November 15

Tuesday – Investigation #4 Lab.  Movement of the Earth’s Lithospheric Plates. Homework: Digging Deeper _Investigaiton #4.   Read pages 35-39. Answer the “Review” questions #1-3 page 40.  Due tomorrow. Science Fair data, procedure, and variables due Friday.

November 8

Tuesday – Lecture and notes about convection and plate boundaries. Homework:  Read pages 25-28 and answer the “Review and Reflect” page 29 questions #2 & 3.  Due tomorrow.  Quiz tomorrow!!! Investigation #3 Homework questions.

November 7

Monday – “What moves the Interior of the Earth?” Lab.  Students completed a lab today that shows how the interior of the Earth is constantly moving. Homework:  Quiz on Wednesday! Study Guide for Dynamic Planet Quiz #1 Physical Model                   Refraction … Continue reading

October 25

Homework:  Read pages 4-6, and answer the “Review and Reflect” questions #4-6.  Due Wednesday. Review and Reflect questions 4-6.  Click this link to answer the questions online.