Students preparing for an elementary school outreach workshop.

CW Cornerstones/Objectives

Heightened Awareness/Ways of Seeing–Learning to cultivate better writing is learning to become more adept at seeing from diverse perspectives and exploring how external sight is linked to internal sight.

Develop, honor and celebrate students’ voices–Both verbally and in writing, through sharing and critique work in several capacities.

Meeting Deadlines/Working Independently–Through contracts & various assignments/projects, as well as contest entries, students will work independently to meet myriad, strict deadlines.

Development of Writing  From learning  new poetic forms, to exploring various genres, students will engage in variety of diverse writing exercises which allow them to learn new elements of craft, in order sculpt, experiment with, and develop their art of writing.

Inspiration/Reverence- Throughout the course, students will develop a repertoire of reading alongside writing, as well as look at a variety of examples from classic authors to contemporary poets in order to discuss talent in craft and model examples of excellent writing.

Artistic Risks Students will often engage in writing that’s associated with other art forms, either responding to various works or constructing work which uses creative writing as a component of a larger piece that also includes visual art, etc.