2019/2020 Science

Students, If you want to take a survey to help design and shape future curriculum in Science, complete the questions on this link

Student Interest Surveyhttps://forms.gle/U6H3YFmZvmrkRaGh6

Updates for the rest of the year. Grading updates on page 3. This is also on the DSA website. the student/family/community-facing remote learning plan on DSA’s website.

Students must be in their Google school .net accounts to fill out their grading prefences.

Click the Chemistry Link for Chemistry assignments and links

Welcome back to school. Welcome to Chemistry. Time to be creative and learn something new this year. Keep an open mind, and you will go far.

Helpful websites: Khan Academy, Albert Chemistry, Ian Guch with Chemfiesta,  www.videochemistrytextbook.com, you tube chem tutorials, crash course chemistry, Tyler DeWitt, Bozeman Science, Professor Dave Explains. Most of these can be found on You tube.