Financial Algebra


You are missed! I am looking forward to seeing you virtually on April 7/8.
This has been a difficult and stressful time for all of us.  As we transition to remote learning, you may feel some additional stress.  Remember to BREATHE!  Here is a letter that will help get a sense of how our class will run during the stay-at-home orders.

Welcome back letter with information about Remote Learning:
In addition, please see the “to do by April 7/8” assignment in Google Classroom.

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― Shannon L. Alder

Remote Learning Week 2 ( April 13-17)
Please check Google Classroom for all information.  Also be sure to check the DSA Remote Learning Quick Access site for information from any of your teachers.

    1. Please check your Google Classroom for assignments.
    2. I will have Live Class Sessions open both days for all classes.
      1. Tuesday’s live session will be treated like open office hours
      2. Please attend the first 10 minutes of Thursday’s session just to check in with everyone and see how the project is progressing.

Remote Learning Week 1 (April 7-10):
Please check your Google Classroom for assignments.
which includes the following – Complete the Google form for your class:
Period 2
If you are having trouble accessing Google Classroom to get the other assignments, please, email me for help getting access.

Important Information:
Syllabus:  Financial Algebra 2019-2020
Calculator Letter: calculator letter 2019-2020
(Note:  If you do not already own a calculator, a scientific calculator will suffice for Financial Algebra)

EXTENDED SPRING BREAK  Please stay healthy as you enjoy your extended spring break.  Check back here beginning April 6 for assignments.

Quote: Sometimes the only kind of innovation comes when you have some solitude; when you step away. Anand Mahindra

REMEMBER:  If you miss the start of class, you miss GRADED assignments!

Current Link for text reference: (Past links are listed at the bottom of the page)
Chapter 5: Financial_Algebra_Chapter_5
AND Chapter 8: Financial_Algebra_Chapter_8

Assignments, Quizzes, and items needed for class. 
The date listed is the date on which the assignment is GIVEN.  The due date will be listed after the assignment.

Week 10:
Please complete the following survey by Monday 16 March, 2020  (I think you need to be logged into your DPS Google account first!):

What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Thurs 3-12:
If you missed class Tuesday, you will need to do the reading and question sheet below fro a 10 point product grade.  Please also complete the survey above by MONDAY 16 March!!

Tues. 3-10:
If you missed class Tuesday, you will need to do 5-2 #5 and 11 for a 20 point product grade.
We will learn to make box-and-whisker plots, Frequency Bar Graphs, and Normal Distribution graphs.  We will learn how to interpret thee graphs.  Then, we will discuss how the data can help us choose the best car and car deal. Please read these websites Tips for buying a car
Then:  Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper:  Tips for buying a car Review Questions

Week 9:  Mindfulness week 

Fri 3-6:
Today on  class, we took notes on the process as shown in Example 7 of 5-2.  Please get the notes from a colleague!

Thurs. 3-5:  
Today in class, we reviewed the statistics in 5-2:  Measures of ventral Tendency, box-and-whisker plots, Quartiles and Interquartile range.

Tues. 3-3:  
Today in class, we completed the examples in section 5-1.  We completed and turned in the “Check Your Understanding” questions after examples 1 through 4.  We also started an assignment from the Applications in class.

Week 8:  Chapter 4 test on Friday!
What to do if you missed class. 
(Graded per syllabus):

Fri 2-28:
Chapter 4 Test in class.

Thurs. 2-27:  We completed the chapter by going through Example 1 in section 4-6.  Then we reviewed for the Unit Test (see the chapter review!  Also  review all vocabulary!)

Tues. 2-25:  We completed the Gallery Walk of the four Credit Laws.  Make sure you know these for the test on Friday.  We also completed section 4-5 (including reviewing all the vocabulary on page 201!)  We then did # 1-16, 17, and 18 in class for a grade.

Week 7:
What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Fri 2-21:  We reviewed function notation, learned the vocabulary in section 4-4, and began a group project regarding the four government Acts listed in section 4-4.

Wed 2-19:  We learned the vocabulary on 4-2 and 4-3.  We compared loans using the Monthly Payment Formula.  We verified our results using on-line monthly payment calculators.

Week 6:
What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Thurs 2-13:
We took the State and Local Tax Quiz.  Then, we made notes of the vocabulary in 4-2.  We did examples 1-4 in section 4-2 and started the graded assignment: #3,8,6,14.  We will continue the assignment in class next time.

