News Updates:

Community Meeting – September 12, 2017 – 6-7pm in the Design Studio (Room 154) – Items to be covered:

  • Update on department activities
  • Information meeting for USITT trip. All information about the trip will be provided.  Highly recommended if your student is planning on going on the trip.

2017 All School Musical Concessions

We are in need of parents to help on the following days:
Sunday – 10th: NEED at Least 1 More Person!!
Friday – 15th: NEED at Least 3 More People
Saturday – 16th: NEED at Least 3 More People
Here is the sign-up form:
2017 All School Musical Parent Staffing for Concession Stand

We need more parents to sign-up to bring food. The next drop off day is Sept. 13 – please bring to the Design Studio (rm. 154).
Here is the signup form to communicate what you can bring:
2017 All School Musical Concession Sign-up – Snacks and things

Parent Volunteer Form

Thank you to everyone who has completed this form and signed up to help us with the different functions of the department.  If you have not completed the form, it is attached below and it can be sent in with your student or emailed to
Click here to download the Parent Volunteer Form

Material needs for the classrooms

We are in need of donations of bandaids, facial tissues, and paper towel for our classrooms.  If you are able to send any of these items with your students we would appreciate it.

Thank you for your support of the department!