Directed Independent Study and The Student Presentation

Each semester High School students are required to present a Directed Independent Study unit to the class.  Each sememster, Middle School students are required to present a Student Presentation to the class.  These independenly researched presentations allow students to further investigate their own interests and celebrate the diverse musical interests of our students.

MS Students

Each MS student is required to give one student presentation per semester.  MS students may choose the subject they wish to present, with prior assistance and direction from Mr. Lassen.  Students must include a written report of at least 200 words in length, a visual component, and a listening component. Students may attach a copy of the written report to the visual component, but must also make a second copy to read to the class.  The student may earn up to 50 points of classroom credit for these presentations.

 HS Students

The Directed Independent Study (DIS) is a scholarly presentation that should reflect significant research.  It utilizes a written component, a lecture component, a visual component, and a listening component.  The student may earn up to 100 points of classroom credit for these presentations, which will be graded according to a rubric.

The presentation requirements are as follows:

HS Students will prepare one DIS project each semester. Topics of these presentations will be determined through consultation with Mr. Lassen.  DIS presentations have included The Theremin, Mongolian Throat Singing, The Well-Tempered Clavier, The Glass Harmonica, The Key of C Major, and other interesting and unusal topics.  The focus of these presentations is to broaden the knowledge of our students through our varied personal interests, experiences, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds.

Each presentation must consist of the following:

1.  A written component:  The student will submit a written document of at least 500 words.   The document must be the student’s own research and composition, not paraphrased writing or copied material.  The student must use at least four sources, one of which must be  a non-internet source.  A bibliography is required.  (80 points)

Plagiarized work will result in disciplinary action handled through DSA administration.  The final report must be typewritten (double-spaced) and will be handed in on the due date of the presentation.  No electronic (email) documents will be accepted; however, students are encouraged to email files to along with any electronically produced visual aids or musical examples.

2.  An oral component:  The student will read the written report or may use it as a guide for his/her lecture.  The student should practice the lecture before presenting it to the class to keep the lecture concise and well-presented.  The student should be prepared to answer questions from other members of the class after the lecture.

3.  A visual component:  The student should prepare a visual component that can vary in many ways.  The visual aid should show care in its construction, should be detailed, and should be informative.  The student may attach a copy of the written report to the visual if he/she chooses, but it is expected that the student will not read the report directly from the visual aid.  Powerpoint or other visual programs may be used.  The student must present at least eight images to effectively illustrate the topic.

4.  A listening component:  The student will present music either in personal performance, or on a CD, tape, DVD, or internet performance.   Students utilizing YouTube or other internet visual websites MUST include web addresses in the hard copy report.  20% for Components 2, 3, and 4

The presentation is worth 100 points, which is approximately 15% of the student’s semester grade.