Stagecraft & Design Updates

All-School Musical Concessions
The all-school musical is our biggest opportunity each year to raise money for our department. Our parents donate concession items and staff the concession stand during the shows, which will run through two weeks/weekends this year.  Anyone is invited to join – siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc…

Show up one hour before show time – 6pm for 7pm show, 1pm for a 2pm show.  There will be downtime once show begins until intermission so bring something to read, work on, eat, or just fill time hanging out with others.  Intermission will be busy and then it’s time to pack up. 

This is quick, easy and fun to do – enjoy meeting other parents, siblings, grandparents, other relatives and friends of other S&D students!!

To Sign Up to run the concessions table, click here:

To Sign Up to bring food/snack donations, click here:

Help needed in the Costume Shop
We are very busy dressing 75 actors with over 300 sets of costumes in one of our biggest productions yet! The show opens in two weeks and we have a lot of sewing, crafting and altering work to be done, and we need your help. Next week, Sept. 6 to Sept. 9, we will be working on costumes from 3:30 to 7 p.m. in the Costume Shop.  We’ll also be working Sept. 12 and 13th, the same times, to finalize those last minute changes.

You don’t have to stay the entire time, but we’d like to know, approximately, when you can come to help. You can email me, to schedule your times. My cell phone is 720-695-5497 if a last minute change comes up. 

See you next week,
Michele Rice
Costume Shop manager

Work Call Schedule Info
Today we gave students a complete list of the work calls for the fall semester. We also gave them a Run Crew Expectations document which requires a parent signature.  Both of these documents are posted on the website on this page:

King Soopers Gift Cards
King Soopers gift cards is another way that we can raise money for the department. Funds raised through this program help pay for guest artists, materials, and field trips. We have to sell $5,000 or more to get our 5% donation, which we usually meet every other month. Help us meet our goal to get the donation every single month! It’s really easy–just get into the habit of loading your card once a week when you do your shopping. You can even reload them at the self-checkout lanes. You can also use the gift cards to pay for gas, beer, or liquor at the stores that sell those items. Get cards for your kids, spouses, and even out-of-town relatives who shop Kroger. 

If you need a new gift card or have any questions, please contact Dianna at or 720-244-4467 (cell).
For more information about the program, visit the FAQ page:

Thank you for your support of the department!