Medieval Literature Resources

On this page, you will find resources for our medieval literature unit – including the web quest for Dante’s Inferno.

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TASK 1: – utilize both the biography and chronology

Use google to conduct your own research on seven of the 16 people, places, or things.  Write a few sentences about each choice defining the person or thing and relating it to Dante.

Read a Canto from the website provided.  You will need to choose the translated version so it will appear in English.
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Use the provided resource below to explore TWO of the nine circles of Hell.  Follow instructions on writing found on the web quest sheet.
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Explore the following websites to answer questions in Task 5 of the web quest.
Salvador Dali – The Divine Comedy
William Blake – The Divine Comedy
Modern Day Dante – LA Times Blog
NPR (National Public Radio) – Compare/Contrast Dante
JUST FOR FUN – EA Games Official Video Game Site for Dante