News Updates:

Congratulations for a successful production of In The Heights!!!
Our student production crew did a fabulous job in putting together and running the All-School Musical. We thank them for their time and effort and dedication to making the show a magical experience. Thank you to parents who supported the students through the build process, long rehearsals and all of the performances. Also, a big thank you to everyone who helped with the concessions sales by bringing food or working at the table. We made a record profit of $3148.30! Special thanks to Stacy Lindholm and Tammie Sawicki for organizing our efforts.

Arts College night – Monday, September 25, from 4 – 6
DSA will host over 25 art focused schools and university programs Monday, September 25, from 4 – 6.  Students will have access to a variety of excellent art college and university representatives with strong art programs.  These schools offer programs in many art forms. Most reps will also look at student portfolios.  Even if your child is not planning to attend an art school, this is a great opportunity for DSA students to get personalized, professional feedback on their current work.  At 6:00 pm there will be a panel discussion with Q&A in the VA studios with several school reps to discuss career options and differences between university programs and art colleges.  Parents are encouraged to attend.

We have put together a webpage that we will use for updates and news about the trip:
Reminder that the first payment ($350) is due on Oct. 13, 2017
This payment is confirmation that you will be attending, will pay hotel.

Special Costume request:
We are in need of a Boy Scout sash (with patches and buttons) for one of the costumes in Spelling Bee. If you have one that we can use, let Ms. Kirksey know: