Piano Skills Class

The piano is a universal instrument.  If you start there, learn your theory and how to read, you can go on to any other instrument.” — Eddie Van Halen

We welcome our Piano Skills students to DSA Piano!

The student will need two inexpensive items of equipment for this class.

1. The student will need a 1/8″ to 1/4″ stereo adapter, which is usually available at Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, or other sound equipment retail stores.

2.  The student will need an inexpensive set of headphones to use with our digital pianos.  Ear buds are also appropriate for this type of use.

No home practice is required for this class. However, the student is encouraged to purchase our classroom lesson book, especially if there is a keyboard instrument at home.  We use Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course, Lesson Book, Level One.  It is available in local music stores (call ahead to make sure it’s in stock) or through amazon.com.  The cost of the book is approximately $6.00.

Here is the Amazon link if you’d like to purchase the lesson book:


Course of Study

1. Students in the piano skills class will learn notation and elementary music reading.

2.  Students who are more advanced or who are taking private lessons will work on pieces assigned by their private teachers.  Students who are more advanced and are not taking private lessons will work independently at their own level.

3.  Students who are beginners will work in a lesson book which features pieces of increasing difficulty.  The student will earn a grade for each page that is successfully completed.  Please consult IC for individual grades.  The goal for every beginner is to reach Page 54 in our lesson book.


The piano skills class is designed to accommodate the non-major at any skill level.  Beginners will complete units from the lesson book, and will receive a grade on each of these units.  Advanced students will work with Mr. Lassen to establish grading parameters.  Suffice it to say, classroom focus is a key element to success in the Piano Skills class.

There will be periodic equipment checks.  Students are required to bring their equipment every day.  The grades for these checks can usually be found listed in IC as “Equipment Check”, “Adapter Check”, or “Headphone Check.”  Students will usually receive 10 points for each of these checks.

Students will be graded on classroom participation.  Classroom participation includes, but is not limited to, focus on the lesson of the day, cooperative handling of books, chairs, and equipment, and a supportive attitude toward fellow students and to the classroom work.