Tues 2-11:
If you did not complete this GRADED assignment in class, turn it in by Thursday:  Section 4.1 #2, 5, 7, 12
State and Local Tax Quiz on Thursday

Week 5:
What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Thurs. 2-6:  We reviewed linear functions and completed a graded assignment in class.  Please get that from me and complete it by next Thursday.
We began Chapter 4.

Tues. 2-5:  We solidified our understanding of the tax unit via a practice sheet.  Feel free to get one from me if you’d like.

Week 4:
What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Thus. 1-30:  Today we finished a 1040 for an imaginary person.
For everyone, I recommend the following review for the retake quiz on Friday: Review the first question of the original quiz, read examples 2 and 3 on pages 330 and 331, Read examples 1 and 2 on pages 336 and 337.
Then, do #4 and 6 page 380.
For algebra practice (but not the quiz retake) do # 5

Tues 1-28:  Read section 7-5 about completing a 1040 form.  We skipped 7-4 because the 1040EZ no longer is used.  In class, we read a good part of the 1040 instructions found on-line at the IRS website. 

Week 3:
What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Fri. 1-24:
Get notes from a colleague.  We revisited how to calculated tax amounts for federal taxes.  We also did #14 on page 343

Wed. 1-22:
See me to make up the quizzes from class.  Read sections 7.1 and 7.2 – again!

Week 2:
What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Fri 1-17:  Please access: Financial Algebra Reading Assignment Jan 17 2020 and follow the directions during class.

Thurs 1-16:  Read section 7.1 and 7.2.  I strongly recommend you speak to a colleague about what we did in class.

Tues 1-14:  You will need to access this web page today:

Week 1:
What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Fri: 1-10:
If you complete the Retirement Project below, do the additional reading:  Jan. 10 Articles Assignment

Wed. and Fri. 1-8 and 1-10:
Access the document: Financial Algebra Jan 8 and Jan 10  Follow the directions.  The assignment is due at the end of class Friday.


Spring Semester assignments above.
Fall Semester assignments below.


Week 17

Thurs 12-19:  The semester has ended, you’ve done all you can, and grades are complete (or will be soon!).  Enjoy the break: rest and rejuvenate!  See you in the next decade 🙂

Tues 12-17
Study for the final exam.  Be sure you get enough rest and that you eat well, too, as both are needed to do your best on any assessment!

Week 16:

What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

This week, we learned the material in section 9.4, what Expected Value is, and how to calculate it, as well as additional ways to save for retirement.  Please make sure to get notes from a colleague and to read the sections!   We also read these two articles: Can You Retire on Just Social Security    and  What Is a Pension

Week 15 

What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

This week, we learned the material in section 9-1 to 9-3.  Please make sure to get notes from a colleague and to read the sections!

Week 14:  Company Profile Project Due this Week!!!

Fri 11-22:  Enjoy the Thanksgiving break!  Get rest!

Your Company Profile Presentations will be Thursday (and Friday, if needed).
1)  By Wednesday at noon:
Send to your Spreadsheet and Graph, Electronic Presentation (if this was your choice), and your Research Paper (IF you choose to submit it this way).
2) By Thursday at 7:40 am:
You should have ready to turn in:  your printed Research Paper, your green Rubric with your name on it, and any physical presentation materials.
3) Remember, this is a test grade!  It’s a great opportunity to maintain/improve your grade!

Week 13

What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Fri 11-15:  We had another work day.  You also need to schedule your presentation date/time.

Thurs 11-14:  Today, we had a day to research and begin the Company Profile Project.

Tues 11-12:  Today, we completed section 1-9.  Be sure you understand all the examples and all the vocabulary.

Week 12

What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Fri 11-8:  We began the Company Profile Project.  Be sure to get a copy of that if you missed class!

Thurs 11-7:  We completed section 1.7 to 1.8

Tues 11-5:  We read page 22- the top of page 23 for basic vocabulary. We read page 25 to understand how to use spreadsheets to calculate Simple Moving Averages.  We then used the data in Exercise #12 to calculate the 2, 3, and 5 day SMA’s.  We also learned how to create a line chart in the spread sheet.  The spreadsheet and its chart should be sent to me via your google DPS account to my google email:  We then read the section on Crossovers on page 26 and interpreted the crossovers in our graphs.  Finally, we read 1.5 and 1.6 for vocabulary terms only.

