Performance Test Rubrics

Performance Test Rubrics

Full credit:  The performance piece is well-performed with almost no accuracy or reading errors AND it is performed with attention paid to dynamics and interpretation.  The piece is performed at the correct tempo.  Freshmen may omit ornaments such as trills and mordents, and may receive extra credit if these details are included.

2/3 credit:  The performance piece is performed completely, but there are errors in reading or accuracy.  The piece is played at a steady tempo, but the tempo may be slower than the standard performance tempo.  Some attention has been paid to dynamics and interpretation.

1/3 credit:  There are significant errors and/or the piece was not performed completely.  The piece is not played at a steady tempo.  There has been little attention paid to dynamics or interpretation.

0 points:  No attempt was made to learn the piece.

Students are encouraged to complete all work.  In most cases, late work will be accepted, but will be assigned a reduced grade.  Generally, a student can expect to receive less than 50% of the original points for a late assignment.