Classical Guitar Preparation
Potential students should read through Carcassi’s 25 guitar studies (Opus 60) to help them prepare for their audition (we will study classical guitar first semester at DSA). These studies will help you improve sight reading and technique – many of them are very beautiful.  Do not memorize the music. Play one page as slowly as you need. Correct mistakes – then move to the next page (do not worry about playing perfectly).  You will notice improvement in a few days, so be patient!
Carcassi Opus 60
The following websites have free Classical Guitar music written by many composers.
Simply look through the collections or type the name of a guitar composer (more free music reading material).
Jazz Guitar Preparation
The following chord page has a variety of Jazz chord voicings, scales, and a Bossa Nova rhythm and chord progression.
Audition Preparation 1
Audition Preparation 2
Audition Preparation 3
Audition Preparation page 4
Try to read a few songs each day. Here is a link to the “Real Book” (jazz standards).
The following links have great information about improvising (free). Jamey Aebersold identifies scales that will work with every chord you might find. Learn the scales in one octave from each string, in every key. Find a pattern you like and then move it around for different keys.
Jamey Aebersold scale syllabus
Every chord has a corresponding scale
Detailed explanation on how to use the scale syllabus and Aebersold’s advice about improvising