Performing in collaboration with other musicians is one of the most joyous activities of the accomplished pianist.  We encourage our students to collaborate as much as possible with our instrumental and vocal students and teachers or with musicians outside of DSA.  Advanced students are required to collaborate with our large ensemble groups or to perform in chamber ensembles.

An accompanying or ensemble performance is required of every student in the piano department each semester at Denver School of the Arts.  This performance will serve as 10% of the final grade.  Our students are required to contact students and teachers from other majors to offer their services as accompanists.

The accompanying or ensemble requirement can be met in several ways:

1. The student may perform with our choirs as an accompanist. (usually HS only)

2.  The student may perform with the band or orchestra as a jazz performer or pianist. (usually HS only)

3. The student may perform with instrumentalists or vocalists from other majors. (HS and MS)

4. The student may perform in duets or ensembles with each other in the piano classroom. (HS and MS)

5.  The student may perform with theater or dance majors.  (HS and MS)

6.  The student may perform in chamber ensembles. (HS and MS)

Students must discuss in advance with Mr. Lassen the suitability of accompaniment pieces to ensure that they will fulfill the accompanying requirement

Accompanying for DSA Juniors and Seniors

Once each year, Juniors and Seniors are required to perform with one of DSA’s large groups to meet the accompanying requirement.  Please be aware that there will be additional evening performances and rehearsals included to fulfill this requirement.  Students who perform on the piano or on other keyboards for the all-school musical will earn a full year’s ensemble credit.

Students must contact Mr. Durfee, Mr. Shively, Mr. Styron, Mr. Hammond, Dr. Lasansky, Mr. Becker, or Mr. Serianni to fulfill this requirement.