Stagecraft & Design News Updates:
For those that were unable to attend the Stagecraft & Design Information Session on August 15, here is an overview of the information that was shared:

Our handbook is posted on our website at

We ask that both Parents and Students read the handbook thoroughly, and then sign the document (last page) stating you have fully read and understand the instructions and policies the handbook has laid out. Our handbook covers many of the necessities, i.e. Proper dress attire, Tools needed, as well as the many expectations for various roles our students may undertake during their time with us in Stagecraft. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the information in the handbook, please feel free to reach out to any of the Stagecraft department instructors. The signature page is due by Monday, August 27.

Fill the Gap and become a Perennial Patron
DSA has initiated a Fill the Gap Fund Raising Campaign in an effort to fill the gap between what the DPS can allocate to DSA and the actual expense needed to fully meet and fund DSA’s nationally competitive arts and academics. Presently we are faced with a gap of $1,380 per student.

Your monthly support of the Fill the Gap Campaign at a level that fits your budget will help us reach our goal of 100% participation and is 100% tax deductible. Join the hundreds of DSA parents who are already supporting DSA and become a Perennial Patron!

For Stagecraft & Design, the Fill the Gap Campaign provides the primary source of funding for all of the guest artists we bring in to the program to teach skills to our students.  It also has helped with significant upgrades to the technology that we are able to use in our performance spaces.  These upgrades in equipment are particularly important for Stagecraft & Design students because it allows us to keep up-to-date with newer, cutting-edge equipment.  More information about Fill the Gap can be found on our website at:

King Soopers Cards
Another way that our department raises money for field trips, supplies, guest artists is through the King Soopers gift card program. By using a gift card that is configured for the Stagecraft & Design department, 5% of your purchases made with the card will be given as a donation to our department. You can refill the card by making a charge to your credit or debit card. If you need a gift card (or more than one), please send an email to Jonathan Howard at and cards will be given to your student to bring home. You are welcome to share these with friends and family – even out-of-town relatives that shop at Kroger.

Concurrent Enrollment
We are offering 4 different Concurrent Enrollment classes this year for students in grades 10-12. Signed paperwork must be completed and turned in by Friday, August 24. There is also a requirement that students complete an online application for either the Community College of Aurora or the Community College of Denver. If you have questions about our Concurrent Enrollment offerings, please contact Jonathan Howard at

We have multiple opportunities to volunteer with Stagecraft and Design this semester! Please fill out a parent volunteer form (Click Here to download the volunteer form) and return to Jess Buttery with your student. To kick off the year, we are looking for parents to volunteer for the All School Musical Concessions, which is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. If you are interested in donating food or working the concessions stand with other Stagecraft parents, please email Jess at ASAP. Dates for the concessions stand are September 13th, 14th, 20th, 22nd at ~5 PM- 9 PM and September 16th and 23rd at ~1 PM-5 PM. There are other volunteer opportunities throughout the year on the form on the website. Thanks for your help!

Donations – tissues, hand sanitizer, paper towels
We take donations of classroom necessities at the beginning of the year and on a rolling basis if you would like to donate. Items include paper towels, tissues, hand sanitizer, bandaids, and all purpose surface wipes. Feel free to drop any items off in classroom 155 (costume room) or 154 (design studio), send them with your student or drop them in the main office with a note that says they are for Stagecraft. Thank you in advance!

Show schedule / work call expectations / extra classes
Our show schedules, tech schedules and work call schedules will be posted on our department website:

Our afterschool work call/show call program is a separate class that earns elective credit. There is a minimum requirement of 80 hours a semester to fulfill that credit. Students will be involved in “work calls” which we use to build all aspects of the shows we run. Students will also be involved in “show/crew calls” where they will be running all technical aspects of all the performances that happen at DSA. These combined calls will earn the students that 80 hours credit. All students are required to be on run crew for 1 show a semester.

Freshman year will look a little different. Freshman’s work calls will be every Monday from 3:30-5:30. We will begin these as soon as the All School Musical SHREK is over. They will either be on run crew for the FALL or the SPRING DANCE CONCERTS. Some will also have an opportunity to be on run crew for the 8th grade play which runs in April.

Thank you for your support of the department!