News Updates:

Reminder that the second payment of $350 is due on Friday, Nov. 10, 2017
All updates and news about the trip can be found on the following page:

Congratulations to the Crew and Cast of Spelling Bee!
We found out today that our production of Spelling Bee was selected to perform on the Main Stage at the Colorado State Thespian Convention. On December 7, we will be performing for both the Jr Thespian and High School Thespian conferences at the 5,000 seat Bellco Theatre at the Convention Center. This is a major honor for DSA! The last time that we were selected to present at the CO State Conference was in 2009.

Recruitment Efforts for Stagecraft & Design
Our student leaders have been very active presenting to 8th grade classrooms over the last 3 weeks. We presented to ten 8th grade classes at 6 different nearby DPS Middle Schools during Oct. We also hosted two open houses last week. This week, students worked a table at the 8th grade career fair. Here is a picture of our students in action at the Career Fair at the National Western Stockshow:

Our application numbers are good, but we still want to make sure that any student who would be a good fit for our program knows about the opportunity to apply to attend the Stagecraft & Design program. Please get the word out to friends, neighbors and schools in your area. Currently we have 33 applicants from 27 different schools. Because we are attracting students from all over the metro area (and beyond), you might have connections to students who don’t know about the program. The deadline for applying is Friday, Nov. 17 at noon, so we have a little over a week to make sure everyone knows about the opportunity to apply to join our program.

This year we are going to ask student and parent volunteers to help us at our Pre-Audition meeting on Nov. 28 to talk with prospective families. We feel that this will be a good way to allow families that are applying to talk with current students/parents about what is involved in being in the program. The faculty will be presenting from 6:00-6:30pm and then we would like to have some current parents available from 6:30-7:15 to talk with prospective parents about the program. If you are available to be at the meeting on Nov. 28, please send an email to Jonathan Howard at We are going to use this approach instead of asking for volunteers to make phone calls to prospective families.

Concurrent Enrollment College Credits
Exciting News! We have reached an articulation agreement with the Colorado Community College System that is going to allow us to offer up to 18 college credits for the work our students complete in the Stagecraft & Design classes. Because the credits are given through the Concurrent Enrollment system, there is no charge for receiving the credits. Students that complete all 18 credits will receive a Certificate in Theatre and Event Technology. We are finalizing all of the details and will communicate more specifics when everything is ready to go.

King Soopers Cards
Great job to those of you using your gift cards! We have reached a new record and made our goal of $5,000 or more in total sales for three months in a row! That means we have been getting checks from King Soopers for $250 or more each month, which is an incredible support for our department. Please keep using them, and if you need more for family members or others who want to help our department, please contact Dianna Litvak at

Thank you for your support of the program!