Behavioral Expectations

Behavioral Expectations in the Piano Room

1.  Students are to attend class every day and are expected to be punctual.  Students are required to demonstrate an attitude that contributes to an enjoyable classroom experience.  This includes bringing all necessary materials, engaging in classroom discussion, attempting to answer questions, and bringing personal experiences to the classroom.

2.  Students are expected to respect the instructor, fellow students, and themselves.  We all must respect that we come from diverse cultural, ethnic, political, and religious environments, and various grade levels and skill levels.

3.  During lecture portions of the class, students are to leave the classroom ONLY in the case of emergency.  Students are expected to remain focused on the lecture.  Students should bring anything they need to make sure their needs are met, such as tissue or water bottles.  Students should use the rest room during the time before school starts or between classes.

4.  Water is the only liquid allowed in the classroom.  Students should use the main hallway on the ground floor or the rotunda for consumption of other beverages, as outlined in our school rules.  There is no food or chewing gum allowed in the piano room or in the downstairs hallways.  Drinks are never to be placed on a musical instrument.

5.  Students are required to be working on Piano Class material while in the Piano Class.  No other work is permitted.

6.  During practice sessions, students are required to practice independently, one person per practice room, except for students who are working on piano ensemble music.  These students may work together, but they must inform Mr. Lassen that they are working on an ensemble piece, and they MUST be practicing.  Rarely, a student may work on piano class material in the library or in the classroom.  For safety, students MUST be present in a specified basement practice area–these include the piano room, basement classrooms, and the Concert Hall.  Students must be able to be accounted for at all times.

7.  Because of limited space in our classroom and because of safety considerations, students must leave backpacks and other personal items in the hallway or in their lockers.  When necessary, students may access items left in the hallways during class.  However, please understand that DSA cannot assume responsibility for any items left in hallways.

8.  No electronic devices are to be seen or heard during lectures or practice portions of the piano class.  Any visible cell phone will be confiscated.