Week 11

What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Read all of 1-3 in detail.

Week 10 (Quarter 2):

What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Fri: 10-25:  Read section 1.2 in detail.  Be sure to review or look up how to enter and copy formulas in Google Sheets.

Thurs. 10-24:  Read all of section 1.1.  Be prepared for another vocabulary quiz in the next two weeks.  Complete the CYU and EYU for example 3.  Do # 3,6,9,10,15,17,18.

Week 9:  Happy Mindfulness Week!

What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Tues/Thurs 10-15/10-17:  We completed a project in class.  You will need to get that project and complete it outside of class.  

Week 8:

What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Fri 10-11:Read all of section 3.8.  Make sure you get notes from a classmate and see me if you have questions.

Thurs 10-10:  Read all of section 3.7.  Make sure you get notes from a classmate and see me if you have questions.

Tues 10-8:  You will need to make up the quiz.  We read and took notes regarding section 3.6.  We did #9 in class as a graded activity.

Week 7:
1) Quiz Tuesday:  Bank accounts, Simple Interest,and Compound Interest
2) You have a graded HOMEWORK assignment this week:
Complete the Budget Project by Friday October 11.

Week 6   – National Board Release form due Friday.

What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Fri 9-27: 
Complete  My Near Future – Creating a Budget
You will need to access:
as well.  This assignment is a project (assessment) grade!

Thurs 9-26:
Read section 3.2 – Be SURE to complete the Reconciling a Checking Account Practice handout form Tuesday.

Tues 9-24
Read section 3.1.  Be sure to get the handouts from today.
ALSO:  Be sure to get and complete the NBCT release form.

Week 5:       Chapter 6 Quiz on Tuesday 9-24

What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

Friday 9-20:  In preparation for the unit quiz on Tuesday of next week, we completed the chapter review problems # 1-16 on pages 324-325.

Thursday 9-19:  We did a warm-up in class.  We practiced #10 from 6-4.  We saw a short video about the start of the Social Security Administration.  We worked through the examples in section 6-5.

Tuesday 9-17:  We took the Vocabulary Quiz.  We read and worked through examples 1-4 in section 6-4.

Week 4:         Vocabulary Quiz on Tuesday 9-17

What to do if you missed class.  (Graded per syllabus):

If you missed class Tuesday or Wednesday, you will need the following assignment which was given in two parts for homework.  The upper half was due Thursday, the lower half is due Friday.  Research homework for Budget Project

In addition, you will need to complete the following assignments from class:
In class Tuesday, we did Section 6.2 # 2-5 and 13  (Process)
In class Thursday, for a product grade, we did Section 6.3 all the “check Your Understanding” questions after each example AND the “Extend Your Understanding” question.  We also completed the Quote Handout: Quotes Handout   for a process grade 

Week 3

Wed. 9-4:  Quiz Friday (starts at the beginning of class)
If you did not print your chart from the weekend, please bring that to class Friday to turn in.

Week 2  (Don’t forget the product assigned on Wednesday!)

Fri 8-30:
You will need these tables (from for the project today.  Access them from here:  state_M2018_dl  and  (to understand the labels) field_descriptions

Thursday 8-29:
1)Bring your project introduction to class Friday 8-30!
2)Set up a time to talk to your family.  Create a Budget Check-off Matrix (like Sample A in 10-3) with your family.  (Do not include numerical values or private information) Due Wed. 9-4

Tuesday 8-27:
If you missed class today, you missed section 10-2.  Please read in detail.  (You can come to class to borrow a book.) This section has LOTS of algebra.  

Week 1

Fri 8-23:
Syllabus Quiz on Tues.
Syllabus Signature Page due Tuesday

Wed. 8-21:  Bring your Project Introduction to class next time.  We will continue to work on that in class.

Tuesday 8-20:  Read the syllabus by tomorrow.  Bring any questions to class.
Bring a writing utensil and paper to class tomorrow.  
Have the syllabus signature page completed by Mon/Tues.

By Tuesday 8-20: 
Please bring paper and pencil to class on Tuesday.  Be on time!!

Past Links for text reference:

Chapter 4: Financial_Algebra_Chapter_4
Chapter 7:  Financial_Algebra_Chapter_7
Chapter 9: Financial_Algebra_Chapter_9
Chapter 10: 
Chapter 6:
Chapter 3:  Financial_Algebra_Chapter_3
Chapter 1: Financial_Algebra_Chapter_1