2014/2015 Science

Welcome back to school. Time to be creative and learn something new this year. Keep an open mind, and you will go far.

NIOSH Lab Safety, Quiz on R/F,  8/28-8/29      What are the Safety Do

.Helpful websites: www.videochemistrytextbook.com, you chem tutorials, crash course chemistry, thattutorguy.com  look under Chemistry, Ben’s Chem videos. Most of these can be found on Youtube.

Science Research Papers and Presentation Guidelines

Here is a guideline to help guide you in writing a summary of Science articles/refernces/journals for research papers. If your article does not have data tables, but explains the Science behind a concept, it is an acceptable article. This year, the research papers are worth 40 points. Points will be broken down with 30 points for content and structure from the rubric, and 10 points for length and required format.  I will grade accordingly. Good Luck!

Rubric for Science Research Papers Ms

Guideline for Presentations

Chemistry Guidelines for Presentations