Stagecraft & Design Updates

SHREK opens this week!

The Stagecraft & Design department has been working extremely hard on putting together the technical aspects of this musical since last April.  Many of our students also came in during the two weeks before school started to build costumes, scenic elements, lights and sound.  It has been a huge job, but we are nearing the finish line of the preparation work!  Congratulations and thank you to all of the students who have worked so hard to make the show a success.

Be sure to buy tickets to see the show!  Several of the performances are already nearly sold out, so go to the box office at: to get your tickets.

All School Musical Concessions

We are in need of food donations for our All School Musical concessions fundraiser and are still looking for a few people to work the concessions stand. This is one of the largest fundraisers we have during the year so let’s make it count! Below is information for both food donation and concession stand volunteering. Thank you in advance for your help!

Food donations:

Here’s all the information on when and how to drop off your donations and items that sell well.

Items for the first weekend of performances will be collected September 10th-12th in the Design Studio (room 154) between 10 AM and 7 PM. Items for the second weekend of performances will be collected September 17th-19th in the same location. Feel free to call or text Jess (303-518-2714) if you have having trouble finding the Design Studio or can not drop items off during that window of time.

Here are a list of items that sell very well historically.  Our goal to is have things that will keep the entire weekend once dropped off. We try to sell each item for $1 to keep the math simple, so mini sized things (candy, baked goods, etc) typically are harder to sell. If you have interest in helping stock ice throughout either weekend, please let Jess know.
Homemade full size cookies
Homemade or store-bought full size cupcakes
Full size candy bars
Gluten free baked goods
Cake (homemade is best)
Whole fruit (bananas, apples, cuties etc)
Bottled water
Sparkling water
Packaged snack items (ex. biscotti, fruit snacks etc)

Below is a link to a Google spreadsheet where you can sign up for items to make sure we end up with a well balanced concession table every night each weekend. I have filled in the first row as an example, simply mark which weekend you plan on donating and which item(s) you intend to bring.

Please let me know if you have any questions and be aware of what other folks have signed up for so we have a selection of items. Feel free to sign up for multiple items to donate or donations for both weekend. Thank you so much in advance!

Link for FOOD DONATIONS Google sheet:

Working the Concession Stand:

We are also still looking for a few people to work the concessions stand which is a fun way to meet other Stagecraft parents and help with our largest fundraiser! Any slot in RED is available so feel free to add your name.

The link below is to sign up to WORK THE CONCESSION STAND:

Please note most of the performances are at night but their are two matinees so note the time as you sign up. We sell concessions before the show and during intermission and then clean up.

We appreciate you helping our department with your donations of concession items and your time! Please feel free to reach out to Jess with any questions via e-mail (, phone or text (303-518-2714). Thanks!

Fill The Gap Fundraising Campaign

As you have heard in previous emails and news updates, DSA depends on donations to provide a strong arts program for our students.  In Stagecraft and Design, we are very dependent on the funding that is given through the Fill the Gap campaign for our guest artists and the upkeep of our equipment in the performance spaces.

We are asking for a donation at whatever level you are able to provide – even if you can only give $5-10 per month, everything helps.  Currently our department only has a 24% participation rate, which is the second lowest of all of the Arts majors.  Please consider joining the effort and making a donation.  Click Here to go to the donation page

King Soopers Cards

Another way that our department raises money for field trips, supplies, guest artists is through the King Soopers gift card program. By using a gift card that is configured for the Stagecraft & Design department, 5% of your purchases made with the card will be given as a donation to our department. You can refill the card by making a charge to your credit or debit card. If you need a gift card (or more than one), please send an email to Jonathan Howard at and cards will be given to your student to bring home. You are welcome to share these with friends and family – even out-of-town relatives that shop at Kroger.

Thank you for your support of the program!