warm-up on GEOMETRIC SERIES and PARTIAL SUMS which are covered on the test.
  5. Worked p.54 “Investigation”: matching tables, recursive formulas and graphs.
  6. Here is an answer key for the remaining applied problem practice: p.60 #9 the graph should begin at 7000 on the vertical axis and curve downward until it flattens out at 5000; p.66 #7a) $1877.14, b) $1912.18, c) divide the annual rate by 365 and use an exponent of 3650 to get 1915.43, d) the more we compound within a year, the more money we have, but there is very little difference between monthly and daily.; p.67 #10) a) answer in book, b) 94 months, c) 3724.47.

Notes:09.12.17 period 4; 09.12.17 period 2; 09.11.17 period 5; 09.11.17 period 1; 

Thursday/Friday 09.07-08.17

Objective: Students will solve problems involving shifted geometric sequences.


  1. See notes for how you can replace your quiz score if you are not happy with how you did.
  2. Quick warm-up on percents
  3. “Doses of Medicine” wrap-up
  4. Finding the long run value of a shifted geometric sequence and the recursive formula.
  5. Problem solving: p.51 #1 & #3; p.52 started #6 (see notes).

Notes: 09.08.17 period 2

Due next Monday/Tuesday: Standard Level-p.51+ #1-8, 12, 14; Honors Level-p.51+ #4-11

Tuesday/Wednesday 09.05-06.17

Objective: Students will work with shifted geometric sequences.


  1. Homework (p.36 & p.43) passed back with scoring explanation. Full answer key is provided in notes.
  2. Summary notes on Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences.
  3. Introduction to Shifted Geometric Sequences via “Doses of Medicine”
  4. Open note quiz

Due next Monday/Tuesday: Standard Level-p.51+ #1-8, 12, 14; Honors Level-p.51+ #4-11

Unit Test #1 is currently scheduled for Wednesday/Thursday 09.13-14. It will be closed note and is largely district prepared.

Notes: 09.06.17 period 2 (all classes were virtually identical)

Friday 09.01.17

Objective: Students will work with compound interest.


  1. Brief notes on compound interest.
  2. We looked at some teamwork write-ups and critiqued them for common errors and flaws as well as positives.
  3. Homework questions addressed that were e-mailed (#10 p.37 was done in period 2)
  4. Teams/partners/individuals were given a chance to revise write-ups.
  5. Homework and teamwork collected.
  6. A skill list for next class’ open note quiz is on the last page of notes.

Notes: 09.01.17 period 2

For next time-those wishing to look ahead should read pp.48-53 (limits and shifted geometric sequences).

Wednesday/Thursday 08.30-31.17

Objective: Students will begin working with applied problems involving sequences.


  1. Explanation of IC grades for the pretest (everyone has full credit). See notes page 1.
  2. Arithmetic v. Geometric Sequence practice problems (p.73 #1a-c and #2a-c)
  3. Remarks on how students can get homework support from Ms. Davies (see notes)
  4. Finding common ratios and percent of change (notes via p.43 #1 (all) and #3b).
  5. In teams, partners or individually (student choice) began working pp.44-45 #10 & #11 (compound interest). See notes for specifics on write-ups.

See previous entry for assignment due Friday.

Quiz #1 will be Tuesday/Wednesday of next week and will be open note. A study guide will be given out Friday during class.

Notes: 08.30.17 period 1 (all class notes were virtually the same)

Monday/Tuesday 08.28-29.17

Objective: Students will work with arithmetic and geometric recursion.


  1. Warm-up I-This warm up was used to put out the notes for how to identify, represent and work with arithmetic sequences.
  2. Warm-up II: This warm up was used to put out the notes for how to identify, represent and work with geometric sequences.
  3. Brief remarks made regarding team write-ups. Please head all work in the upper right corner of team work and homework. Header should include name (full name), date and period. Please put page number, assigned problem numbers and title (if applicable) at the top center.

Due Friday (Do EITHER standard or honors, not both): Standard Level-p.36+ #1-7; #15, #17; p.43+ #1-5; Honors Level-p.37+ #7-13; p.44+ #4-13.

Notes: 08.28.17 period 5 (all classes were virtually identical).

Tuesday 08.22.17

Introductions and Class Culture


Wednesday/Thursday 08.23-24.17

Objective:     Students will work with recursive processes.


  1. Book checkout-everyone checked out a hard copy book. For a digital copy, please see the link at the top of this page.
  2. Syllabus-important highlights from the syllabus were pointed out. Students and parents are expected to read the syllabus and acknowledge understanding EITHER by e-mail ( OR signed hard copy (just sign anywhere).
  3. warm-up: multi-step equations.
  4. Team investigative task on pp.33-34. 1 write up per team collected at the end of class for production assessment. Everyone will get process credit of 5/5 points even though some teams finished and others did not.

Friday will be a pretest which will serve as baseline for Student Learning Objectives for the district. Everyone who takes the test will receive a full credit product score though the raw score will be recorded in the gradebook. Please e-mail if you have questions about this.

For next class (Monday/Tuesday): 1) please read pp.30-35 and pp.40-42 for content. Pay close attention to any vocabulary (in bold). It is advised that notes be taken on this vocabulary. 2) pp.28-29 are prep pages for the unit. If extra practice is needed on working with ratios and percents, please work the problems on these pages. IXL will be coming soon which is an online drill sight for basic skills that might need some practice.

Notes: 08.23.17 period 1;08.23.17 period 5;08.24.17 period 2;08.24.17 period 4