Students and Parents: Recital Requirements


At the end of each semester, DSA Piano presents a Piano Festival, which consists of MS and HS class recitals and an Honors Recital.  All students must perform in at least one of these recitals.

Students will earn eligibility to perform in these recitals through passing scores on the jury.  The four students earning the highest MS or HS jury scores will be presented in an Honors Recital.  Please consult our performance calendar for information about dates and times of these recitals.


Please plan to attend our Senior Recitals!

Romina Muratova, Friday, March 3, 7:00 p.m., Concert Hall
Andrea McLeod, Friday, Apr. 7, 7:00 p.m., Concert Hall

Seniors at DSA may perform in a Senior Recital to partially fulfill the requirements for the Arts Endorsed Diploma. DSA offers the Concert Hall as a venue for Senior Recitals, although some students may opt to perform in local auditoriums and churches off campus. Students must see Mr. Shaw in a timely manner to reserve the hall. Seniors, private teachers, and parents should familiarize themselves with Recital Guidelines.  All students are required to attend all Senior Recitals.  Please consult our performance calendar for information about dates and times of these recitals.


The Senior Recital represents the culmination of the work of our DSA Piano students.  The recital can take many shapes, but generally students will perform a collection of the pieces they’ve learned through their years attending DSA.  All solo music for Senior Recitals must be memorized; however, students do not need to memorize music used as accompaniments or in ensembles. The recital should be no more than 45 minutes in length.  Students are encouraged to present joint recitals.  Joint recitals should be no longer than 90 minutes in length.

All students are required to attend all recitals and will receive class credit for their attendance.  Please be on time for recitals.  Partial credit will be forfeited in the event of a late arrival or an early departure