Contact Info:
Phone: 720-424-1825
Email: benjamin_donnelly@dpsk12.org
Office: 203
Office/Tutoring Hours: 7:30-7:55 Stripe Days or by appointment


I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are ready to start what is sure to be another great year at DSA!

This website will be your online resource for all things discussed during class. Use the links above to navigate to your specific class.

Homework: I will do my best to update homework assignments on a daily basis. While most info and assignments will be posted on here, you should make sure that you are writing down assignments in class every day. If homework is assigned but doesn’t make it onto the site you are still responsible for getting it done on time.

Handouts and Resources: Most handouts and documents used in class will be made available for you online; however, it will not be possible to make a digital copy of everything. Make sure you keep track of all hard copies handed out in class.

Class Syllabus: I will post a digital copy of the syllabus for each class. This is where you can find information about required and requested materials, district/classroom policies and procedures, as well as a general class overview.