Fundraising is a critical function of our Parent Group. We have several fundraisers in place; click the links below to learn more about each activity and how you can participate.

  • Family Direct Giving (see instructions on making an online donation below)
  • All-School Musical Concessions
  • King Soopers Gift Cards

    King Soopers gift cards is another way that we can raise money for the department. Funds raised through this program help pay for guest artists, materials, and field trips. We have to sell $5,000 or more to get our 5% donation, which we usually meet every other month. Help us meet our goal to get the donation every single month! It’s really easy–just get into the habit of loading your card once a week when you do your shopping. You can even reload them at the self-checkout lanes. You can also use the gift cards to pay for gas, beer, or liquor at the stores that sell those items. Get cards for your kids, spouses, and even out-of-town relatives who shop Kroger. 

    If you need a new gift card or have any questions, please contact Dianna at or 720-244-4467 (cell).
    For more information about the program, visit the FAQ page:

To make an online tax-deductible donation to the Stagecraft & Design Department you can use the donation form on the DSA Friends Foundation website. You can choose to make a one time donation or a recurring monthly donation. You will receive a letter from the DSA Friends Foundation recognizing the tax-deductible donation. To make sure the donation is directed to the Stagecraft & Design Department, in the “Please direct my donation to” field select “DSA Department Donation” and in the next field select “Stagecraft & Design Department.”
CLICK HERE for the DSA Friends Foundation Donation form