Welcome to Chemistry Spring 2020

Test I on 1/27/2020 and 1/28/2020 on Chemical Naming, Balanced Equations, Types of Reaction and Predicting Products.

Honors Question I: 5 points , Due 1/27/2020

___Pb(N3)2 + ___Ni(MnO4)2 –> ___Ni2O3 + ___MnO2 + ___Pb3O4 +___NO

1/21-1/24/2020: Double Displacement Lab, Graded Assignment. If you missed this, read the part of the following article on double displacement and acid base.…scroll down. Write a one page summary of these two types of reactions. Copy and paste this link for the article:

Predicting Products and Test Review

1/13-1/17: Balancing Equation practice and Chemical Equations: Word Problems

1/9 and 1/10: Balancing Equations

Types of Reaction, Balancing Equations Worksheet    Graded Assignment

1/7 and 1/8: Sign up for Honors/Non-Honors Chemistry Due 1/31/2020; Review ions, ionic compounds and naming        Ionic Compounds 

Watch the video on You Tube: If you missed today, summarize 1/2 page of anything in the video   Graded Assignment

Naming Binary Ionic Compounds With Transition Metals & Polyatomic Ions – Chemistry Nomenclature


Fall 2019

12/18-12/19/19: Final on Ionic compounds nomenclature, study the Naming 101 link below

Comprehensive Semester Final: 12/16/19 and 12/17/19

Comprehensive Final Review:  Remember to interpret and read data and data points, axes on a graph to find data points and answer any question.    Chemistry Fall ReviewI

Fall Review AnswersI

12/13/19: Review for the Final

12/9-12/12/19: Ionic vs. Covalent compounds, nomenclature and Lewis Dot Bonding

Naming 101           and          Lewis Dot Bonding

12/6: Introduction to Ions

12/4 -12/5/19: Test on the Atom, Nuclear Chemistry, Electrons with the EM Spectrum and Electron Configuration  The Atom Game

12/2-12/3/19: Review on the Atom, Nuclear Chemistry, Electrons with the EM Spectrum and Electron Configuration

11/18-11/22: Electrons and the Visible Light Electromagnetic Spectrum, Electron Configuration and Flame Test-Graded Assignment.. If you miss the Flame Test Lab, write 1/2 -1 page on the Electromagnetic Spectrum of visible light.


Energy, Speedof Light formulas

EMSpectrum Notes

11/8: Should the united States say Yes or No to more Nuclear Power? Debate on 11/15/19 Nuclear Videos     and      Nuclear Power Text

Nuclear Jeopardy (1)

Nuclear Notes II

11/4-11/8: Parts of the Atom and Isotopes Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table , Questions for Atomic Structure PP and Candium/Beanium Lab Graded Assignment 

Isotope practice   and    Conversion Ex1

Honors #5 : 5 points, Due 11/15/19: page129 #53 and page 130 #69

Conversion Test: Unit Conversion, Density and Mole Conversion : 10/30/19 and 10/31/19 Open Note, not open phone.

10/28-10/29: Pumpkin Challenge Review

Honors #4, 5 points Due 10/28/19 : page 104 #67 and #70

10/23-10/25: Moles and Molar Conversion: Density Lab      The Mole

Mole Conversion Formulas

10/14-10/17: Density worksheet, Graphing and extrapolation, Density Lab Graded Assignment, Density practice problems as a group.  Density

10/7-10/11: Pre PSAT testing

9/30-10/4: Conversion    Conversion, Sig Figs and Scientific Notation                    and   New Unit Conversion Activity Answers    Graded Assignment

Honors Questions #3 : Due 10/8/19 page 80 #85 and #87

9/25-9/27: Scientific Notation, worksheet, Intro to Conversion Graded Assignment

Scientific Notation                     Real World Conversions

9/23 – 9/24: Significant Figure Rules: mini lab and sig figs   Graded Assignment

Unit Test I: 9/18/19 and 9/19/19; Element, Compound, Mixture; Physical vs. Chemical Reactions, Patterns of the Periodic Table including Metals, Non-Metals and Metalloids.

9/16-9/17: Review for Unit Test: Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, Physical vs. Chemical reactions, Metal, Non-Metal, Metalloids and basic trends of the Periodic Table.  Review Answers and Conservation of Mass

Periodic Table Organization

Honors Question #2 : Due 9/20/19  page 129  #40 and #42

Honors Questions #1: 5 pts. Due 9/6/19, page 48/49 #47 and #49. Use table 2.1 on page 29 for question 49.

9/9 -9/13: organizing 66 elements  and PT trends PT organization and trends

9/5-9/6: Metal , Nonmetal, Metalloid Lab, Graded Assignment  Warm-ups

9/3-9/4: We will use this next week to help create a Periodic Table  About the elements

8/28-8/30: Physical vs. Chemical Lab     Graded Assignment   829 warm up

8/26-8/27: Elelements, Compounds, Mitures, Physical vs. Chemical Reactions

For class: Students, you will need a binder with paper, a folder to put in your binder for worksheets, a scientific calculator that has log functions and exponent function, and pens/pencils.  A box of Kleenex/tissues, would be appreciated. Most students will use these throughout the year.

8/22-8/23: Claims, Evidence, Reasoning activity (CER). Identifying Elements, Compounds and Mixtures using CER. Graded Assignment.

8/20 – 8/21: We will read and discuss Safety Rules and Safety Drills in the first few days of class. You are responsible for returning the Lab Safety Contract before the first lab on the week of 8/26/18. a hard copy of the Lab Safety Contract, (Graded Assignment) will be given to each student. You may Google search and print this also under Flinn Scientific Student Safety Contract.

Logic and Chemistry Pre-Test, not graded. Introduction to Chemistry.

9/13/19: Last day to declare Honors or non-Honors

Syllabus: Chemistry Syllabus 19-20

District Rules on Plagiarism: Plagiarism, cheating, collusion, and other acts of intellectual and scholastic dishonesty are violations of both district policy and school policy and will not be tolerated. Parents will be notified by the teacher and academic sanctions related to the infraction may be imposed by each teacher pursuant to their established classroom policies.

Grading scale link: DPS grading scale (2)