Parent Volunteers for DSA Preview Days
DSA is hosting five Preview Days for prospective students and their families.  One parent volunteer is needed for Stagecraft and Design from 7:15-9:30am each day to welcome families, give them small tours of the building, and share experiences of DSA.

The dates this year are:
#1-Monday, November 7
#2-Wednesday, November 9
#3-Friday, November 11
#4-Monday, November 14
#5-Wednesday, November 16

If you are interested in helping with one of these Preview days, please send an email to Jonathan Howard ( indicating what day(s) you are available of the five options.  Thanks!

One show down… on to the next: The Rest is Silence (Immersive Hamlet)
We are looking for some donations or loans of set pieces in order to use for the show. If you are willing to donate (D) or allow us to borrow (B) any of these items, please send an email to Cory Gilstrap at:

Christmas lights – D
Lightbulbs of any wattage – D
Old lamps – D
2 Twin sized Mattresses – B or D
King Sheets set (W/pillowcases) – D
(perfect world – RED in color)
King Comforters/Bed Spreads – B or D
(perfect world – RED in color)
2 – 4 King Pillows –  B or D
2 Makeup Stands/Vanities – B or D
5 – 7 Oriental/Persian Area Rugs (all sizes) – B or D
2 Twin Bed w/Mattress- B or D
2 Sets of Twin Sheet sets (w/pillowcases) – D
(perfect world 1 – Black, 1 – Green)
2 Twin Comforters/Bed Spreads B or D
(perfect world 1 – Black, 1 – Green)
4 Twin Pillows – D
Large Plate-Sized Ashtray – D
4-6 Large format magazines/ coffee table books – D

All-School Musical Concessions Report
The All-School Musical Concession Table was a huge success.  We raised over $2800 for the program. Thank you to everyone who contributed food items and helped run the table. A huge thank you to Tammie Sawicki and Stacy Lindholm for organizing the efforts!!!

We ended up with two coolers that were left at the concessions table.  If they are yours, please contact Jess Buttery ( to claim them.

King Soopers Gift Cards
We really need your help!  A primary way to fundraise for Stagecraft & Design is by using a King Soopers gift card. You don’t need to make any additional donations or sell cookie dough or candy–just reload your card every time you shop at King Soopers. Five percent of your purchase is donated to our major. Help us meet our goal to get a donation of $250 from King Soopers every single month. It’s really easy–just get into the habit of loading your card. You can even reload them at the self-checkout lanes and use them to pay for gas, beer, or liquor at the stores that sell those items. Get cards for your kids, spouses, and even out-of-town relatives who shop at Kroger stores. If you need a new gift card or have any questions, please contact Dianna at: or 720-244-4467 (cell).

For more information about the program, visit the King Soopers FAQ page:

Family Donations:
At the beginning of the year we sent out a request for families to consider donating $150 to the department to help with the costs of our program and the opportunity to have guest artists work with our students. All donations made through the DSA Friends Foundation for Stagecraft & Design are fully tax-deductable. If you have already donated – Thank you!  If you haven’t donated yet, a check can be brought to Ms. Kirksey or there is an on-line donation form that accepts one-time donations or monthly installments.  Instructions on how to use the online donation form for a Stagecraft & Design donation are on the bottom of this page of our website:

Thank you for your support of the department!