Daily Assignments – Journalism

Listed below is homework for
Introduction to Journalism:

Week of 5/14
In class this week, we finished reading sections of In Cold Blood and worked on creative non-fiction writing.  We presented these on Tuesday and Wednesday in class.
HW: Finish documentary – Presentations of the documentary will begin on Friday 5/18.

Week of 4/30
In class, we worked a bit more on reading In Cold Blood and wrote a short performance scenewhich was performed in class.
HW: Continue working on documentary

Week 4/16
In class, we worked on documentary research and script writing.  We also started In Cold Blood.
HW: Finish script.  Due Wednesday 4/25.  Begin working on the documentary.

Week of 4/9
Friday – we completed viewing the mockumentary and started working on storyboard for personal documentary.
HW: No assigned homework
Tuesday/Wednesday – We completed some small group work on planning a documentary and started watching mockumentary.
HW: Begin brainstorming ideas for your social topic documentary and how it will be presented on film.  This will be due Friday.

Week of 4/2
Wednesday – We had a discussion on the social issue paragraphs completed for homework.  Please bring these back to class Friday.
Tuesday – We finished viewing Bowling for Columbine and turned in viewing response questions.
HW: Write one paragraph about a social issue that is important to you.

Week of 3/19
In class, we watched Supersize Me and started our study of Bowling for Columbine.
HW: No homework over break.

WEEK of 3/12
TCAP Week – In class Wednesday, I was not present due to illness, so the class watched a portion of An Inconvenient Truth.  We will begin watching our first documentary on Friday in class.
HW: Type final copy of compare/contrast essay by Tuesday 3/20.

WEEK of 3/5
In class this week, we have been working on compare/contrast essay on film-makers with planning and rough draft writing.
HW: No homework assigned

WEEK OF 2/13
In class, we finished the first of two Hitchcock films for our class director study and students completed a short writing on Hitchcock motifs.  We watched the second film on Wednesday and finished Friday.  Friday students take a test over film terms and Hitchcock motifs/films.
HW: Complete your director project.  The presentation is DUE 2/24.  The paper will be started and written in class next week. ——–> Film Studies director project

In class, we did some notes on cinema terms, watched an episode from Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and started background on Hitchcock as our class director.
HW: Begin research on your chosen director.  The assignment is located here —-> Film Studies director project

In class, we worked on more background for film history.
HW: None assigned
Click Here for List of directors to choose Friday

In class, we started on our film unit with some background on film history.

In class, groups worked on TV show scripts and planned for filming on Friday.
HW: Finish what needs to be finished for TV taping.  Bring in all materials you need for filming Friday (including cameras, props, cue cards, costumes, and script).

In class, we started working in small groups on TV show project.
HW: Bring to class Wednesday anything you need to complete and practice your TV show script.

In class, we finished our small group and class discussion on reality television.  Students completed a short formal written text about reality TV.
HW: No homework assigned

Week of 1/4/2012
Friday 1/6 – In class, we finished a discussion on the history of TV.  We watched some clips of classic TV and started a small group discussion on reality TV.
HW: Talk to an adult you are close with.  Ask them about some of their favorite memories of TV from their childhood.  What shows were popular?  What shows did they enjoy watching?  Be ready to discuss this in class Tuesday.

Wednesday 1/4 – In class, we started on the history of television.
HW: No homework assigned.


Friday December 2, 2011
In class, we took the test over newspaper terms and the film Shattered Glass.  We started background info on the history of Radio.
HW: No assigned homework

Tuesday November 29, 2011
In class, we finished viewing Shattered Glass and wrote a reflection about the film.
HW: Study newspaper vocab for a quiz on Friday.

November 22, 2011
In class, we started viewing Shattered Glass, and we went to the library for the last 40 minutes of class to finish all we could on the newspaper.
HW: No homework assigned.  Have a great Thanksgiving break!

Week of November 14, 2011
In class, we worked in the library all week on layout and copy editing.  We will talk in class Tuesday about the possibility of one last work day in the library on that day.  I am going to attempt to reserve the library Tuesday 11/22 for our last day of work in the library as a class.  I want to really thank all of the page editors who have worked so hard to make their sections successful.  Very nice job!
HW: No homework assigned

Week of November 7, 2011
In class we worked on newspaper articles and layout.
HW: Get any articles done that you still have not completed by Tuesday.  Email them to me, a section editor, or the Editors-In-Chief by Tuesday.
Michael’s email address (News Section) –  givemeyourarticles@gmail.com

Week of October 24, 2011
In class this week, we are working on brainstorming for the class newspaper.
Technology Section
Arts and Entertainment Section
Things of the Week

School News Section
upcoming events
staff news
visitor days
calendar, schedule
student opinions pn the the new grading policie



Friday October 14, 2011
In class, we evaluated articles and worked on definitions for newspaper terms.
HW: Over the weekend, find a news article about an INTERNATIONAL current event.  Bring to class on Tuesday (Make sure you have read the article).
Complete the article identification activity started in class using the news article you took from your groups section of the newspaper.

