USITT 2018

USITT (United States Institute of Theatre Technology)
2018 Convention Trip, March 13-17, Ft. Lauderdale FL

We will have a mandatory meeting Monday January 22 at 6:30pm to go over all the trip details, itinerary, rules & expectations. All students traveling and at least one parent must attend. Attendance at this meeting is a DPS requirement for overnight trips. At that time all the forms listed below in addition to a copy of the students insurance card will be due. Tracy Holt, DSA’s arts secretary, will also be in attendance at that meeting to notarize form #2 (the durable power of attorney for medical care for off campus trips).

Click on the links below to download the files:

1. Medication Declaration Form
2. Durable Power of Attorney for Medical Care for Off Campus Trip
Note: In the third line add “Lara Kirksey” in the line after the word “appoint.” In the fourth line, add the school address (7111 Montview Blvd., Denver, CO 80220) in the blanks.
3. Parent/Guardian Release Agreement and Consent to Emergency Treatment
4. medication form Stagecraft to FL Mar. 13-17, 2018

Both parents must sign all the paperwork if applicable. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at:

Click Here to provide required student information.

Preliminary Itinerary:
Tues. 3/13/18- evening, meet at DIA, fly to MIA – Shuttle bus to Ft. Lauderdale Hotel
Wed. 3/14/18- Scheduled activity in Ft. Lauderdale – Group dinner
Thurs. 3/15/18- Day 1 of USITT Conference
Fri. 3/16/18- Day 2 of USITT Conference
Sat. 3/17/18- morning, shuttle bus to MIA – Fly to DIA

Payment Schedule:

Payment #3 Jan. 12, 2018 $300
(will pay airfare)

Payment #4 Feb. 9, 2018 $300
(will pay ground transportation & Wednesday activities)

TOTAL: $1300

Payments are not refundable unless monies are raised to offset the costs.