The combined Music Departments at DSA occasionally sponsor a performance opportunity that features outstanding performances from all departments.  The performances take place in the DSA Concert Hall during the school day.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Students and Parents of performers, please be aware that performers must adhere to a strict performance dress code.  This dress code includes NO DENIM, NO T-SHIRTS, and NO SNEAKERS, FLIP-FLOPS, OR OTHER CASUAL FOOT WEAR.Students not in proper attire will not be allowed to perform.

Students, below please find the Convocation form.  You must fill out this form out accurately and completely and you must turn it in ON TIME to Mr. Serianni in order to be considered to perform at Convocation.  Please notice specifically that Mr. Lassen must sign this form.


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Music Convocation Application

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Please mark the appropriate box
Middle School _______High School (seniors only) ______

Today’s Date ___________

Name(s) of Performer(s)_________________________________________


Instrument (Violin, Trumpet, Voice type, etc.) __________________________________

Title of selection ________________________________________________

Composer _________________________Length _______minutes

Major Teacher’s Signature (REQUIRED) _____________________________________

 Please return this form to Mr. Serianni (guitar classroom) no later than

3:00 pm two days before Convocation

(Applications due Monday, September 25, 2011)


IMPORTANT:  Please draw a diagram of the stage on the back of this form so the convocation monitor may assist you in your setup.  Be clear and specific.