High School Assignments

February 2017 –
1) Theta: 60 additional levels, Due by April 15.

2) Dvorak Analysis, Due April 15
Please analyze  first  mov. in terms of SONATA FORM. For this particular assignment please don’t use a lot of descriptive words. I’m interested in the following:

1. How  does Dvorak use sonata form? (He adheres to it but also changes some things).  Please identify the first theme group (which measures in the movement?) , second theme group, closing theme, development, recap and coda.
2. Identify the keys of all the above sections. Dvorak does some interesting things with the harmony!
3. How does Dvorak use thematic transformation? He does a lot of it!

Again, this should be a one page assignment with lots of symbols and not so many words. Please focus on the form, harmony and usage of motives, fragments etc..(thematic transformation)

3) Chair Test Material
Vaughan Williams Fantasy on a Theme, Thomas Tallis
1st. violins:
P to four after S
2nd. violin part : letter C to 2 after letter E

2nd. violins:
letter C to 2 after letter E
and  1st. violin part: P to  four after letter S

I to 7 after I ( everyone should learn the solo)
P to 4 after S

1. 4th bar of B – D
2. 3rd bar of H – 2nd bar of K
3. 2nd bar of N – 6th bar of N
4. 5th bar of P – 4 after S

3 after h to 7 after h
6 after L to M
Molto allarg. largamente to 4 after S