Middle School Assignments

Spring 2017

Due by April 15: additional 40 levels Theta

This year all students except Seniors will be required to play juries. The jury will consist of two scales (same requirements as DSA auditions-see website under:apply) and one movement of a major solo piece.  Juries will begin after the final concerts in May.

SINFONIA SEATING: Sinfonia Spring 2017 Seating

Chair test will be moved to 1/26.

Students should be studying ALL pieces that have been chosen in class and be prepared to play  them at a proficient  level.  The pieces are Carmen (all movements), Palladio (all movements), Rhythmic Dances and Day Tripper.

2nd. violins who would like to play 1st. violin next concert please print out 1st. parts and study 1st. violin excerpts.
Your score on the test  (and my wish to give as many people as possible the chance to play the 1st. part) will determine whether you will be a 1st. violin

All violins may audition to play  either of the two solos in Palladio mov.II:  Audition will take place this Thursday, Jan 19th. 
For the audition be prepared to play the following excerpts:
Solo Violin I:C to the end
Solo Violin II: C to the end

Excerpts from  Carmen for chair test on 1/26
1st. violins:  Aragonaise 26-36 Les Toreadores 1-17 (top line)

2nd. violins Aragonaise 18-26 Habanera 13-22 Les Toreadores 17-25

Violas Aragonaise 26-36 Habanera 13-22 and 37-45 (top part if possible) Les Toreadores 93-100

Cellos: Aragonaise 1-17 and 63-73 Habanera 1-12 Les Toreadores 17-25 and 77-93

Basses: Aragonaise 1-17 and 63-73 Habanera 1-29 Les Toreadoes 25-35