Trip to the DCPA to see Frankenstein!

On Thursday, October 20, we had the opportunity to attend a performance of the Denver Center Theatre Company’s production of Frankenstein. Students experienced an excellent production with many complex design elements. A week prior, on October 11, we had a visit by Erica Fox from the Denver Center’s Education department, who shared about the themes of the show and what students could expect in the production. On November 3 we are going to have a guest presentation by Eric Rouse, Technical Director at the DCPA, to learn more about how the show was designed, built and produced. 


Recruiting Students for 2017-18

This month we are launching several initiatives for recruiting students for next year.  Our student organization has been working on a presentation that will be given in some local 8th grade classrooms. We are holding an Open House on November 10 and two Portfolio Workshops on December 7 & 14. The most important thing that everyone can do is to share about the Stagecraft & Design Department with neighbors, friends and colleagues. Encourage any students that are interested in Technical Theatre to apply! Here are some other ways that parents can help us in these efforts:

  1. Attend the Open House on November 10, from 3:30-5:30pm, and talk with prospective students/parents that attend. 
  2. Help with transportation of students to and from our presentations in 8th grade classrooms (dates and times TBA).
  3. Volunteer to call families of prospective applicants to share about your experiences with the department and answer questions that parents have about DSA. 

If you are able to help with any of the items above, please send an email to Jonathan Howard (  Thank you!


Thank you to costume shop helpers!

A big THANK YOU to the following moms, dads and grandmas who helped us ready the thousand costume pieces for The Producers.  This was our biggest costume collection ever. You don’t have to know how to sew to volunteer in the costume shop – we always have plenty of non sewing projects to do.

Chanin Floyd, Dianna Litvak, Stacy Lindholm, Mike Orlando, Tonette Salazar, Yuri Takenaga, Sue Ambrosius, Marti Myers, Susan Trindle, Amy Silvesky, Julie Zweck-Bronner, Izzy Beckler, Carrianne Baird, Carmen Silliman, Laura Braafladt, Sally Helling and Tammie Sawicki


King Soopers Gift Cards

We really need your help!  A primary way to fundraise for Stagecraft & Design is by using a King Soopers gift card. You don’t need to make any additional donations or sell cookie dough or candy–just reload your card every time you shop at King Soopers. Five percent of your purchase is donated to our major. Help us meet our goal to get a donation of $250 from King Soopers every single month. It’s really easy–just get into the habit of loading your card. You can even reload them at the self-checkout lanes and use them to pay for gas, beer, or liquor at the stores that sell those items. Get cards for your kids, spouses, and even out-of-town relatives who shop at Kroger stores. If you need a new gift card or have any questions, please contact Dianna at: or 720-244-4467 (cell).

For more information about the program, visit the King Soopers FAQ page:


Thank you for your support of the department!