Student Spotlight

christianHiya, my name is Christian and I am a senior in Tech (our short name for Stagecraft and Design). I am currently in the Sound Design aspect of our major, learning about what pros in the industry use to create the music we all love. I’ve been at DSA for seven years, and I have only grown to enjoy this major more and more. In Tech, it doesn’t matter exactly what you want to study, you gain an enormous amount of skills in a vast variety of technical theater. The best part however, is that most of these skills are not solely restricted to Tech, and you can use them in many aspects of life. I am constantly finding myself able to use these skills I have learned both in and out of school. I always like to say that the skills you learn here make you somewhat of an evil genius/villain who is essentially a jack of all trades. I encourage anyone who loves to create to apply for Tech, and I’m sure you will love it here!

ellieHi my name is Ellie and I’m a 6 year junior at DSA with a focus in lighting. Stagecraft allows me to practice theatre with both technical and artistic skills. I like exploring how color, shadows, and brightness can all change the time, place, or mood in a scene, as well as thinking about how lighting brings the shows to life; after all, what would a production be without lighting effects? Learning about lighting and its uses onstage has been one of the most thrilling parts of my education and I’m excited to continue to study it in the future.

giannaHi I’m Gianna, I’m a six year senior and I specialize in costume design. I love this major because I get to express myself through designs and watch them come to life on stage. Throughout my time at DSA I have designed for many shows and participated in many fun projects that have helped my skills flourish! The best part is that everything I’ve been learning in tech can be carried out to countless careers in my future! My dream is to design wedding dresses and the costume department has helped me so much by preparing me for a professional career in design. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.

kassidyandsydneyHi we are Kassidy and Sydney and we love being part of run crew. We are both freshman here at dsa. Run crew allows us to watch the theatrical process unfold. Being on run crew lets us help our classmates and friends make their ideas come to life onstage. It’s an amazing feeling when someone in the audience doesn’t know how something magical happens onstage, but we know the secrets of how it was pulled together. We have an amazing time bonding backstage with different collaborative art forms. Run crew is one of the most fun parts of stagecraft, and coming home and telling stories of the crazy but fun experiences backstage is fantasmic!! 🙂

maggieMy name is Maggie, and this is my fifth year as a Stagecraft and Design major at Denver School of the Arts. In eighth grade I found a love for projections and have been hooked ever since! I’ve done projections for Tarzan, Pops Show: Grammys Through the Ages, Dance Show, Macbeth and On the Verge. I love Stagecraft because I think techies make the magic that makes theatre so amazing. My major has helped me grow as a student, an artist and a person.

maryvWhat’s up, my name is MaryV! I’m a junior at Denver School of the Art in Stagecraft and Design. I’ve been at DSA majoring in Tech for 5 years. When I was in 8th grade we teched the production The Pink Panther for the 8th grade show and I was Props Designer. What is a props designer you might ask? The Props Designer is the designer in charge of all the “things” that go on stage. Literally all the “things”. Let’s say the script calls for a letter, you must provide the letter or the script calls for a 5 course meal then you make sure the 5 course meals gets on stage looking beautiful! Props require a lot of patience and organization. The director can always add props or take them away so you have make sure you’re on top of it. Without props the show would be pretty boring because props put in a lot into the big picture of details of the production. Props are love, props are life. Tech is so much fun because we all get to work together.  We are like one big family that has such amazing ideas.

miaHi! My name is Mia and I am a four year Senior in the Stagecraft and Design department. I became a stage manager because I love that I can use my leadership, time management, and organizational skills to help the designers and director put on their production. It isn’t a job for everyone; it requires a great deal of responsibility and you have to be able to deal with stress well, but I love it! At DSA, I have stage managed Pops Show and Incident at Vichy, have assistant stage managed Fall Dance show, Pirates of Penzance, and Carmina Burana, and designed for numerous shows.

owenI’m Owen and I’m a junior tech major, and I focus on special effects. I really enjoy doing these specific projects because there is so much detail in what you are working on and it’s really fun working on a project from start to finish and seeing it finished onstage. Going to class and getting to work on a new project every day is great. Working on so many different things almost always adds a new technique to your skill set. We will sometimes get a show that will require special effects such as masks. Make up, or fog. And we have to figure out new ways to make them happen for each show. This school gives us so many opportunities to work on something that you wouldn’t normally do! It all depends on the show but there is always a special project that will have to be done. It really gives you more to really go into when you move on into a professional field.

simonHi my name is Simon and I focus on scenic design and construction here at DSA. I’m a seven year senior and I love working on set here because stagecraft gives me a chance to make my ideas reality. I get the chance to focus on being an artist but I also am able to learn about a bunch of cool technology that can help me realize my vision. I love set design because I am involved in the set from its conceptual phases all the way until its completion. I love to work with my hands and in stagecraft I do it all the time. Plus, not many students get to say, “I go to school and work with power tools every day”.