Wednesday October 5, 2011
In class, we watched some videos to connect the novel to satire.
HW: By Friday, read pages 143-180.  Be ready for a reading quiz.

Tuesday October 4, 2011
In class, we discussed the reading up to page 103.  We started the writing assignment that students should finish for homework by Wednesday.
HW: Finish article from Ms. Stewart’s point of view about the “incident.”  After finishing the writing, complete reading to page 142 in the book.

Friday September 30, 2011
In class, we took a quiz on pages 1-70.  Students then discussed the reading in small groups.  They created an interpretation of a scene as a group, and presented this to the class. We started independent reading for the next chunk (needs to be done by Tuesday).
HW: In the novel, read from page 71-103 by Tuesday and think about the following questions:
1. Why isn’t Phillip willing to apologize to Miss Narwin and avoid suspension?
2. How is Ted Griffen using the “incident” to his own advantage?

Wednesday September 28, 2011
In class, we discussed reading and turned in creative “model” writing.
HW: Read through page 70 in the book by Friday.  Be ready for a quiz over reading and class discussion from Monday/Wednesday.

Tuesday September 27, 2011
In class, we continued a discussion around “Essential Ideas” for the novel.  The class then read independently and discussed a portion of the reading in small groups.
HW: Finish reading the novel-up to page 39.  Complete ONE of the following two prompts by Wednesday:

1. Imagine that Miss Narwin, when she gives Phillip her test back, tells him to come in after school for a conference to talk about the quality of his work.  Write the dialogue that takes place that afternoon.

2. You are a student in Miss Narwin’s class.  One evening, your mother says, “Phillip Malloy’s father told dad that Miss Narwin is a terrible English teacher.  Is that true?”  Answer your mother and explain the reason for your answer. (Write either dialogue or a journal entry).

Wednesday and Friday September 21 and 23
In class, we presented ads from weekend homework, and started discussions on “Big Ideas” from Nothing but the Truth.  On Friday, we previewed the novel, and read for the last few minutes of class.  We will jump into the novel Tuesday of next week.
HW: No assigned homework for the weekend.

Thursday September 15, 2011
In class, we discussed bias in advertising.  We went to the library the second part of class and conducted a web quest found here.
HW: Part 5 of the web quest is creating your own advertisement.  If you did not finish this in class, complete your ad for homework, and have it completed by Wednesday September 21.

Friday September 9, 2011
In class, we finished the notes/discussion on the purpose and principles of Journalism. We then started the creative symbolic news project.  Students must create “cave art” based on the Caves at Lascaux (17,000 years old).  After identifying the 5 W’s and H in their current event, they must create a symbolic news story without using words or numbers.
HW: Project started in class.  If you did not finish in class, finish for homework.

Wednesday September 7, 2011
In class, we finished the persuasive test.  We started notes on the history of media and journalism.
HW: Please bring a news article or current event article to class Friday.  Make sure you have read the article.

Friday September 2, 2011
In class, we finished presentations, and started on the persuasion unit test.  On Wednesday, we will finish the persuasion test, and take care of any presentations that need to still be completed.
HW: No homework assigned apart from going back over notes for test.

Wednesday August 31
In class, we presented persuasive projects to the class.
HW: Study notes and vocab from the persuasive unit for a quiz on Friday over the unit.

Tuesday August 30, 2011
In class, we went to the library in order for groups to complete the persuasive proposal/presentation.
HW: Finish any work not completed in class.  We will have presentations on each person/groups topic and proposal Wednesday 8/31.

Friday August 26, 2011
In class, we discussed persuasive writing homework and looked at MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech to evaluate persuasive techniques.  We then went to the library to begin a two day project.  The info and project can be found here
HW: Complete a final copy of your persuasive letter or PSA about child labor.  Make sure it incorporates elements of ethos, pathos, and logos.

Wednesday August 24, 2011
In class, we watched two short pieces on child labor.  We then started working on a persuasive assignment about child labor.  Complete you PSA or Letter by Friday.
HW: Complete what was not finished in class by Friday.

Tuesday August 23, 2011
In class, we started discussing the issues in persuasive writing.  We took some notes on vocabulary for “media literacy” and read a piece about child labor laws.  No homework assigned.


Friday August 19, 2011
In class, I introduced the course and passed out the syllabus.  We discussed classroom policies and what the year will look like.
Homework (HW): Look over syllabus with parent/guardian and sign last page.  Print ONLY the last page back Monday/Tuesday.